Crystal Connection 4 April 2013

pink flower hill


I see big hill packed with pink flowers, I am climbing up this hill. When I am on top I see a beautiful golden green landscape rolling before my eyes. It seems I am on a different world, it feels like home because in the distance I can see the blue forest and the nebula that always surround it. I see planets up in the sky, purple/light blue sky and golden light that come from nature. The colours are always the same, makes you relaxed and full off love. I walk down the flower hill. It seems the landscape I saw before my eyes, is because I am on a holodeck on the Arcturian ship. Iltheos is there beside me and grabs my hands. I feel love growing in my heart, like flowers in spring when they get touched by the first rays of warmth of the sun. It spreads through my body and I start to cry in my heart. I thank Iltheos for this beautiful gift. We flash from the holodeck to a room that looks out into space and I see mother Earth in all her glory. Iltheos leaves me alone. As I make the movement of sitting a kind of chair comes out of the floor and it is soft. I start to meditate and connect with my inner being. I feel Arachani is merged with me. I feel great every time we do this. It makes our connection stronger. She sends me her love into my heart. I see a light/star explosion and find myself again back in the old 3D world.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I hear the Shaman singing with the Angels and I see a face, the face is of a Being that looks like Easter Islands` statues and I got the name Navaho. I am aware that many Beings work with us now and they are giving help during these challenging times, I got a message from Navaho but I do not remember it. Then I was connected with the Bear again, I was the bear in the high mountain of White and I was looking down from the heights, the mountain is beautiful, there came the Wolf and i saw the Bear again eating red berries and running free.

Crystal Connection 3 April 2013

fire tornado


Wow I got an awesome meditation and message. I first see a butterfly, and then I see a fire vortex going up. (When I opened a new mail to write to you what I saw, I noticed Lisa Gawlas new post saying the fire of April, what a synchronicity) I see on the top of the whirling fire vortex a couple of white doves flying out and then I saw a rising vortex. Then I see Ashtar looking at me and he is pointing at my heart. Arachanai is merging with me and I open my heart and now it seems that Ashtar is very close to me and he has a message for us. ‘He says that we are almost done with our role as gatekeeper because earth is almost reaching his final end 3D stage and beginning its new 4D journey of creating a new earth. We then would focus our energy to be creator beings and create a new earth for us. We (Tauno and me) have a task to Make, write or do something together and they will infuse our collaboration with high love and creating vibrations to give the Light workers some energy to co create a new earth. Work together. I wish you farewell and we love you.’ Then I am in space, see the twinkling stars, see planets, universes created. Then I saw a golden star gate and at the end I saw a new green pristine new earth.

Note Tauno:

Lisa, I saw us creating the Light that was rising up! Then they came to us! What a connection! Love You, my Sister! Ashtar works with us, I know this, and He woke me up for my mission and continues Guiding Us! Thank you Lisa! Thank You Ashtar, I know this is the most challenging time for me here on Earth but I will not die this time because I have a mission to do first!!!!!!!!!! So happy to work with You! Lisa, I saw us as Scientists on New Earth last night. I feel we will continue our scientific work that was interrupted when Atlantis fell; this is what my intuition is telling me.

Crystal Connection – Tauno:

My meditation was signed by the White colour. First I saw the two Popes meeting each other dressed in white, they were dwarfs and they were giggling and whispering something secret,  I was at this place where the Popes met and I saw the grey stone pathway and the grass along it that was pale green/grey, I remember a car there too that was waiting for one of the Popes.

Then I was taken to Angelic Realms and the Angels were singing and there was an energy of bliss and tranquillity, the Angels were White. I saw me, Lisa and many other Light workers dressed in White and standing in a circle, we were tall and we were creating a great light inside this circle and from there it came Light and Jesus came down to Earth using this energy of Light that we were creating, Jesus came and with Him there came many White Angels down to Earth and I saw them again when I was in the higher dimension, the Angels were many dressed in white, pale blue and pale rose. At the End of my meditation I saw a Huge Angelic Being of White Light that came on Earth.

Crystal Connection 2 April 2013

northern lights
Source picture:

I am distracted by the thunder and hard rain right now. I only saw beautiful white fluffy and pink, orange clouds and I see cities of light. I can see into dimensions and my fantasy is running wild. It reminds me of the story book of the Northern Lights or the movie, “The golden compass” where Lyra  see at the end of the book a strange city up in the Northern Lights.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I had trouble concentration and too many thoughts in my mind that emerged, I tried to concentrate and I got a feeling I am in Space but nothing more, no particular visions , only my thoughts floating in space, then I saw a young woman, Lisa, in a green forest, Lisa was an Elven like being dressed in green, then I saw her again in a yard and there was a small party but the guests were not there yet, she was making some preparations, then I saw Lisa in Space , she was big and made a gesture with her hands and formed a circle and this circle had planets inside and the planets and everything were moving in orbit. Then I saw the Wolf and the Bear, the visions merged and the Wolf and Bear were One Spirit and then OcaTawa came as a Native American Shaman woman, I saw the blue sky and the coming of the craft, the Disclosure! Many Beings came to us and I saw a ray of Light coming from the craft, the ray was of aether Light, I somehow remembered Stasha here in the place where I was in this vision.

Crystal Connection 1 April 2013

Source picture:

I forgot that you probably changed the hour. Anyway my youngest daughter was keeping me up until 40 past 8. I see a green world with a big moon in the sky. I see waterfalls everywhere. I am in the forest with Tauno and we are teaching the kids how you can make use of the energies of plants to heal and other qualities. I see Leslee and Troy walking along the path towards us. They are the city council of Atlantis. Leslee is in charge of the land and Troy is in charge of the dream creating that is going on. We are all good friends and I invited them to speak before our class. Vision changes and now I am alone in this open space in the forest and I am meditating. Vision changes again and I see rows of people entering the portal in the big enormous trees that lead you to another world dimensions. Above the trees I see the city of light hovering. I see my crystal connected with Atlantis. I see a manual, looks like almost like the one in the movie “The Last Mimzy”. I was on Easter Island and it was a kind of night, there was an eerie blue light shining on those Easter islands statues.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I was in the Elven garden/forest and saw a cock of evil vibrations, there was an eye there of negative vibrations too above the cock, the cock was in rags after a battle and I had to tie my enemies and conquer them. I was/saw /these words in bold have to be read as correct, but I have automatically written the first ones/ Angelic Being above the evil and me fighting with the evil
From my heart there started to grow and spread many threads of ivy like ropes, the ivy found and ties all my enemies with strong elven ivy-ropes, my enemies were unable to move and do any harm anymore, then I called the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation for them to do the rest and left this place, I continued walking through the forest , I saw an abyss down on my right but I continued to walk the path that was leading straight on, I saw the letter Ц and number 3.

Then The Bear came and the Wolf too, we continues walking together, the bear and the Wolf led me to a tree, a huge tree and I started climbing till I noticed a New Earth above, I climbed up to the New Earth and looked around, I was in Sky and it was blue with white/grey clouds and I could see the old earth down there and I sent my LIGHT to the Old Earth that was raising to the New Earth
I saw my new role into the new earth together with Lisa, we are scientists into the New Earth!.Also I saw some shining orbs/clouds that were in fact Beings that connected with me.

Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 6APR2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

You are invited to join the next Galactic Light Ship Dreamflight this Saturday night (6 April 2013) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salycz
GLS Angelon
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th,Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password…

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Fifth Update: Request for Assistance via Donations

Openhearted Rebellion

Final update: Well, it’s over. The bank has accepted one of the other offers instead of ours. If there was more to say I than would be saying it, but this is what has happened. Nobody seemed to be interested in the house until we were but now, someone who will probably only flip it has bought it.

If those of you who have donated wish for a refund, please contact me via email and let us know. It will simply be too much to go through everybody’s donations and send refunds, so we ask anybody who wants a refund to email me personally about it. More or less, we’ve been told that we need to find a new place to live anyway (we’re not getting kicked out yet so don’t worry), so the donations that have been given that don’t get refunded will be going to something else we will hopefully find.

As it stands…

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Blue Starship/UFO Report – April 2, 2013

Openhearted Rebellion

South Harrow, UK

2009 – South Harrow, UK – April 6 – A mysterious light in the skies above South Harrow has been captured on film by an amateur photographer. The unidentified flying object appeared through the clouds at about 7.45 PM, on March 31, and was snapped by computer network engineer Ahmad Zaigham.

Mr Zaigham posted the picture on website Flickr where he said that he had spotted the alien ship out his window.

He said: “The light coming from this thing is something I have never seen the like. I don’t think any aircraft has a light like this. Photograph © Ahmad Zaigham-

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Steve Beckow: Clearing for the Collective

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

New Man 11In my reading with Archangel Michael on March 29, I asked him, on behalf a of a team member, how we’d know we’re clearing for ourselves or for the collective and he replied:

“They go in tandem. You would not be gifted with the opportunity to clear a certain area or belief or vasana [for the collective] if you did not have a trace or a former imprint of that within thee. So it is the level of intensity that comes up, especially now, with the clearing. And you think, ‘Well, wait a minute. I have done this work. And I have done it diligently and deeply and completely. And yet here I am and it feels as I am being swept away by a tidal wave.’ That is how you know it is for the collective.”

In my view, there are several subtexts being said…

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The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – Part 5 (Conclusion)

Openhearted Rebellion

Concluded from Part 4

Non-Human Galactic Souls

We are each working to reach states of consciousness that we have not accessed in a very long time, as SanJAsKa tells us below before beginning to get into a discussion of the various non-human (but still benevolent and evolved) souls and races comprising the Galactic Federation.

We are told of the evolved animal forms some souls who are a part of the GF take, and we’re told that the comfort level of humanity will be taken into consideration when we are introduced to such souls.

“Higher states of consciousness and understanding for every soul involved will result from the ascension of the entire Universe, and the missions of each of you at present are geared toward reaching states of consciousness that you have not yet traversed.

There are multitudes of different races comprising the Galactic Federation and while so very many of…

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Sheldan Nidle: 4/2/13

Openhearted Rebellion


Dratzo! We arrive! Your world is advancing toward the dawn of a new epoch for all of Gaia’s surface humanity. The specific good works of Heaven are ushering this positive movement in! We come here to verify this and give you a better knowledge of what is happening. The dark is thoroughly enjoying its last moments of power. Their arrogance is so high that they collectively have decided to ignore the consequences of their final actions.

The key target point remains any trumped up situation that can lead to a global conflict. Our Agarthan cousins are at the forefront of our liaisons that are working relentlessly to prevent this from happening. This effort is to be a successful one since the dark does not realize how we can continue to prevent them from achieving their most heinous goal. We comprehend the nature of what the dark is…

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