Blue Starship/UFO Report – April 6, 2013

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Posted by Krishna Kalki on September 7, 2011 at 1:20am in Alternative Media, World

*MUST SEE* Orbs in the clouds 2013

WTF Is going on?

Breaking News UFO Sighting Sacramento California 4-2-2013

aliens?ORB’S white and blue in trees 3-19/3-30 2013

ovni 2013 (lieu inconnu)

OVNI UFO gigante en México 2013

OVNI gigante ( UFO )

UFO/OVNI en el oceano ATLANTICO SUR cerca de Brasil Marzo 2013

OVNI filmé au Stromboli le 12.1.2013 / UFO filmed in Stromboli , amazing

Ovni en oklahoma-Ufo en Oklahoma

Ufo. Ovni destruye meteoríto en Japón. 2013

ovni filmé à hawaii au usa

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