Crystal Connection 10 April 2013

red sun

Source picture:

I felt like I was swimming in crystal water accompanied with dolphins and the a wave of sadness comes over me. I feel a longing to how it was in Atlantis. The vision changes and I see pools of stars floating in green and purple water, swirling and again, this sadness comes over me and I feel my heart crying for humanity. And then I release this feeling of being lost, trapped, I let go of it and we (Tauno and me) walk into the New Earth towards a red sun. We hear the wolf cry and we feel love emanating from our heart, a pink light is covering Mother Earth. I see now flowers, a wave of red flowers. I see Arachanai and she tells me to hold her hand an come with her. We float through stars of light and through universes of light. All is fluid and I see soft colors purple, lilac and sky blue. Time doesn’t exist. Tauno floats with me with her higher self present. Life shifts, building blocks, love, with that we make, hold open and cross over to the New beginning. Sand stars flow through a 3D hourglass, holding us onto illusions that are not there anymore.

It is time to let go, suddenly a flash of light passes by. A light flash that upgrades my DNA, my love and my heart. I see green pastures, I feel being ONE, sitting
on the river that flows into infinity, we are here, we are there, infinity.

Note Tauno:

WOW, Lisa, the Red SUN, Yes! I saw it too, the sadness/Yin/is connected with laugh/Young/! We made the balance, Lisa! We are doing it restoring the balance and working for the opening of the Portal, it is so amazing! Lisa, you also connected with Ashtar – sand stars!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the silver energy of the Moon and the golden energy of the Sun, from the Sun there came a golden fiery Dragon and the Light in the middle became red, I sensed strong pulsating energy into my Heart area and waves of energy around my heart chacra, Angel came in the middle between the Sun and the Moon. I saw a Being there then, I feel White Tatanka again and then I saw a Being that i felt like Arcturian, He was facing the Moon, I was charged with Laugh, the energy of laugh raised my vibrations and transmuted instantly the stress from the attacks today
I absorbed the Light from my third eye into my pineal and then in my body and all chakras.

Ashtar gave me a sign of His Presence, A giant letter A with wings and then there formed a Golden star sign , Ashtar works with us , he sent me the Rune GEBO X that means balance and cooperation Then I saw another Rune SIGEL, this is the Sun. Ashtar`s message I feel as we work together and We of the Light will be victorious together in this battle with the darkness, you are now feeling yourselves a bit uncomfortable but You have the Power required to make the positive changes in Your Life, You are able to overcome any resistance Now. I saw a barrier between 3D reality and the New One and received that we can make the Breakthrough via our sense of humor and the positive attitudes, nothing is too scary because fear is an illusion we are led to live in Ashtar works now with the Ascended masters, I saw Mother Mary and Jeshua and some other Higher Beings of Light, Buddhas too, Buddhas are in fact practically helping us to make the Breakthrough.

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