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Written by Steve Beckow

Cabin in the Wild 21I had a reading with Archangel Michael Thursday and one of the matters we discussed was our experience of Fifth Dimensionality.

He had talked about moments of Fifth Dimensionality, gradual emergence, etc., and I questioned why I wasn’t feeling more. I told him I had this stereotype of Fifth Dimensionality and went on to describe endless bliss, etc.

And he said two things which were thought-provoking. First, he reminded me that every dimension or plane had subplanes. And we were on or headed for the first subplane of the Fifth Dimension.

That corresponds to the first subplane (or “First Heaven”) of the Mental Planes which you can read about here.

If you think about the Astral Plane, which is the Fourth Dimension, it begins in the Dark Plane or Winterlands, goes on to the Stony Plane, then the Lower Summerlands, Middle Summerlands, and Higher Summerlands.

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Archangel Michael via Ron Head: My Dear Friends, Tomorrow Is Here

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imageArchangel Michael via Ron Head: My Dear Friends, Tomorrow Is Here

As channeled by Ron Head – April 4, 2013

You have reached the end of a short period of rest, which we gather from our channel, you really were not all that comfortable with.

It is time now for you to assess the tools available to you and to determine what your contributions will be. Are you truly ready to begin? If it all breaks loose tomorrow, can you say that you truly are ready? Because, my dear friends, tomorrow is here.

We have stated many times through our trusted channels that this season would be the time in which things would be ready to begin, and they are. We have said that we awaited a certain point to be reached and a signal to be given. There is now no further…

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Memo by Steve Beckow 04-04-2013

giacomondFolks, many loose ends to tie up before vamoosing the ranch.

The team member who was the most affected financially this month has asked me to forward this message to you:

“Thank you so very much for your generous support! Enough has come in to assist me and other team members in need and we are so very grateful.

“This buys us a little time while we continue to work on more sustainable ways to maintain our work moving forward. Thank you again!”

I second his expression of gratitude to you all.  The site costs are covered. We’ve been able to buy software for a new service we’ll be offering. And all the team members who were struggling have been seen to. And the (what Suzi calls) “love notes” are very, very much appreciated. They are like the Sun to morning flowers.

We’re meeting weekly and sometimes more often planning future events and services we can offer to assist lightworkers while making ourselves sustainable. Most of us come from dimensions, if you don’t mind me saying it, where money is not used and not needed. It’s a situation common to starseeds that we’re unfamiliar with the financial system.

I have dozens of letters to answer from you on the Hope Chest. Please allow me to take a few days to do that (say, after my holiday). As always I’m swamped with work.  Hair on fire and all that. It’s a condition of life that I accept.

We know that Archangels Michael and Gabrielle want us to develop a relationship with money because we’ll be an outlet for lightworker funds eventually. So we have to have cleared our vasanas on the subject and gotten over our indifference towards it. It’s a very unusual position for me personally to be in.

In one of my past lives in the 1500s, I was a complete renunciate and for me it’s very difficult to generate interest in the subject of money. But I realize that I need to and I’m going as fast as I can.

I tried all yesterday to get out the door to look for a job but I was pinned down all day. Today as well. I have Skype calls booked through to the late afternoon.

I’m afraid I’m not sure that I’ll have the time to take on a job. It’s crazy and it’s that way for many of the others. That’s the real reason we haven’t taken jobs till now. There’s simply too much to do. But there again we also know there’s a reason for us to get jobs. We recognize the divine hand in it and we’re going with the flow.

Tomorrow and the next day is the “New Economy” conference in Vancouver, but I already know I won’t be able to attend. If anyone does and can send us a summary or articles to post, that would be helpful.

One reader sent in a collection of photos of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, after my last article. That was pleasant. We sure are a hard-bitten bunch but they’re all nonetheless still people, with the same hopes and dreams as everyone else.  Thanks to Katy for this URL.

Isaac Tigrett of the Hard Rock Cafe once asked his spiritual teacher why he had to go through a lifetime in which so many family and friends had died. And his teacher responded: “To soften your heart.” Whether or not that was what had me locate to Skid Row, it has indeed softened my heart.

Visionkeeper’s Blog – Guest Post by Raven: Tying Flies

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Tying Flies

Written by: Raven

“Well, I finally did it,” the voice said.

I looked up from my weeding. My neighbor Clark leaned against my garden fence, his forearm crushing its cloak of fragrant sweet pea vines.

“What did you do now?” I asked, brushing the dirt off my hands.

“Quit. Retired for good.”

“Really,” I deadpanned. Like we hadn’t talked about this before. Like this wasn’t the major topic of every conversation we’d had for the past three years.

“Yep. Told the boss yesterday.”

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Earth Star Network Completes Flower of Life Blueprint for Spiritual Society and Begins Work on Co-Creation Portal

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Note from Wes: For those who may be unfamiliar with the Earth Star Network, they are responsible for the Unity in Oneness campaign, the seal of which can be found on this website; the Galactic Free Press; Fran Zepeda’s blog; Lucas2012infos and plenty of others.




It brings us great joy at Earth Star Network to announce the completion of a blueprint for a spiritual society and the creation of a new organisation to deliver a groundbreaking digital ‘quantum’ network that will provide its circuitry. 


Earth Star Network’s vision for a spiritual society and the Flower of Life blueprint – video introduction

~ The New Self-organising Society ~
The new society blueprint, completed at the equinox on 20 March 2013, represents a self-governing system for holographic…

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Pleiadian Council, Council of Angels and Archangel Michael via Goldenlight: Galactic Command Center in Santa Fe

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March 28, 2013 by The Golden Light Channelmilkyway-andromeda

Above photo: the intersection and merging of the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies is symbolic of new relationships forming between Earth and other galaxies. Photo courtesy of NASA. Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.



I am very excited today about being a part of the new Galactic Command Center in Santa Fe! I think this is not a coincidence as I see myself eventually moving there and also see myself as an integral part of this rapidly growing group! I was so excited to learn of this project !!

Yes we are excited as well and you will joyfully be a part of this group and center which will be one of our first planned comings and welcomes to Earth…

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