Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)


Source Picture: copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Once upon a time in the land of light and shadow
there was a tale about an ordinaire lighthouse
That lighthouse became famous when a battle started a thousand years ago. 
In that lighthouse lived a man
who’s job was too guide ship’s safely to the harbor. One day the shadow of the lighthouse 
became bored to always lie on the ground
and asked the lighthouse if he would trade places for a day But the lighthouse had his pride and by the way he liked to help people, and ship’s safely and so his answer was NO!!!
So the shadow house got angry at the lighthouse
As revenge, for denying his request,
when the lighthouse keeper turned on the light and left the  shadow house would sneak in and put it out again.
And when the light went out the ship’s got lost and wrecked, and people died.
Eventually the lighthouse agreed to let him be the lighthouse for one day 
but once you taste what is good, you always want more, I say. So when there are times 
when the light in the lighthouse is not shining in the darkest nights
Then you’ll know , there is battle going on between shadow and light.

Story by Liesbeth S. (wolfke74)

This is the shadow of a lighthouse on L’aghulas. The most southern point in South-Africa.

I have been writing articles in my head for some time now but never had the time, the energy or the guts to write them down. Every time I saw a marvellous article being posted, I got insecure. Maybe it is time to follow my own path and own inner workings to establish some more confidence in me. The first person who showed me that I am an amazing person inside is Leslee Hare, who invited me to participate in the Spirit Chronicles that gave me a big boost to try and stand on my own with this blog I am now taking more care of. The second person who gave me more confidence in meditation and brought me up to new heights , new spiritual amazement is Tauno. I am grateful that I met Leslee and Tauno in my life. They are the drive in my spiritual endeavour. I also thank my husband who is so understanding in what I am going true and my two daughters who love me for who I am. The following article will be written by me and my higher self Arachanai, but there will be no distinction, or maybe you will spot it, of who is writing at a particular time.

As I look back at the year 2012 I suddenly realize that I let the end date, 21 December 2012 to live my life without taking responsibility. I have to admit that I secretly was hoping that our star brothers and sisters would force disclosure and everything would be all right. We wouldn’t worry about food, keeping us warm, worrying about money and so forth. But deep down I knew that it wouldn’t be like that but I choose to ignore it because I wanted to believe in a better world. Hence, I think we all wanted it to be like this. Now we are well into 2013 I see things differently. Now I know that I have to take my own responsibility to make my own happiness despite what is happening in the world. I started a journey into my inner self, not quite deep yet as I , for reasons unknown, still be afraid to unleash some demons that I stored somewhere in my closet mind. I think the dream I had last night would illustrate that much. (Dream I had last night: I had a very unusual dream, even though I don’t remember much. The only thing I can remember is that the devil was looking for me in person. I see him walk by in like a black bat cape with red and I managed to cloak myself even though he was looking in my direction but couldn’t see me. Then he almost caught up with me and my skin was turning red, like I was becoming a demon, but I could fight it of and become normal again. As I leave the room someone is giving me a card and it says “congratulation there is a pregnancy of 10 puppies on the way”)  It is apparent that we find a need in keeping our illusions alive even if there are much better solutions on the spiritual horizon. The fine line between knowing and willing to look at what is in front of you creates different perceptions of what is really happening. Can you see that even if you so spiritual advanced, we still look at everything through our own pink glasses?  But does this really matter? Now that we on the verge on uncovering ourselves, the true self that is in all of you. As the Earth rotates around in space, most of us goes on with our lives. But bit by bit, changes creep in without us noticing it, but it is there. I notice that I look at reality in different way than before, not only because of reading all the channellings of enlightened beings or from our star brothers or sisters, what also brought me to this conclusion is all the stories I read on reality shifts: http://www.realityshifters.com/pages/yourstories.html  that made me a firm believer that you do can create your own reality. And I am still trying to apply it on everyday basis, even though it doesn’t always work, due to my doubts or I am not focused enough to create it into reality. As we are moving slowly to a different vibration, the vibration of creating it would be easier, I guess, to do it. A new reality is being created by billions of minds, creating a new tomorrow. What lies ahead can maybe scary but I trust that whenever you feel that little voice inside of you convincing you that nothing is happening, remind yourself that you are a creator and that nothing can stop you from being one. Our loved ones can help us with the path we want to be on even though you or they are not realising this.  Me, after 2012 I still have high hopes and dreams, and I really believe if we stay strong in envision a better world for us, it will slowly will become a reality. If we start to get doubts and stop what we are doing because we are disappointed, nothing will ever change. We have to hang in there and create a better world by having positive thoughts, positive attitudes towards life and treat each other as they are the most special person on Earth. Even Mother Earth is giving me messages of being ONE through my meditations with Tauno, creating balance in the female and male energy. This experiment we are doing as Gatekeepers, is strengthening the balance on Earth and hold out our hands to help the people through the Ascension gates. I still strongly believe that everybody will Ascend, maybe not on the same time and on the same level, but I know everyone gets a chance to make a way out of this illusion together with Mother Earth, the natural kingdom and so on…. We are the future, we are the one we are waiting for (even it would be nice to have a handy hand from our start brothers and sisters, and I still would love to meet them in person)

It is a lazy sunny Sunday here in South-Africa , Johannseburg. My youngest is sleeping and my oldest girl is playing outside in the sun, laughing and having fun. Me, I am struggling with a heavy (Ascension) flu, struggling to breath. But I now I feel centred and everything is just temporary. As the world is moving around me, I feel like I am in the centre of it all, let everything flow… I love you all. Lisa.

5 responses to “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

  1. Lisa – I enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings. Thank you for posting such warm, heartfelt words of your experiences.

    Hello, Tauno and Suzanne. I miss you guys.

    Love and light

  2. Thank you my Sister Lisa! For me this is the same with meditations, when I started meditating I Knew that these visions are true, they came in an instance as if I was experienced in doing this, it is a skill from my past Lives perhaps that returned,
    I have always known that I will share this skill and I am not alone in this endeavor
    I must thank Leslee too as well as Troy and Laura, they are all our dearest friends that we Love 🙂
    And You are my Twin Elf
    I Love you so much
    ( ( SUN ) )

  3. Lisa this is beautiful, your light and soul shine out for all to see. I see this very strongly in your meditations also. The journey along this dusty road strengthens our inner light and our love flows forth to all we encounter along this path be it Animal, Man, Plant, it truly is a beautiful day. much love dearest sister Suzanne.

    • Hi Suzanne, it is written from my heart, what I truly feel inside. I am not afraid anymore to show myself, even though my family doesn’t read my blog. Yes, our inner light and our love carry us through this dusty road, but I feel it would be not for long anymore. Love you to sister. Lisa

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