Steve Beckow: Those Days Are Over for Me

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

Boston Marathon 345Photo: Corrupt policing is over for me because I say so.

I feel so much fire in my belly at this moment.  And hearing from Linda Steiner today (1) was exactly what I needed to get me up off my backside and speak out in a way I hope everyone speaks out.

But if I’m the only one saying this, then I am. I cannot play small any longer. I need to roar if roaring is what’s needed.

* * *

There are things that rise in me to be said and I can say them or die.

Violence against women and children is over for me in my world and it’s over for me because I say so. If I die to protect the next woman or child I see being abused, then I die. But I will not stand by and watch an instance…

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