American Kabuki: Your Mission Part 2

Your Mission Part 2
April 9th, 2013
I received this message from the awesome Sue, whom I love so much for her amazing energy!!  This is a continuation of the visualization I wrote about yesterday HERE.

[10:35:50 AM] Sue Harper Todd:

I have been DOing. After reading D’s brilliant visualization yesterday I could immediately see everyone at the Party except the divines. I could feel they were having a really hard time letting go of their ‘identity’. I could see them as D described ‘hiding –closeted away in a little group’. So this morning I went in to talk to them. I could immediately feel their resistance, that any backing down and coming to the party would be ‘giving in’, relinquishing any remnants of ‘control’ they might have… I pointed out that “Everyone is at the party except you! Everyone knows the game is over and that we all BE eternal essence, all equals… You can CHOOSE to stay up here alone and separate for ever, while we party for ever…or you can come to the party. Everyone down there is wondering where you are. They all know that you had the hardest part to play, and you played it so well, they just want to congratulate you and thank you and tell you how much they love you! If you go down there you will be cheered not jeered, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

So they sat there for a minute being grumpy, watching the party and everyone having fun, and I could feel a tension amongst them. Then suddenly one of them said, “Ok I’ve had enough of this, I’m going.” The others still sat there wanting to watch what happened to him before they decided.

I could feel that the moment he made that decision he felt amazing and he walked through the door/portal into the party with a huge smile on his face and his heart so full. And the minute everyone saw him they said “Hey look who’s here!” And they ran up and hugged him and patted him on the back and told him how good he’d been at playing his part “You really had us all fooled (lol)…we really thought you were….”. Then the children ran up to him and were tugging his clothes, saying please come and play…And at that his heart just opened completely, the love spilled out and he had tears running down his face… and he was saying thank you thank you for opening my eyes, for opening my heart. And the other divines who were watching saw this and they knew then what they were – eternal love. And they were immediately there too.  However there was one that hung on until the very end. His resistance was the hardest to crack, he wanted the grand entrance… And when he did appear he ended up lying sobbing in a heap on the sand, so full of love and so thankful it was all over… (and I was crying too…)

There is now just one big heart on the beach merging with Gaia.

I ‘saw’ two of the divines. The one who went first had grey shoulder length hair and a beard and the one who came in last had a long purple robe with gold in it.

AND SO IT IS. IT IS DONE.  (heart)

Video: UFOs Over Cork, Ireland

Posted on YouTube by UFODisclosureIreland – April 10, 2013

Stephen Cook: These orange orbs are exactly like the one that Anthony and I saw when we were house-sitting on the south-eastern coast of Australia, some 3.5 hours south of Sydney, about four years ago. Thanks to Nick.

As UFODisclosureIreland writes: “This amazing footage scrubs every explanation out the window. These very heavily lit powered craft caught UFODI attention and needed to be shown! Antishake is stabalized and the footage is (AWESOME) Source: Naktis Ireland

Meline Lafont: The Bridge is Placed and the Timelines are Merging

Openhearted Rebellion

Méline Lafont ~ The Bridge is placed and the Timelines are merging ~

Copyright © Méline Lafont, Picture from New Zealand

I want to share a vision and a message that I have received during the night of the 6th into the 7th of April.  I was shown something that I now understand to be “timelines”.

I was shown the image of a stream of little stones with a certain Light aspect.  They were all coming from the cosmos into our Earthly plane and into our air, forming a big stream; like an orbit where they are kept together in this stream.  My first thought was that these were meteorites and that this was a confirmation of us being in the photon belt as we speak.  As I was watching this and trying to find my camera to record this, all these stones were getting bigger and began…

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We Are Star People: Scientific Proof We Were Created by Aliens

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Sci-fi film "Prometheus" could be accuratePhoto: Sci-fi film “Prometheus”

Stephen Cook: Over recent weeks we’ve posted a number of key disclosure stories that have amazingly appeared in Rupert Murdoch’s Australian publications. In case you missed them they include: and

Now comes this!  And so they keep filtering into the mass subconscious. I’ve also posted the original source article from Discovery News below. Thanks to Andrea.

By Staff Writers, – April 10, 2013

DON’T be alarmed, but you have alien DNA in your genetic code. Science says so.

Scientists from Kazakhstan believe that human DNA was encoded with an extraterrestrial signal by an ancient alien civilisation, reports.

They call it “biological SETI” and the researchers claim that the mathematical code in human DNA cannot be explained by evolution.

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Denise Le Fay: Transitions ~ The 11 Portal Message Of 1 ~ 12 April 2013

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Thanks to:

number 11number 1I’ve been trying to get something written quickly about what I’ve been feeling building energetically since Monday, April 8, 2013, because I sense IT is going to increase all week and then there will be another decent sized shift for many of us near the end of this week — April 8th through April 13, 2013. From my perspective IT feels like more positive Energy has arrived and/or I’ve arrived at where IT exists and IT is literally pushing, disintegrating the past negative Evolutionary Cycle blueprint energies and negative Beings/Team Dark (nonphysical and physical) that went with it right out of the way. I’ve worked a long time to finally feel this Out With the Old Negative Everything shift in stages in this world and dimension, and this present stage that I’m feeling today, April 8th, is unlike anything I’ve felt before so this is very exciting…

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Mattew’s Message – April 11, 2013

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Message from Matthew

April 11, 2013

North Korea; Pope Francis; the Vatican; visualization; homosexuality

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we want to quell any anxieties about North Korea’s missile activity. Reared to expect the same adulation and subservience North Koreans gave his father, Kim Jong Un is bereft of common sense and more so, a sense of security in his leadership position. It is not that his rhetoric is bluff, but without knowing how to govern his country, he shows to its citizens and the world the military might at his command.

Depending on other national leaders’ reactions to his questionable motives in positioning the missiles as he has, he may decide to launch one or more of them. If so, he will be embarrassed by their failure to function, thanks to the intervention of your space family’s technology…

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Apparent “Archons” and the Desire to be Deceived

Openhearted Rebellion

I would again like to write-out how I’m feeling on this day, because if I don’t I will likely find myself wanting to hide away from this overall movement I’m blessed to be a part of. Looking around on the internet and at various posts apparently aimed at spreading awareness, I see that negativity is still being flaunted and forces who would love to be in the collective spotlight are being allotted that spotlight with every bit of attention we continue to give them.

I am of the firm belief that we are entering an age where negativity and deceit of any kind are things of the past.

I am not of the belief that we are being deceived (only in certain instances are we), led away from discernment or intelligence, or existing under the conditions we are because some negative extraterrestrial race fashioned them to be the way they…

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Crystal Connection 11 April 2013

light being
Source Picture:

As I listen to this OM meditation I feel the waves of sound vibrating through my body. I feel the Earth, the dirt, feeling ONE. Then I see a green pyramid floating in a dark blue sky and sending a beam up into space. I feel neutral and at the same time magical. I see the opening of golden doors. A lot of people are on their way and I am guiding them through the portal. I am a shining bright, I AM. I see the people enter a green, golden landscape, new Earth. I see a crystal castle. Then I see a giant bird flying over. I am just BE, I feel giant and full of Love and Light, I am Arachanai.

Note Tauno:

WOW, Lisa, I saw You as Arachanai, You were Huge, I also saw the New Earth as green golden some meditations ago and the crystal point that I saw – it is the castle from your meditation! Amazing , we connected again and this is so Powerful. merkaba/pyramid in Space, the Human with wings/the Bird

Crystal Connection  – Tauno

Merkaba sign I saw in Space.I saw a human figure that was transformed as a dragonfly and then this human body grew wings, the Human being became a golden Being with wings,
Ashtar Sheran came again to us, He was beaming Light and I saw Him as Angelic Higher Being. A thought about the Sphinx came , this is a Feline Being in one of his/her forms that keeps the Library and the Key to Humanity`s transformation. I saw a planet with rings like Saturn, the Planet was not dense but of aether and the rings were perhaps two and crossed because they have different level orbits and thus formed something like the sign of Infinity 8/horizontally/. Aranchanai connected with me, I saw Her face looking at me, She also has raven`s vibrations as well as Angelic, I felt Loving Presence as I was looking towards the face. I saw giant crystal point and a butterfly of golden white Light came too. oh, I saw many shining sparks in Space that were moving.

Crystal Connection 10 April 2013

red sun

Source picture:

I felt like I was swimming in crystal water accompanied with dolphins and the a wave of sadness comes over me. I feel a longing to how it was in Atlantis. The vision changes and I see pools of stars floating in green and purple water, swirling and again, this sadness comes over me and I feel my heart crying for humanity. And then I release this feeling of being lost, trapped, I let go of it and we (Tauno and me) walk into the New Earth towards a red sun. We hear the wolf cry and we feel love emanating from our heart, a pink light is covering Mother Earth. I see now flowers, a wave of red flowers. I see Arachanai and she tells me to hold her hand an come with her. We float through stars of light and through universes of light. All is fluid and I see soft colors purple, lilac and sky blue. Time doesn’t exist. Tauno floats with me with her higher self present. Life shifts, building blocks, love, with that we make, hold open and cross over to the New beginning. Sand stars flow through a 3D hourglass, holding us onto illusions that are not there anymore.

It is time to let go, suddenly a flash of light passes by. A light flash that upgrades my DNA, my love and my heart. I see green pastures, I feel being ONE, sitting
on the river that flows into infinity, we are here, we are there, infinity.

Note Tauno:

WOW, Lisa, the Red SUN, Yes! I saw it too, the sadness/Yin/is connected with laugh/Young/! We made the balance, Lisa! We are doing it restoring the balance and working for the opening of the Portal, it is so amazing! Lisa, you also connected with Ashtar – sand stars!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the silver energy of the Moon and the golden energy of the Sun, from the Sun there came a golden fiery Dragon and the Light in the middle became red, I sensed strong pulsating energy into my Heart area and waves of energy around my heart chacra, Angel came in the middle between the Sun and the Moon. I saw a Being there then, I feel White Tatanka again and then I saw a Being that i felt like Arcturian, He was facing the Moon, I was charged with Laugh, the energy of laugh raised my vibrations and transmuted instantly the stress from the attacks today
I absorbed the Light from my third eye into my pineal and then in my body and all chakras.

Ashtar gave me a sign of His Presence, A giant letter A with wings and then there formed a Golden star sign , Ashtar works with us , he sent me the Rune GEBO X that means balance and cooperation Then I saw another Rune SIGEL, this is the Sun. Ashtar`s message I feel as we work together and We of the Light will be victorious together in this battle with the darkness, you are now feeling yourselves a bit uncomfortable but You have the Power required to make the positive changes in Your Life, You are able to overcome any resistance Now. I saw a barrier between 3D reality and the New One and received that we can make the Breakthrough via our sense of humor and the positive attitudes, nothing is too scary because fear is an illusion we are led to live in Ashtar works now with the Ascended masters, I saw Mother Mary and Jeshua and some other Higher Beings of Light, Buddhas too, Buddhas are in fact practically helping us to make the Breakthrough.