Coming Soon: The Earth Collective – A Spiritual Community Focused on Repairing the Earth

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Note from Wes: “The Earth Collective” is an up-and-coming spiritual community-oriented website where, just as you will learn below, members focus upon and discuss various aspects of repairing our Earth and restoring Her to Her pristine condition. This could very well become a spiritual “Facebook” and when it is up and running, more updates will likely be provided here on this blogsite. As it stands, the website’s status is “coming soon….”

Coming soon…

The Earth Collective

The purpose of the website is to provide online the ability for The Earth Collective to give love, health & wealth support to certain “needs” or “activities” that will be posted on this site.  Some house “needs” will be to give love to the earth, to eliminate poverty & hunger, to clean the water and more yet to be identified.  Users will be able to give to all activities and will collect points that…

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Blue Starship/UFO Report – April 6, 2013

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Posted by Krishna Kalki on September 7, 2011 at 1:20am in Alternative Media, World

*MUST SEE* Orbs in the clouds 2013

WTF Is going on?

Breaking News UFO Sighting Sacramento California 4-2-2013

aliens?ORB’S white and blue in trees 3-19/3-30 2013

ovni 2013 (lieu inconnu)

OVNI UFO gigante en México 2013

OVNI gigante ( UFO )

UFO/OVNI en el oceano ATLANTICO SUR cerca de Brasil Marzo 2013

OVNI filmé au Stromboli le 12.1.2013 / UFO filmed in Stromboli , amazing

Ovni en oklahoma-Ufo en Oklahoma

Ufo. Ovni destruye meteoríto en Japón. 2013

ovni filmé à hawaii au usa

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AscensionPioneers: Fearing The Unknown? – 6 April 2013

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Uploaded on 5 April 2013 by ASCENSIONPIONEERS

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

All fear is fear of the unknown. When trapped in fear, we simply cannot be in Love, and we are not open to embodying Divine Love, our true Essence. Many are still fearing the unknown … and all fear is basically fear of the unknown. This creates a circulatory movement, when in fact, we are aiming for a spiral movement. That is our true Soul Essence, and our natural evolutionary state. In fear, we remain in that circle, always repeating the same patterns, while not expanding and naturally evolving. This way, we are not stepping into our Divine inheritance as individualized Soul aspects, which is a trinity of Love/Wisdom/Power.

Our true Soul Essence means that we fully embrace our co-creation ability and know ourselves as creators of our own reality. When we exist in this state of…

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The Galactic Roundtable Radio Show: Countdown to Disclosure with Elizabeth Trutwin

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the Galactic Roundtable Countdown to Disclosure
with Elizabeth Trutwin

Station 2 – DAILY 10:00 – 10:55 AM (PST) 1:00 – 1:55 PM (EST)

—– Contact —–Website: Email:

Discussing News about Earth and Galactic interactions including Ascension and NESARA. As we are on the verge of experiencing decloakings and landings and all related (NESARA) changes we will cover topics which will prepare us for the New Reality

Program Information

“Greetings Everybody!

An Extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race is hidden by a government imposed Truth Embargo. At Galactic roundtable we aim to expose the fact that ETs are here on Earth by requesting the government to disclose officially their interactions over the past 65 years with Extraterrestrials.

I host Galactic roundtable The Countdown To Disclosure – a daily internet radio program discussing The Truth Embargo and bringing information from researchers and witnesses…

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