Crystal Connection 27 April 2013: A sacred connection

Normally I would post my connections tomorrow because of being late, but I felt this connection we had was very sacred. Below is the song I heard when I saw the blossom leaves being carried through the forest wind.

[Voice of the wind]
Ay ay ay ya
Ay ay ya

[Grandmother Willow]
Que que na-to-ra
You will understand
Listen with your heart
You will understand
Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand
Listen with your heart
You will understand

[Voice of the Wind]
You will understand ..

I see two red foxes running through the forest. Then the forest is filled with little tree forest spirits. Also big tree spirits are there in the trees and I see grandmother spirit and she sings: ‘you will understand’ I see blossom leaves being carried by the wind, through the forest. Then the vision changes and I see Hitsusi saying we will meet in dreamtime (funny when I was writing dreamtime my dictionary changed it in realtime) using Leslee’s exercise. I also see Umbro, and all my other guides. I see a crystal surrounded by double helix. I see myself engulfed with rainbow colors and I feel like I am a huge being.Then AA Michael comes up to me and put his sword upon my body. I feel the healing and protection going through my body, I feel the light going through me. I feel so bliss after it.

Note Tauno:

Wow~ 🙂 Lisa! We are so strongly connected, these forest spirits, do you know that the Spirit of the forest has antlers , the tiny rose flowers are in connection with your smaller tree spirits-elves; Wow and AA Michael-Yes! He has a message for us, The Rune TIR is representing a sword, a warriour, the victory too, the Rune Gebo means cooperation and balance, Good job, my dear sister! Love you!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Link to picture of deer

I saw a giant deer Spirit, the dear was raising head and merged with Wolf and bear Spirit, Fox Spirit too, I could see little rose flowers in the air around the deer, they were floating and hanging in the air , the deer was calling Hathor. I saw a city of Light, huge crystal building with many flats/living spaces in it, columns of white crystals and a fountain of huge rose flower emanating high energy and vibrations. The Shaman was calling the Spirit of Gaia…Magnolias of rose colours, green leaves
Tara – Mother Earth, I see the surface of the planet and I connect with the tree of Life, I am half merged with this tree and i see the black abyss under me, my shoulders are at the level of the trunk where is the middle, my feet are in and over the hollow black tube where the roots of the tree are and many people there, they want to get higher, I help them come higher and serve as a keeper of the portal for them.

I am holding OLA with my two palms and form an eye, the eye is at the crown of the tree of Life, I see goats there, flowers, green leaves, sunshine, I raise into the Higher dimension and I connect with the Angels, I connect with AA Michael and he is showing me the Rune TIR and then GEBO, He appeared as these Runes and in Golden Light to me, rose magnolia blossoms and rose flowers again into the higher dimension. Lisa, I also saw the White Pegasus and Unicorn in the higher dimension

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