Crystal Connection 11 April 2013

light being
Source Picture:

As I listen to this OM meditation I feel the waves of sound vibrating through my body. I feel the Earth, the dirt, feeling ONE. Then I see a green pyramid floating in a dark blue sky and sending a beam up into space. I feel neutral and at the same time magical. I see the opening of golden doors. A lot of people are on their way and I am guiding them through the portal. I am a shining bright, I AM. I see the people enter a green, golden landscape, new Earth. I see a crystal castle. Then I see a giant bird flying over. I am just BE, I feel giant and full of Love and Light, I am Arachanai.

Note Tauno:

WOW, Lisa, I saw You as Arachanai, You were Huge, I also saw the New Earth as green golden some meditations ago and the crystal point that I saw – it is the castle from your meditation! Amazing , we connected again and this is so Powerful. merkaba/pyramid in Space, the Human with wings/the Bird

Crystal Connection  – Tauno

Merkaba sign I saw in Space.I saw a human figure that was transformed as a dragonfly and then this human body grew wings, the Human being became a golden Being with wings,
Ashtar Sheran came again to us, He was beaming Light and I saw Him as Angelic Higher Being. A thought about the Sphinx came , this is a Feline Being in one of his/her forms that keeps the Library and the Key to Humanity`s transformation. I saw a planet with rings like Saturn, the Planet was not dense but of aether and the rings were perhaps two and crossed because they have different level orbits and thus formed something like the sign of Infinity 8/horizontally/. Aranchanai connected with me, I saw Her face looking at me, She also has raven`s vibrations as well as Angelic, I felt Loving Presence as I was looking towards the face. I saw giant crystal point and a butterfly of golden white Light came too. oh, I saw many shining sparks in Space that were moving.

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