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Here’s an update from Bob regarding the Galactic Command Centre Project planned for Santa Fe that we covered recently:

By Bob, April 11, 2013

I preface today’s Ashtar Channeling received by Lucy Colson on 4-6-2013 with the following text from the Overview posted on the web site.

The big question then is when is all of this going to take place? Does it not seem logical that for these 5D projects to come into our physical world that we are creating, we must wait until the wheat is separated from the chaff and humanity has moved fully into the higher levels of the 5th dimension? Then and only then will humanity be free from fear and be ready to welcome our brothers and sisters to come and work side by side with us to manifest projects that will benefit ALL of humanity and beyond.”

Dear Ones, it has been “many moons” since I have spoken with you, but today seems to be the day that is best for the information that needs to be passed on to all of you. Lord Marius has reported to us on the activities that are starting up in the New Mexico Santa Fe area, and it is for this reason that we are bringing you this information now.

You are now barely into the Fifth Dimension. Some of you are still in the higher Fourth. After the 2012 Winter Solstice, others found themselves on the first step of the Fifth Dimension. What we want to tell about this is that not until you have arisen fully into the Fifth Dimension will it be possible for us to be with you in what you would call a higher dimensional physicality. This is not something that can be accomplished overnight.

There has to be full synchronization between our energies and yours. As you raise your frequencies and are able to step into the Fifth Dimension, so it is that face-to-face contact can be established. Not only with individuals, but with all Earth Beings as well. Until then, it is too dangerous for you and for us. As Marius has mentioned many times, until the darkened forces are removed it is too dangerous for us to send any of our emissaries into the lower dimensions.

The energies of the Third/Fourth dimensions are too heavy for us to navigate. To you they are becoming lighter as you arise in consciousness. To us . . . well, Dear Ones, let us just say that never again will you have to be in the lower dimensions. For that, give thanks! What is so important here is that while there is great joy and anticipation in establishing a galactic center – many centers will be manifested all over your planet once you are well established in the Fifth Dimension. And there will be many centers that the Galactic Federation will establish on your planet, for your planet has a great destiny to fulfill. Representatives from all star nations will be assigned to your planet. Some will come just for a visit; but others will come to establish centers of their own.

Each center, mind you, will be completely different. One center may focus on healing; another will focus on communications or education. Some will be large. The one in the Santa Fe area is to be considerably larger than others. Some in the other areas will be considered as branches. There will definitely be five large centers, and then many branches. However, this is not going to happen for awhile. And it cannot happen until the chaos on your planet has subsided.

Just think for a moment: if we were to land with our large ships and equipment to build such a center, can you not see that if the population were not equipped to understand what was happening they might think the Earth was being invaded? You would know of course that this is not the truth. So, we say to you, talk to others; this is good. Talk to people around the world; this is wonderful. It is bringing to the Earth the Oneness of the Creator. But take more time in what you are doing for the simple reason that everyone is excited and wants this to happen, but when it doesn’t happen quickly, owing to the time required for you to come fully into the Fifth Dimension, then we do not want you to lose your enthusiasm.

Dear Ones, we have watched as this whole concept takes off around your globe. Many who were on the sidelines have suddenly remembered that they were to be part of this mission. They are beginning to wake up and say: “Oh, oh, let us join forces. Tell us how to create galactic centers.” In time you will have a blueprint that you will send out to everyone else. Our only concern is that you not rush. Enjoy every minute of the new beginning, and it will be a resounding success. One other thing that we need to say is that not until everyone manifests the full essence of their Light Bodies will they be able to go onboard ships that are not of their own resonance, the new frequencies into which you are moving.

Again, all of this has to do with your alignment to spiritual oneness. But this is happening now. All of you are being realigned so that there will be no difficulty in coming face to face with Beings from other star nations. You will be able to have full telepathic communication. Sometimes you will wish to wear a wrist translator; other times, no. Here again, this is still going to take a bit more time. Do not rush it. Become balanced in the being-ness of who you truly are.

Become fully aware of this process so that when you do meet star-beings face-to-face, there will be no shock to your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Spiritually, we see that even now there will be no problem. At night, all of you are being educated into what to expect, and this contact is starting to happen in the higher realms even as we speak. While we do not like to give dates because they never occur! let us just say that by the end of this year, perhaps around October, we will all be at the starting point.


We are receiving many questions regarding the Santa Fe and the other Galactic Centers to be built around the world. We will be publishing our April Newsletter in about 10 days. What I suggest is everyone who has a question, go to the Contact link on the web site, put Question as the subject and submit it. Our team will then look at all the questions. We will then try our best to get some answers and post them in the upcoming April Newsletter.

From the Santa Fe team we thank everyone of you for participating with us in this wonderful endeavor!

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