Crystal Connection 9 April 2013

heart rays

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(when I saw Tauno on line we began to chat and decided to do another online connection with guided meditation sounds, and below is what we got)

As I began to listen to the meditation sound I saw crossed bones like in the pirate flag. I meditate on a high mountain, I appear to be a monk and at the same time I was sitting in a valley. The mountain and valley are green. The vision changes and I am standing on light green grass and a circle of hot burning coal is around me. I see you Tauno standing in the other circle of hot stones. We close our eyes and we connect through the heart and a whit e substance is coming from our hearts, meeting up in the middle, starting to create forms. I see a horse, then a heart and a bird. Then real crows coming to sit next to me in the circle and also the wolf. I see with Tauno the bear and the eagle. We are connecting, we are opening a portal together to what was and what is, we are connecting with the one, with Mother Earth. I see myself first in a big library; I am in the Akashic records. I asked to let me see something of my previous lives. I feel like I am a priest leading a church in the middle ages. Then something is happening and people start to run out of the church. I ran also out of the church and see red stars falling out of the sky, hitting the earth. I see a red heart and golden rays are coming from it. Then nothing and I am in a white light surrounded by Angels.

Crystal Connection with guided meditation sounds – Tauno

I sensed beams of energy emanating from my heart and forming a ring of pulsating outwardly waves , I saw pale golden waves of Light. Angelic Being came as a vision , White Angel I saw, then a Planet and I felt I am connected with a craft, I called Ashtar to give us a message and I felt He hears my call but it is not the right time yet. I see me and Lisa connected and I have to block any attacks towards this connection from the outer unawakened people`s energies and I form a crystal white octahedron imagining me and Lisa inside it while meditating

I see a Unicorn and also HERA and the elves and we are in the Elven forest and creating a New Reality with Lisa! It is so exciting!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

(this connection was done alone because I was busy with the kids and couldn’t connect)

As I closed my eyes I saw a being of Light emanating ellipses of thin White aether Light around His upper three bodily chakras, He Is White Tatanka, the Native American Shaman Chief dressed in White, He was smiling at me and I sensed His high loving vibrations as He handed me an object, I nodded to express my Appreciation and Gratitude towards him and I saw what he gave me, a bow with arrows decorated with White feathers. I asked for more information but the vision disappeared, then thoughts and memories from my current 3D everyday life occupied my mind , they came for review and clearing in this Spiritual moment , they need transmutation. Then I heard the Angels singing, I remember being amongst the rocks of unknown place. I saw a human, a leader sitting in his cabinet and his back was towards a big window, I was in front of this man and looked out of the window and I saw a craft, a flying saucer in the sky over the mountain.

Crystal Connection 7 April 2013

floating stars

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I saw floating yellow stars on a night blue misty river. The stars are glowing with a soft yellow and go gently downstream. I see orange glowing goldfish swimming, accompanying the stars, accompanying me. The moon is shining bright & it seems like the moon is in green wavy water. I see a big owl, with big yellow eyes looking at me. He flies away. I am in the blue but now misty forest. It is quit & I am waiting for something. As the full moon peaks through the clouds suddenly it looks like the tree is lightening up with circular yellow shining little dots. But the come loose and I realize they are little fairies. I see red glowing flowers and I let myself go, making a connection with nature, making connection with one. This ritual feels familiar, like I have done it before, a memory?

Note Tauno:

What a beautiful connection, Lisa! Today I saw sparkling sticks of golden Light and sparks too, it is amazing, although I feel a bit sad, this feeling comes connected with my presence here in this 3D reality.Love and Light, my sister

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I was in a place where rackets were sent into Space, it was a round flat area and there were rocks around it, it is a sunny day and it is hot. Then I see a building, the roof of the building and the blue sky over it in a sunny day in summer. I am imagining my central channel and connect with mother earth, my thoughts are chaotic, many things emerge for review and cleaning and it is hard to concentrate on a particular thought, I only send Light and Love into Mother Earth and then I see the surface of the planet from Cosmos, Angel appears too and the cross sign forms from the horizon and my central channel as I a connected with Mother Earth

Crystal Connection 6 April 2013

ying yang

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Tauno: Thunderstorm here, will share the connection tomorrow. Love You!

Me: So funny I had a headache and couldn’t do the connection , but I saw 1 image, my heart bursting into fire, like I was struck by lightening . Love Lisa

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I worked with OLA mostly and I had meaningful message. I saw a Native American Chief dressed in White , I felt White Tatanka`s vibrations, He was giving to us a message. OLA showed me the Runes TIR, next to ISA and next to GEBO, Then TIR and GEBO were connected via ISA that turned into ALGIZ, the message given is that We Will be given help and Protection but there is a delay now and finally we will get Angelic Protection, thus the balance will be restored and we will be victorious together. I saw me and Lisa as identical human figures, Lisa was there and I could see her family too, next to her, me and Lisa half merged and from this connection there were forming huge white angelic wings above us as if we together were a huge Angelic Being.

The Bear was sitting next to Lisa and her family and I could see the Wolf next to the Bear and in front of me, the heads of the Bear and the Wolf merged into Yin- Young Symbol and from there came a ray of Light up to Space and there formed a Heart of Light.

Ashtar Speaks: Gaia Talks About the Actual Transition Period – via Phillip – April 8, 2013

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Ashtar Speaks: Gaia talks about the actual transition period – April 8, 2013


I thank Ashtar for giving me the opportunity to speak to you through him.


I am Gaia. I am your Mother, who holds you and is there for you. Your development was carried by me. I have shepherded you, sheltered you and assisted you to gather your experiences. What you have achieved is astonishing. We were not certain if you would be able to change course and make your way back into the Light, as we had hoped. But you have managed it and we congratulate you wholeheartedly!

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Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn: Sequoia-Crystalline Portals of Healing and the Sacred Energy of Trees

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Metatron Channel

Sequoia: Crystalline Portals of Healing

The Sacred Energy of Trees

Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we welcome you in a vector of unconditional love. We acknowledge each of you reading these words in the now moment of your connection to the energetic vibration of this message.

An entourage of Spirit joins us in this moment with keen awareness of your individual energies. We assure you that as meaningful as these gatherings are to you, they are equally significant to us of the Angelic realm. These moments of sharing are offered not only to provide selective communiqués of stimulating information to you, but to provide light coded energy of unspoken nurturing that is taken in through your hearts and lovingly given from ours. Such energies are afforded to you, the present you and the becoming you…

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