Crystal Connection 9 April 2013

heart rays

Source picture:

(when I saw Tauno on line we began to chat and decided to do another online connection with guided meditation sounds, and below is what we got)

As I began to listen to the meditation sound I saw crossed bones like in the pirate flag. I meditate on a high mountain, I appear to be a monk and at the same time I was sitting in a valley. The mountain and valley are green. The vision changes and I am standing on light green grass and a circle of hot burning coal is around me. I see you Tauno standing in the other circle of hot stones. We close our eyes and we connect through the heart and a whit e substance is coming from our hearts, meeting up in the middle, starting to create forms. I see a horse, then a heart and a bird. Then real crows coming to sit next to me in the circle and also the wolf. I see with Tauno the bear and the eagle. We are connecting, we are opening a portal together to what was and what is, we are connecting with the one, with Mother Earth. I see myself first in a big library; I am in the Akashic records. I asked to let me see something of my previous lives. I feel like I am a priest leading a church in the middle ages. Then something is happening and people start to run out of the church. I ran also out of the church and see red stars falling out of the sky, hitting the earth. I see a red heart and golden rays are coming from it. Then nothing and I am in a white light surrounded by Angels.

Crystal Connection with guided meditation sounds – Tauno

I sensed beams of energy emanating from my heart and forming a ring of pulsating outwardly waves , I saw pale golden waves of Light. Angelic Being came as a vision , White Angel I saw, then a Planet and I felt I am connected with a craft, I called Ashtar to give us a message and I felt He hears my call but it is not the right time yet. I see me and Lisa connected and I have to block any attacks towards this connection from the outer unawakened people`s energies and I form a crystal white octahedron imagining me and Lisa inside it while meditating

I see a Unicorn and also HERA and the elves and we are in the Elven forest and creating a New Reality with Lisa! It is so exciting!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

(this connection was done alone because I was busy with the kids and couldn’t connect)

As I closed my eyes I saw a being of Light emanating ellipses of thin White aether Light around His upper three bodily chakras, He Is White Tatanka, the Native American Shaman Chief dressed in White, He was smiling at me and I sensed His high loving vibrations as He handed me an object, I nodded to express my Appreciation and Gratitude towards him and I saw what he gave me, a bow with arrows decorated with White feathers. I asked for more information but the vision disappeared, then thoughts and memories from my current 3D everyday life occupied my mind , they came for review and clearing in this Spiritual moment , they need transmutation. Then I heard the Angels singing, I remember being amongst the rocks of unknown place. I saw a human, a leader sitting in his cabinet and his back was towards a big window, I was in front of this man and looked out of the window and I saw a craft, a flying saucer in the sky over the mountain.

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