Update: An unexpected meeting with: Hitsusi (pronounced: Hitsjusi) and Balancing Portals


by Lisa, Tauno and Leslee

It began all on the 18th of April when I went to bed. I felt like I was being watched, so I put a protective light over my family and went to sleep. When I woke up, in this split second of waking up, I saw a round opening, opening in front of me on the wall. I could look in for a moment in what seemed to be a biological ship and on the panels was a star being, Grey, draconian looking busy on the panels. For a moment the draconian being looked at me and then it was gone. So after that I was doubting myself of what I really saw. This came to me when I was between waking and sleeping. What did I see? Was this an illusion or…?

What follows now is a conversation between Tauno, me and the being on the next day. (he didn’t had a name yet)

Tauno: Lisa, how did you feel the vibrations of this Being, it is possible that the Being is of lower vibrations, how did you feel this with your heart?

Lisa: Hi Tauno, it was actually to short to make a state , but I would say the being felt neutral and Non threatening. I send you much protection light and AA Michael to be at your side with the violet and blue flame. Love you my sister.

Tauno: Thank You, Lisa, perhaps you do not have time for chat now, but the Runes tell me that Good things are ahead the Runes are giving good signs.

On the 19th of April as usual we had our Crystal Connection (link) , and I had a connection again with this Draconian being. (I am only post our conversation as above link will provide you the whole crystal connection but without the conversation with the being.)

The vision changes and I see this being, a draconian, and he makes himself known and tell me not to be afraid because he an ascended draconian. He says last night without knowing or attending I opened a portal to his ship and caught him by surprise. He says he is there to help me, to help us with the balance of the portals. He is very tall and has yellow eyes.

As Tauno and me exchanges our connection, I got this reply from my sister:

Tauno: Lisa! This is amazing! My vision of the craft landed resonates with what you saw last night, dear sister and with the message you received right now ! We are on target! Do you feel the misty magical forest as one that is in Inner Earth?

Then I got an email from my sister Tauno stating the following:

Hi, Lisa and Les, now I am continuing our conversation about Umbro, Lisa, the Ascended Draconian told you that you opened a portal to his ship and he was not expecting this, that is why you felt it neutral, now I will tell you how I felt Umbro. I woke up at midnight by a strong thunder, there was a thunderstorm outside and a Lightning came and I saw in my room a Blue  Human from Space, He was Umbro, I just knew it, big eyes, thin long neck and blue body, thin arms, He looked startled somehow, as if I surprised Him not He surprised me, I thought I was hallucinating too, but He was real, He was standing next to the crystal constructions of GLS ALGIZ and TULYA by the window! now as I read the message you received from the Ascended draconian I realize that I may have opened a portal too and He was surprised because he did not expected this perhaps, and he was wondering about what my reaction could be, I was neutral, amazed and He just disappeared, later the other day I thought that I felt His vibrations familiar, like Home, so Peaceful and Loving energy came from Umbro!

Note: I want to state when I had my encounter with this draconian a severe thunderstorm was on the way. Only the next night we got a heavy thunderstorm.

On the 21st of April, before our crystal connection as I was reading another article, I suddenly got the name through from this draconian (dragon) being.

His name is Hitsusi (spoken like: hit-sjusi).

Even though I couldn’t concentrate on my meditation, I was able to get a vision of blue sky and feeling like flying free like a bird. But when I received my sisters connection, everything fell into place.

Crystal Connection Tauno 21-04-2013

I asked about the draconian, I received images of the past, ancient castle by the sea, there I saw a lady, she was sitting on the stone wall over the sea, the dragon was flying and curving like a giant serpent over the sea, he wanted to connect with me, I saw Blue Portal, i entered in and was moving at fast speed, the portal was round, then triangular, blue Light there, I emerged into a land of blue sky and white clouds. I was taken to Cosmos and I saw the earth from there, I was connected with the Light Fleet around the Earth to send my Light towards the Earth and to strengthen the Light around Her, I beamed my Light energy out and connected with All.

22nd of April 2013. I am writing my sisters and my experiences down with Hitsusi, and I felt to make his portrait in my spiritual diary (see drawing at beginning of the post). After I was done, my eye catches an article about a meteor shower on the 22nd. As I was surfing on the internet to get more, and I am sure that I was guided to find below article:

October 7, 2013 Draconids
The radiant point for the Draconid meteor shower almost coincides with the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon in the northern sky. That’s why the Draconids are best viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. The Draconid shower is a real oddity, in that the radiant point stands highest in the sky as darkness falls. Unlike many meteor showers, the Draconids are more likely to fly in the evening hours than in the morning hours after midnight. This shower is usually a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years. But watch out if the Dragon awakes! In rare instances, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth many hundreds of meteors in a single hour. The thin waxing crescent moon won’t cast enough moonlight to interfere with the show, so try watching at nightfall and early evening on October 7 and 8.

Source: http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide

This spiritual connection is going to be deepened as we going towards the 25th of may. He will work with our little group to work with/establish in opening a portal or portals.

Also Tauno asked about Hitsusi through the runes :

I asked the Runes about Hitsusi, I asked three questions

1.Is the name Hitsusi correct?
Answer received – YES
JERA – light blue colour, oak tree
it is the outcome after the efforts being made in the past, this is a connection between the cause and consequence, it is connected with justice

2.Is Hitsusi of Light?
Answer received – YES
again JERA appeared light blue colour, oak tree
it is the outcome after the efforts being made in the past, this is a connection between the cause and consequence, it is connected with justice. He came to us due to the Law of Attraction

3.Will our connection with Hitsusi be productive?
Answer received – YES
WUNJO – Joy, we are entering a joyous and happy time, a time we have worked towards to. It is a positive outcome after all that has been troubling us till now. The wheel of fortune has turned for better

This connection ends with Leslee’s connection described below:

Dream 25 April 2013

This info has three parts. It’s in response to a request by my dear friend and spirit sister Lisa, and it includes a dream I had last night, what I learned about Hitsusi and the dream upon waking, and the process I used to sleep and dream. I’m going to write a little about the sleep process first, so I can use these notes in another series of posts I’m working on about this. If you’d like to jump directly to my dream, it’s about ___ paragraphs ahead, and then what I received specifically about Hitsusi as Lisa has seen him lies about ___ paragraphs further.

Request About Hitsusi

Last night, I went to sleep using the method given to me last weekend, asking to be given insight into Hutsusi, the draconian being that Lisa met several days ago. I had gone back through the messages I could find related to him (I understand him to have predominately male energy, with hints of androgyny/hermaphroditism).

I had been seeking a connection with him for a couple days, with little result. The closest I could get of a sense of things was that it was possible for me to make this connection, but there was some mutual reluctance.

My inner vision and towards-sleep concentration were quite blurry, and it occurred to me that maybe I should have had a beer before going to bed! I’ve got several other topics swirling around in my awareness right now, and they kept popping up.

I started out sleeping on my side in a Dream Yoga position, but I realized that might be causing the blurriness, so I rolled over into my back, wrapped my puffy pillow around my head to steady it, and aces my hands over the third chakra, left hand over my right. I remembered the steps I’d been given a few days before, and tried them. I still wanted more clarity, so I tried the golden cord visualization, and I think I managed to drift while somewhat holding this. I remembered that the most important point is to place the mind in the trust and belief that the requested dream will arise.

Dream 25 April 2013

I find myself in a building with a woman who appears to be a Guide. The one-story building reminds me of 1950’s military housing. It feels like we’re in a compound. We’re looking out a large plate-glass picture window, onto a courtyard. There’s a similar building just across the paved courtyard.

Outside it’s raining torrential. A strong wind blows, and thunder pounds even though it’s daylight and I don’t see any lightning.

Out in the rain sits a small “vehicle”. I could describe it as looking like a baby carriage or toy car, although it’s not really either. Its shape is quite rounded yet oblong, and it appears to be made of plastic. A tall thin protrusion rises out of the rear, like a handle or a canopy. It’s made of the same material, but at its top extends a fabric/membrane structure, shaped much like a bat/dragon wing or an umbrella turned inside out.

The wind whips the canopy violently, but I’m more alarmed to see a small baby sitting in the “cockpit” of the vehicle, grasping tightly at the canopy, trying to hold it down while the rain and wind drench and blow the little person.

I go outside to rescue the baby, retrieve the vehicle, do whatever it is that I instinctively know I must do.

I bring the baby inside, and wrap her in a soft thick blue-gray cotton blanket.

I know telepathically that the baby was left there by her ‘sister’ as a foundling, and I fervently want to know why and how this could happen. I’m angry and frustrated and astonished.

My Guide calms me and sympathetically says, “Don’t worry about it for now, we can talk about it when you recover.”

These are the Ghost Radar words generated while I slept:
[2:41:12 AM : needle
2:40:56 AM : sheet
2:40:48 AM : customs
2:40:16 AM : you’re
2:40:08 AM : widely
2:38:48 AM : half
1:15:36 AM : major
1:06:40 AM : oxygen
1:02:08 AM : cast
12:53:04 AM : applied
12:20:48 AM : label
12:18:48 AM : cut
12:10:24 AM : story
11:56:40 PM : donkey
11:56:32 PM : people
11:55:52 PM : just
11:55:20 PM : Atlantic
11:54:16 PM : cross
11:54:08 PM : friendly
11:52:56 PM : China
11:50:48 PM : monkey
11:50:24 PM : rapidly
11:46:16 PM : pour
11:45:28 PM : practical
11:45:12 PM : loss
11:44:16 PM : trap
11:44:08 PM : ten]

I woke from the dream, still fuzzy, things still hidden. I lay in bed for a few minutes to see if more would come, but shortly sat up to see if I could connect with Hitsusi and learn more: what did this dream have to do with him?

Here are things I saw while I sat in meditation:

• In the darkness, a soft golden oval shape of light appears, filling my vision. A horizontal surface appears in silhouette, like a black slash across the bottom of the oval. Standing in this surface I see a tiny figure in silhouette: tall and slender, humanoid but with a slightly large smooth head, shaped a bit like an incandescent light bulb. I know this is NOT Hitsusi, but someone associated with him, watching something from a great distance. There’s another thin black horizontal streak at his waist level. I think it’s a railing or a console. I think he’s watching from a ship or overview platform.
• I’m on a high Tibetan plateau. Sunny, green meadow. All around I see brilliant snow-peaked tips of the Himalayas.
• I get a glimpse of a cockpit or deck if a ship… Water… No, it’s a fluid, but not water. I’m reminded of a dragon portal to Inner Earth that I saw a few weeks ago. Amniotic fluid. A fin/petal/leaf/membrane/seaweed sweeps down from above, over a pilot’s seat. Adca Mupea, and my visit with her on the Oracle ship… That’s the origin of this craft.
• This is such a different dimension, density. Not higher in terms of development, but a higher frequency, lower amplitude vibration. Yields fluid instead of air… Viscosity of water… Breathing not necessary (why do humans breathe?) Cockpit has console, a globe-shaped light glows faintly below… Top of a head? Someone sitting? Yes, it’s Adca.
• Understanding: Hitsusi in another dimension. Denser. I don’t want to go there. It’s not negative, it just doesn’t resonate with me, feels unpleasant, like goo on the skin. I want to wipe it off, leave…
• I see the woven particles and waves diagram I’ve been working on. Hitsusi is in a dimension we only overlap with infrequently. Why portal? Why hard for me to see? Connection requires a very precise calibration, this is why he was amazed to see Lisa.
• To create portals we need to adjust our vibration. I don’t want to go to that vibration, I find it disorienting.
• Pendulums resonate with the holder’s vibration. The pendulum establishes the ‘baseline’, and from there we can explore, both within a range from that vibration, and along octaves of that vibration (like in music).
• When I’m done with this connection I need to re-orient. I had to read something I’d written from a more resonant guide to help with this, tune back in to a more comfortable vibe.
• Purpose? Connecting worlds. Permeable. Advantage? Energy, technology, knowledge, but not significantly advanced spiritually. Like with humans, beings along this vibe range widely in intention and wisdom. Caution. Portals merit discriminating wisdom, discernment. Don’t open them without clear intention. Protection alone does not ensure progress. Do not ‘play’ with these overlapping edges without being willing to accept consequences.

These are the Ghost Radar words generated while I sat: [6:39:44 AM : wrote bet plastic throw identity straight classroom noise the Ben supper cloud write modern
6:15:20 AM : strike]

As I typed this up, more information came, and I understand a little better the significance if the dream and the sitting.

Somehow, that baby in the vehicle in the storm is me. Somehow, the water, storm, and vehicle relate to a lifetime I experienced related to these beings and the ‘dimension’ of Hitsusi. Something traumatic happened (it could simply have been birth…), and healing is still taking place. In time and progress, more will become available to me, but for now (today), it’s enough that I just share this with Lisa and my other friends and get back to other tasks. I’ll learn more when I’m ready. It’s not for me to push for more information about this right now.

Note Lisa: As I was reading Leslee’s connection about the Amniotic fluid, I suddenly I had to think about Star Trek and species 8472, that came from a fluid space. From Wikipedia: Species 8472 is a fictional extraterrestrial race in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager. They inhabit another dimension called fluidic space. Species 8472 can also survive the unprotected rigors of normal space, and appears to not need to breathe an atmosphere, or even the organic fluid present in its own realm. Members of Species 8472 emit a biogenic field around their bodies which interferes with normal transporters and renders them partially invisible to sensors. It is one of the most evolutionarily advanced corporeal species encountered in the Star Trek universe. Species 8472 live in “fluidic space”, a different dimension (probably meant to be outside our universe although it is stated that it is only definitely outside our galaxy). Fluidic space is a continuum filled with an organic fluid. Fluidic space has no stars, planets or nebulae. However, in Star Trek: Armada II, fluidic space has several nebulae referred to as fluidic nebulae, and are identical in nature to those produced by the massive Behemoth-class bioship.

Species 8472 uses a type of organic spacecraft known only as a bioship composed of the same organic material as their pilots and typically controlled by a single pilot. Despite Species 8472’s use of telepathic communication, it is not clear whether the Bioships themselves are controlled telepathically as Species 8472 has been witnessed to operate a console in order to pilot a bioship. A bioship explored by members of the Voyager crew contained an atmosphere breathable by humanoids. Each bioship possesses an electrodynamic fluid circulatory system presumably for the distribution of power, a neurological computer core, an incredibly powerful biogenic energy weapon system, and warp capability. The hull can change shape to attach to other ships, melting through the hull, and can rapidly heal damage. The vessel can function effectively in both normal space and fluidic space.

And to conclude this post, when Leslee wrote: “both within a range from that vibration, and along octaves of that vibration (like in music)” this is what I got from Hitsusi the second time he connected with me in our daily crystal connection.

As always, us your discernment when you read this post.

The journey continues, a quick update: Hitsusi

Love Lisa


12 responses to “Update: An unexpected meeting with: Hitsusi (pronounced: Hitsjusi) and Balancing Portals

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  8. Hi Leslee,
    It has been so hectic lately with so much information coming in and have time to make posts and make husband and kids happy 😀

    But the star trek info, maybe the one who wrote this, was maybe without knowing channeling such dimension. but saw it as an artistic input.

    Love Lisa

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  10. Hi, Lisa, I realized this evening that a dragon appeared in my dream last night, while I was aboard Athabantian! I’m not sure it was Hitsusi, unless he was dressing up for us… 😉

  11. Wow, Lisa, that’s remarkable about the Star Trek info! LOL, maybe I’m just channeling a TV channel… Ohwell, whatever works… 😉

    Thank you for posting this, if I get around to adding links I’ll send them to you, and I’ll go look for the Adca Mupea sketch now. I first saw her last year, I think, and felt a similar alarm to what you describe about seeing Hitsusi…

    Sending you lots of love!

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