The journey continues, a quick update: Hitsusi :

Our journey continuous as we try to deepen our connection and explore a different space make up.We still have connection with Hitsusi during meditations. You can read them in the Crystal Connection section. This conversation about Hitsusi deepens with Leslee.

Hi, Lisa, I found these sketches, and realize that as I’ve been saying “Adca Mupea”, I was envisioning “Merhea Cahdeh”… I knew that they are related, but didn’t realize they look much alike… I’d be curious to know what Hitsusi says about this connection!

Umbro sketch in STC:

link to Merhea Cahdeh (Adca Mupea has a similar aspect):

Merhea cahdeh

Then I responded on this email, ofcourse some of the email is private so I only took what is relevant for this post:

Hi Leslee,

I thought is really amazing when I saw your sketches of Merhea Cahdeh as the have to seem the same vibrations. I haven’t been talking to Hitsusi lately, although I remember  vaguely  that I was working with him and others, there were more. It seemed they were almost in my room, as I remember when I half woke up, to vaguely see there form, but they were not in my realm, dimension. I also now that they have to do something with music, but I still don’t know how this fits in this picture. When I read your reply, I have to be honest, I got a little scared when you said not to cross those realms and they from a denser dimension. I still feel as I see Hitsusi, as been neutral and he doesn’t feel threatening to me, what does this mean? Because I  assume  my vibrations are higher, how come I could tune in to this realm? Any way, I still have to read your answer over and over, because I still haven’t grasp what you are saying (and I don’t mean this in a neg, way) it just my head needs some time for translations sometimes to 3D or 4D terms.

Hitsusi’s  message : Our connection is related (Merhea Cahdeh and Adca Mupea) but we come from a different dimension, but with similar traits. I know our dimension , vibration can be very uncomfortable as you are not adjusted to this kind of space make up. This is quit a unique connection, as we are not used to connect with humans from a different vibration and different space make up. Visualize the Lotus flower  exercise  I mentioned in our earlier meditation. It is also a protection against the difference of our space make up.  The reason I didn’t connect with Leslee as some different make of vibrations, not in a bad way though, it is just also different for us, even to connect with you Lisa. But you  mustn’t be hold back to try connect with us, because we like to have a little chat (smiles). There is so much to be told but this would be for another meditation. I leave you here now. With happy connection , I leave you. Beleah (stay well) Lisa and Leslee

Response from Leslee:

Hi, Dear!
Thank you so much for this, including the message from Hitsusi!The more I think about these exchanges, and the idea of a world that is SO completely different from ours, I think this ties in with many things I’ve been seeing lately. Perhaps we’re being prepared for some really unexpected news or connections.I’ve spent the morning posting dreams from the past months to Bandaid Buddhist, and am just about to get to some really mind-blowing ones I’ve had just in the past week or so. The motifs of water and vehicles seem to enter into every dream for me now.I feel like this also connects with Abiquor, although I’m not sure how. I sense the connection with fluid is very significant.I wonder if that’s why we have received little about Abiquor lately, because the next steps perhaps have to do with understanding these liquid possibilities?In any case, I’m sure there’s more to come!I hope to get caught up on posting dreams this weekend, and then to get some other thoughts assembled in ways that might make sense to others.

As last, I have put the to drawings together as you can compare and see the differences or the similarities.


Merhea cahdeh

Love and Light Lisa

Read also the proceeding article about Hitsusi:

7 responses to “The journey continues, a quick update: Hitsusi :

  1. Hi paul,

    Thank you , that is so amazing. She has a beautiful voice. It is so amazing you saw this. Ofcourse, it maybe another female ascended draconian. Maybe they love music.

    Love Lisa

  2. Wow, out of complete left field, maybe I have some input here? After a really good meditation last week, I was listening to Jackie Evancho singing, and I swear, I saw her higher self with my 3rd eye.. Only problem was that I had no images to compare what she looked like with, and this had me second-guessing myself a bit. Then I see this post… What I perceived as her higher self in all of its radiance looked very similar to the gray face with yellow eyes you have shown above, although perhaps with a slightly taller head. As if to confirm this, I reread what you posted and saw that you think they are involved in music somehow. Coincidence? Maybe. Would sure be worth watching some Jackie Evancho videos on youtube and seeing what the vibe you get is though!

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