Crystal Connection 19 April 2013

magical landscape


I saw the mermaid/fairy angel emerging from a fire tornado. She looks with a lovely look @ me. Big raindrops that looked like crystals start to fall and break when it hits the ground. As I look in my crystal I see a mountain, I see the blue misty forest , I am back in this magical realm where it feels like my home. All magical beings live here in harmony with each other. (There was another part of my vision, but at this time I don’t feel  that it needs to be shared because this is so delicate that I want to deepen this new relation first) I can only say this that we get help to open the portals.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I found myself over the ground in the air and I watched from above, a flat area in a mountain, sunny day, hot summer, people beneath and craft, many craft landed, some of the craft look like Earth`s craft yet a connection with Star craft I felt. This vision I feel connected with a previous one when I saw a similar place and rackets are sent into space from there but there was no one there, no racket, they/the darkies/ had escaped and this time there I saw craft and people, the Shift is done, the Light is taking over! I see a mother dog with puppies , she nurses puppies that were abandoned from another mother. Then I am in the cave, the Bear woke up from her winter slumber  and there they are, little baby bears, the Bear nurses them and I feel she is weak and needs some food.

Crystal Connection 18 April 2013

golden light

Source Picture:

I saw first red roses. Then I see native American people dancing a ceremonial dance, singing and in the middle is a fire. Out of the fire comes a rainbow and covers the earth, going through every lost soul that is trapped in in between, still lingering here on earth. They are giving a free pass to heaven and rest. Then golden light wishes over the world and over the ghosts that are lost, purifying them from negative energy of the past. Then we, Tauno, Tuula, Petra and me are opening the port in the middle of our physical triangle connection and out of this portal comes out the tree of life, stretching her branches and connecting with us, she is surrounded by golden light. Suddenly a burst of pink love light flows over the world.

Note Tauno:

WooooW, Lisa! I have no words to express how happy I am for this connection! The rose, the pink blossoms/light , the Tree! Amazing! Lisa, I remember now Tulips of red and yellow I saw!

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I do not remember anything from the most part of my meditation, the meditation was so deep like a dream, my Spirit was wandering in Astral realms and I felt I got information and instructions on fine levels, I was not alone, I felt a Presence…I felt Present yet not Physical, I opened my Consciousness to the Infinity
towards the end I felt Mother Earth`s vibrations, I saw some shining Spheres of Golden Light – US, we were working together in strong order and synchronicity, I felt the Rune ALGIZ , I saw a rose flower blossoming and we were there as shining Lights forming V letter and the rose was the base of this V, the central point, then I saw a tree branch with spring blossoms of pale pink colour, we were flying next to this branch
I also remember a Huge Tree, in its roots was an Elven City of Higher dimension and higher civilization, the city was shining with White crystalline Light into the roots of this tree