Crystal Connection 16 April 2013

opening portal sphinx

This is a picture that I made in photoshop how I saw us regarding the pyramid and the sphinx.

I feel love and I see first an ice mountain floating in the ice sea. Then I am on Antarctica and I am entering the portal into Inner Earth. I feel like a fairy and I am flying over Inner Earth, big tall trees, green landscape. I see dinosaurs walking and I am flying over crystal clear big pools of water. In the distant I see cities of light. I also see people below. The vision changes and I am in a grain field and I see Egypt’s pyramid and sphinx standing there, and they connect the inner sun with the outer galaxy. We are all there in preparation of opening the portal on May 25. There is Tauno, Tuula and Petra hovering around the pyramid and I am standing in the underground library. They are connecting with our Star brothers and sisters and Petra beams this energy through me, through into Inner Earth and the heart core of Gaia. A bright white beam goes through me, connects Tauno, Tuula and Petra, magnifying the female energy. The pyramid represents the Male energy. We are balancing the incoming energy through the portal, the opening of all knowledge, merging with our higher selves, changing into higher vibrations, changing the galaxy, universes, like a ripple effect. We are using one of the many portals around the world to uplift, to balance the energy around the world. It opens like a Lotus Flower, the light gets stronger, I see a diamond and the light reflects the Love and beams it onto Earth. Ashtar and Iltheos are smiling; our mission is beginning, underway.

Note Tauno:

Lisa, What have we done 🙂 It is so wonderful, I am so happy, my sister, our mission truly begins! We were together in all of these places, my sister!, Now I am working more with Atlantean elders and You with Giza and the Hall of Records, this is all connected, I can only congratulate you with this picture that you found, this is how the Spirit told me …octahedron, I can even see ALGIZ here again, we are working alongside Angels, my Heart! Love you so much!!! This Angel that grows bigger that Elvi saw over the Pyramid are all of Us! Great! The train is speeding up 🙂 Yes, this is how I feel the things too, as you have shown them in the picture, dear Lisa!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the Wolf, Lion, Rabbit, Snake, Eagle and the Bear and there came the Owl too as a Guide. I tried to connect with Egypt and concentrated my thought towards this, I went there and saw the Sphinx and the Pyramids, I received that the Sphinx carries female energies/appeared as a girl/. I asked for more information and access but I was told that I need a little inner cleaning and I will be given more information when I am ready, I asked my Guides to help me with some outer difficulties in my 3D everyday life. I saw myself as an Eagle flying by the Pyramids in Egypt.

Then OLA made me hold her with a position of my hand like a shell and OLA was the pearl in this shell giving Light, then I found myself on a very high snowy mountain peak, there was a round ice lake there and i could feel the higher vibrations of this realm, no one was there , I was alone but I was connected with the Heart of Gaia and the Higher dimensional realms. Then I was in a green elven forest, I remember the trees and the grass there and a Being that appeared, a Shaman, dressed in brown. I connected with a Wise Man, one of the Atlantes that carried the Knowledge to Egypt after the fall of Atlantis, they connect again with us because now cames the time when we have to work together again   for the restoration of the damage that was done in Atlantis. Then the Bear and the Wolf appeared again, they were in a mountain and there was a hill in front of them, the wolf and the Bear were looking at the hill and were about to step into the unknown and this unknown was leading upwards.

Crystal Connection – Elvi

Trouble concentrating, too much “traffic” in this room… I need my own space – concrete! In May my husband will be in Egypt and then I will try to meditate more 

Colors seem to be something for me now… But I also sensed a powerful presence. A lilac rectangle, like a window, and an angel came out of it, white, yellow, golden, then grew bigger and bigger and reached out down with the light. Red heart (like a ruby, so beautiful), then small angels came out and spread out everywhere, all with these small hearts. The angels and light then turned even upwards so it all spread from down to up high… They formed figure eight down (eternity). Then I saw a huge angel, again wearing yellowish or golden white, with a blue cape, the angel grew higher and higher, and spread itself around a great big pyramid.

Lilac, round and a little flat, spaceships flying around the pyramid. Beautiful in any case 

Crystal Connection 15 April 2013

meditation symbol 15 april 20130001

Notice how our connections are tied up in this symbol above

Just before the mediation I felt you Tauno, Leslee, Petra and Elvi. Then I felt compelled to draw a symbol, see picture above. I then see a purple half moon in a yellow golden sky. I feel the symbol that I drew is connected with the sphinx in Egypt.

Note Tauno:

Lisa, I feel the symbol you saw as a great giza Pyramid tht is in fact octahedron, the pool of Knowledge is round under and the infinity symbol is in it R is for RA  connected with us. Also the whole symbol is in a red berry, the Bear was carrying something like cage with rectangles and red things on them, this is very close to the rectangles I see in the symbol, this is Protection for us, apples too, apple seed protect us and carry female vibrations too.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I found myself in a beautiful mountain, I was standing on a high place and in front of me there was an abyss, a steep way was leading downwards and it was green , the mountain was so fresh and green/blue. I saw the Bear , She came guarding and giving a message again, she was standing next to a red berry bush and the bush turned into the Rune ALGIZ, I saw the red berries on it. Then the Lion I saw, there came the Elephant and the Eagle too, finally I saw the Wolf. I felt the Space and me there but still connected with the Heart of Gaia. I made a Lotus with my hands again and I saw a Lotus flower with Light of pink colour inside. I passed through the Lotus Portal into the New earth and I started creating, tears came into my eyes but not of sadness, they were tears of awe, I made clouds of the tears that came into my eyes

Crystal Connection – Elvi

. I found some time and silence here, but I was a little late in meditating. Not much I could see. Colors lilac, blue, and the something yellow and gold for us as a group . I was so busy all weekend.
How are you? I will try tomorrow again…

Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: New Realms of Angels to Assist Your Ascension


As channeled by Shanta Gabriel – April 11, 2013

Dear Ones,

From the Angelic Dimensions comes a wondrous blessing for this special time. Through Divine Dispensation new realms of Angels are available for your ascension process. These Angels hold the frequencies of the spiritual attributes you most need so you can live in harmony with the increasing energies of these precious times of awakening.

Realms of Angels have been specifically assigned by the Archangels overseeing the evolution of the Earth and each person on the planet at this time. As the frequencies have increased you have gained clear awareness of what you need in your life. This is helpful so you can be open to the fields of Divine Light the Angels hold that provide specific assistance for you now. When you ask for their help, these empowered Angels fill you with the Divine Light that offers the blessing you most need in every situation.

Because these new times have become so confusing and intense for many people, unnecessary fear has arisen in the hearts of humanity. The realms of Heaven recognize the need for very immediate and amazingly simple ways to provide the comfort and solutions you require at this time. It was decreed that new realms of Angels would be opened so the energies of fear will not be so pervasive as the Earth continues her evolution. The Archangels are providing Angelic Assistance for those who want to live in greater Harmony and Peace, and choose to receive and anchor the higher frequencies for the Earth at this time.

To Assist the Eclipse Cycle

It was specifically directed that these Angels be widely recognized for their assistance before the Eclipse cycle begins on April 25. You now have legions of Angels at your beck and call. We have said that the cycle of Eclipses will be the greatest opportunity for mass Radical Transformation that you have ever been given. You will be able to feel your feelings very directly. In order to stay in balance, you will need to use the intensity of the energy in resourceful ways to best serve your soul purpose. Thus you are provided with Angels.

How does this work in your life? What we will say could sound so simplistic that you may be tempted to scoff. We encourage you to open your hearts and minds to receive the Creative Solutions that abound in the higher frequencies of Divine Love.For this simple process, consider the attributes and spiritual qualities that you most need in your life. Those often will be the opposite of what you are feeling, for instance, if you are confused, you need Clarity. There are Archangels who are directly connected to your chakra system so they are intimately aware of the needs within your soul’s blueprint required to fulfill your destiny. It is not necessary that you know each of these massive beings of Light specifically but we will provide an overview to begin this process, with more information following in the next weeks.

Note from Shanta: Tune in for the next few weeks as we feature each of the Archangels represented in the Chakra System, and the heightened level of assistance they are offering in this special time before the Solstice.

Each Archangel who is working directly with planetary and personal evolution holds the powerful matrix for the expansive spiritual powers of Peace, Divine Union, Wisdom and Healing, the spiritual attributes most desired by those awakening. These Archangels have been spoken of throughout history, but never before has there been such an opportunity to create powerful and graceful transformation through their gifts.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael holds the Matrix for Divine Love and Healing. When you are in need of healing in any area of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, you can ask that the Angels you most require be sent to you. For example:

Archangel Raphael, please send me your Angels of Healing for my relationships. Bless me with Angels of Harmony and Divine Right Attitude. Open my heart and the hearts of all concerned to be filled with your healing Love. Help me to remember that I am not alone and that your Angels are here with me now and always. Thank you, and it is so.

Archangel Sandalphon

If you are feeling overwhelmed and frightened by the intensity of the energy which has increased on the Earth, know that Archangel Sandalphon is holding the planet in deep connection with the Presence of Nature. This brilliant Archangel has been called the Soul of the Earth. He is offering the frequency of Stability, of Nurturing and a sense of grounded Protection so you can release the excess energy from your body that is causing fear and create a new Foundation for life in the world now.

Archangel Sandalphon, please send your Angels of Stability and Safety. Help me to ground the excess energy in my life now so I can build a new foundation of peaceful, calm Agility. I am asking for the Angel of Flexibility as I build a new structure that will help me create an Empowered Life. Please assist me to stand in my Truth. Send me the Angel of Alignment so I can be in harmony with my Soul Purpose. Thank you, and it is so.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel offers legions of angels to assist you in any area of your life having to do with Balance and Divine Union. He offers the sacred marriage of the male and female energies within you as well as any form of Revelation and Communication. He specifically offers Creative Solutions for any area of your life where you feel stuck.

Archangel Gabriel, please send your angels to help me create new ways to establish Divine Union within me. I am asking for an Angel of Trust so I can remember that there is a way through to Harmony in my life. I know that the Angel of Creative Solutions is here to provide higher awareness so I can realize that there is always a solution for every situation causing me concern in my life and in the world. Thank you, and it is so.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is best known for his ability to protect. He is also the Archangel that holds the matrix for planetary evolution and is very available to assist the Lightworkers during this time.

Archangel Michael, please send me an Angel of Protection so I can feel more capable and safe during this intense energy time. Help me to be surrounded by your Golden Light so I feel that my boundaries are strong and appropriate. Please send me the Angels of Strength and Courage so I can have the Faith to follow my heart now. Thank you, and it is so.

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is best known for the frequencies of Enlightened Perception. He is offering Angels to assist any mental activity and your ability to see clearly in every situation as your 3rd eye is being activated.

Archangel Uriel, Please send me the Angels of Clarity and Expanded Perception. I ask specifically for the Angel of Illumination to open my mind to new possibilities and perspectives. I ask for the Angel of Truth to work with me so my choices in life better reflect what I need to live freely in my life path right now. Thank you, and it is so. 

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron is the vast illumined Presence of Unity Consciousness. He opens the realms of Abundance that are reflected in all of Nature. Archangel Metatron holds the matrix of the Divine Blueprint of Perfection for the Earth. With this empowered assistance you can be assured that you are cared for eternally and all your needs are met with Grace and Ease.

Archangel Metatron, I ask to live in greater Harmony with the Earth. Please send me Angels for my financial situation. Help me to remember that all my needs can be met easily. Send me the Angels of Grace and Financial Stability so I can see that I am abundantly cared for. Thank you, and it is so.

In Conclusion…

This has been a small overview for what is possible if you open yourself to the Angelic Dimensions at this time. You don’t have to remember which specific Archangels to ask for help because they are providing direct access to the Angels that offer you the  spiritual qualities that you most need in your life now. Know that there are Angels of Peace, Angels of Freedom, Angels of Beauty, Clarity, Wisdom, Truth and many more. When you call on these Angels you will be surrounded in Wings of Divine Light that provide your energy field with the quality of consciousness that is missing from your life. If you give yourself time to receive, you will immediately feel a greater sense of Well Being as the emptiness inside you is filled with Divine Light. Remember that God’s Light carries the attributes of Divine Love and Intelligence and provides Divine Order in the world. With this power, surely all that you need can be provided also.

Use your feelings as the clue for what you most need to ask for from the Angelic Dimensions. Your spirit works in and through your heart to give you a sense of what is missing in your being. It becomes a simple task to remember that if your life is in turmoil, you can ask for the Angel of Peace. If you are afraid, you can ask for the Angel of Courage. If you are lonely you can ask for the Angel of your Soul’s Community. If you need money, ask for the Angel of your Finances to step forward. If you are in doubt, invite the Angel of Faith to enter your consciousness.

This may seem unbelievably simple, but miracles are close at hand in these precious times in which you live. The Angels await your invitation to bring into your life the Beauty, Love and Joy that is your Divine Birthright. All the help you need is being offered to you now. It is as close as your thought.

Know that you are blessed and cared for eternally, and all really is well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright: April 9, 2013

Permission is given for this post to be shared as long as it is used in its entirety and credit is given to the author(s) with the website posted.

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: Your Imagination is but a Window into Another Reality


Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of imagination. There are many who have questioned the validity of their imagination. We would like to further expand upon this topic today in hopes of helping you to understand more about the power of your imagination and why we perceive it as being so very important.

We will begin by posing a question that has intrigued humans for quite some time; what makes something real? We find that many refer to their imagination as something made up; in other words something “not real”. If your imagination is real, then where do those actions you see in your mind occur? Or is your imagination just in your head?

Many have come to rely upon their 5 physical senses to determine whether something is in fact “real” or “fantasy”; if something can be heard, seen, tasted, smelled, or touched then this validates that something is real within your reality. This is to be expected when living within a physical reality as you do. However from our perspective we perceive the physical reality which you seemingly exist within as being an illusion. Yet even an illusion is real to the perceiver, is it not?

This topic is very intricate and much more in depth than it may at first appear to be. The very question of what is “real” and what is not “real” is the basis for all that you perceive, all that you experience, all that you give value from your current perspective. We do not intend to speak in riddles or confuse you with the complexity of this topic. Rather our intention is to both intrigue you as well as to clarify for you the nature of your current “reality”.

As we have expressed many times before, this reality which you exist within is very different from any others. The complexity of this reality is compounded by your free will to perceive, create and experience whatever you wish. This reality of yours can be compared to a ball of clay; you are free to mold it into any shape you desire. However it is only now that so many are awakening to the fact that they are the ones molding the clay. In the “past” many had seemingly watched in amazement at the varied ways this reality could be experienced blaming many of their experiences on chance, luck, punishment or reward never realizing that it was they who were creating each moment.

Many have underestimated the power of their mind. Even though they have often heard the phrase, “thoughts are things” many do not realize just how accurate a statement like this really is. What if we were to tell you that every day dream, fantasy, concern, fear, each and every single thought you had, instantly created a reality in which that event really did occur? This is mind blowing to some of you, and some of you have already begun to realize the incredible power that you possess with just your thoughts.

Many believe that they cannot do any harm by simply thinking. They have been taught that they cannot control the thoughts in their minds and therefore are not responsible for them. We often hear those who say “how can I be responsible for things that just pop into my head?” “It’s not like I actually did them.” That may be true in this reality; however those thoughts were made manifest “somewhere”. Realize the magnitude of this statement. We have spoken several times about parallel realities. And this is yet another layer, another message which dissects this diverse topic just a little more.

If we were to ask you to imagine sucking on a lemon, really imagine the taste as the tart juice rushes through your mouth, the sour flavor that the lemon releases. Does your mouth not water? Do your cheeks not pucker with this thought? And yet, you do not have a lemon in your mouth, you did not just drink the juice. And so again we ask you, what makes something real?

Many of you “day dream” regularly about places you would like to go, what you would enjoy doing, experiences you would like to have and yet when you are “snapped back” to “reality” you do not find yourself in these places, or enjoying these activities. So you may wonder how can your imagination possibly be real? To this we would reply, although you may not find that your current reality matches the surroundings that you “imagined” yourself within, this does not mean that you are not experiencing that reality in another “now” moment.

As we have said before, we do not experience linear time in the same way that you do. Rather we choose to view time as a marker. We see “time” as being a string of now moments strung together. You perceive them as happening one right after the other. However we perceive time as being much like a page number in a book. It allows us to know what “page” to turn to, in order to find the experience or “now moment” we would like to focus our attention on. We are free to focus on any number of now moments regardless of the order. And so, from our perspective, the “you” that you saw in your imagination enjoying that desired experience you wish to have, is just on another “now moment” in another parallel reality. Only when your current vibration and beliefs align with the necessary vibration will that reality which you saw in your imagination be drawn to you in your current reality for you to experience consciously. However let us remind you that each and every one of the “you’s” in each parallel reality equally believes that they are in fact the “real” you and all others are simply just possibilities. You are the imagination of another you….

Your imagination is but a window into another reality. You may or may not choose to attract that experience into your conscious reality; however regardless of whether you experience that event in this reality or not, that event is still taking place to another “you” in another parallel reality. As we have stated many times before, you are all shifting back and forth between many realities at any given moment; however you perceive this shift from one “now moment” to the next as linear time. Your motion pictures are a wonderful analogy for us to compare your experience to. A motion picture is just that, it is the rapid movement of many still pictures placed in a row to create the experience of movement which you perceive as linear.

Many believe that your imaginations are “not real” and in fact many have been taught to discredit their imagination. Children are naturally gifted at using their imagination; it is only as they begin to grow older and are taught to no longer use or develop their imaginations that the ability begins to fade. For some, they have never lost the ability to vividly imagine and create intricate worlds using nothing but their own minds.

We asked you a question in the beginning of this message. What makes something real? We will give you our very simple answer. Your beliefs directly affect what you will perceive. Your perception is what makes something real. However what you perceive is unique to each one of you, what is “real” for one is not necessarily “real” for another.

We would strongly recommend that all of you begin to use the vivid creativity of your imagination. Knowing that you are not simply pretending, you are actually creating. This is why we say chose your thoughts wisely. You are wonderfully gifted creator beings. What is it that you wish to create today?

We hope that this message has in some way served you,

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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CYNTHIA: While reading your wonderful book, Mind-Matter Interaction, I was impressed with the breadth and depth of the subject material covered. Not only do you delve into the history of such things as poltergeists and metal-bending, but some things I’ve seldom seen mentioned before are also included, such as Deliberately Caused Bodily Damage Phenomenon. The amount of research you put into this book is truly extraordinary. When did you first start this book, and…

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Lumire – Meditation: Clearing Energies with Archangel Michael

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9 April 2013 – Channelled by Lumire:

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Archangel Michael.Today I would like to share with you a meditation that can help clear away any negative energies that you might have acquired during the day. This mediation is also great for removing blocked or stagnant energy in your body, whether it is physical, mental or emotional.

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Geoffrey WestStephen Cook: Cosmic Vision News anchor Geoffrey West has spent the wee hours of this morning gathering as much information as he could find that appears to show that the Boston Marathon incident is, in all probability, another tragic false flag. Is the speed with which such information now gets ‘out there’ – and the wider acceptance of such information – all part of our consciousness awakening?

The messages from our Celestial and Galactic families have indicated that as the energies rise, the period of time between thought and manifestation would decrease.  As Geoffrey points out in this article, the time between an ‘event’ and its corresponding truth has been decreasing, resulting in events related to the remaining energies of the cabal seemingly now being ‘exposed’ almost instantly.

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