Golden Age of Gaia: Memo by Steve Beckow

Folks, a writer’s machinery is a somewhat delicate apparatus. The same could be said for many artists.

If you’re a writer on the awareness path, committed to transparency and writing on authenticity, the situation becomes multiplied.

I can write at the moment on what’s up for me. But I cannot write as if nothing is up. To be ingenuine in my writing is not now and never has been possible for me or of any interest, no matter whom I serve. I’d rather serve by digging in the field than writing and needing to be ingenuine.

And so I have to say to you that I’ve been very much affected by a circumstance that happened yesterday. One of our key team members is unable to pay his rent and will soon have no funds at all to put food on the table.  Whether or not he leaves the team, his energy will effectively be lost to us.

Now that’s no different than the situation so many people face. We’re not special on this team. Believe me, I know the situation is the same for everyone. Or at least for a great number of people.

We’ve weathered a tight financial situation for several months now, cleaned out whatever unworkable attitudes we had, written books, made appeals, and done anything else we could think of short of charging for this site. And charge for this site I will not do. It needs to be available to everyone, even if it becomes only a library of past articles.

Even with your amazing generosity, we remain a financially unviable and unsustainable effort. One person made a very generous donation yesterday and it paid for the site’s costs this month and partially helped several members of the team.  But it won’t be enough to keep some members of the team onboard and their turning away to seek a job will mean large changes here. And could mean the end of our work, certainly together as a team and perhaps as a blog.

The prospect of it weighs on me and prevents me from writing as if this situation is somehow not happening.

I personally am not hurting financially. But I’m also not in a position to assist greatly either. I’ve run up a very large debt, much of which has been contributed to the team.

However I can assist by going to work, not because I need money myself. I can get by. But to contribute to the team. And the work I’ll get on such short notice won’t be pretty.  The only job I can get immediately is … well, I’d rather not say. Let’s just call it minimum-wage work.

I’ve cancelled the conference on the New Economy I was to attend tomorrow, will be resting today, and then will start looking for a job tomorrow, to contribute to the team’s well-being. I may not be writing a column today besides this one.

Openhearted Rebellion


Hello Son,

Increase in communication

There will be an increase in messages from your inner voice or guidance. This could be in the form of dreams or higher consciousness, sending images or guiding you to do something.

Listen to them carefully and try to act upon them.

We remind you this is the year of change; this change is you. The energies and truth vibrations are coming in flooding rivers throughout the land. As this has been happening for sometime now, your body is now acting upon them.

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Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

The first thing on my mind....Steve Beckow: On this week’s An Hour with an Angel, Geoff West spoke with science officer Serenia and Albert Einstein. So as not to overtax the reader, we’ll post Serenia’s discussion of her work with formulas and hydration tomorrow. Today we post Einstein’s discussion of his life’s intentions, his understandings of multidimensional science, and the brick wall that science faces. In the course of the interview, Einstein extended his formulation of his well-known equation of mass-energy equivalence, E=MC2.

Those who would prefer to read Serenia interview today can go to

An Hour with an Angel with Einstein and Serenia, April 1, 2013

Geoffrey West:  Many will know the name Albert Einstein, but some may not fully understand what he is famous for. In some circles there is debate about the true role that Einstein has played involving humanity’s understanding of science…

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Golden Age of Gaia: Synopsis of An Hour with An Angel: Archangel Michael on Current Events, March 24, 2013

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The first thing on my mind....

Rather than tack a long preamble to Geoffrey’s interview with Archangel Michael, let me offer these notes in a separate post.

Archangel Michael looks at what’s happening with Israeli young people and others who want peace in the Middle East. He gives the deeper signifcance of the incident that happened with President Obama’s car while in Israel. He says that much disagreement in the Middle East is about control.

He discusses how Pope Francis has more or less thrown away the papal throne. He is not overlighted to proceed in the way of pompous displays of power and control. He says that several galactics were present at a recent ceremony.

He discusses the significance of the financial crisis in Cyprus and the stage we’re at with the transition to the new economy.  It is the old system crumbling and the new system arising. There won’t be a violent end to the old system but a balancing and arising on the new. He says that Christine Lagarde has had a real turn-around and is working for the new reforms. The raid on her home was designed to suppress reformist information but it won’t be successful.

Archangel Michael calls Jack Lew an “angel for change.” My experience of AAM is that he does not use words lightly. More on that later, perhaps?  He describes how Putin is emerging from containment. Putin is just one of the world leaders who has realized what it means to be a leader and who he serves.

He asks us to forgive the old leaders who are exiting containment and have changed their allegiance and to allow them to do their new work as the transition team to bring in Nova Earth.  He discusses where our desire to punish comes from.

He reveals that Turkish Kurd leader Abdullah Ocalan has been “visited” in jail and has had a change of heart and his example of wishing to make peace with the Turkish government will be followed elsewhere.

He states that there will not be only one event that signals that we are in the time of rapid change but a series of events, or as he prefers to call it, a turn of events.

Spirit Train Chronicles

[Hello dear friends and I’m heading right on the subject: I found at last my Twin Flame (-_-)!

Back in November of 2012, I had trusted to a few that I had received that my Twin Flame is incarnated and she is currently in England, she’s the same age like mine and has many common interests and experiences with me. I had received from other beings since then,even a future self of mine, that I would meet her. When I was asking them ‘Will I meet her in 2013?’ they would answer ‘ yes ‘. This was even coming out many times frequently in the card reading too, where you are not aware which card will come up next.

So, with these information in mind and daily praying every night before I sleep, I was trying to give myself strength to move on. I know there are more reasons in life…

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Poof: March 31, 2013 – Now the Phoenix Rises

Stephen: The link at the beginning of today’s post takes you to an article titled $27.5 Trillion Belongs to America – America’s Dirty Little Secret. This is the “27T” referred to below. Fascinating reading.

Meanwhile, we still await the rising of the ‘Phoenix’ we have been told is on its way…Oh and ‘RVs’ is, as usual, revaluations; as in, currencies.

Greetings and Salutations;

So, I see some of you had your heads blown about some mis/dis (Stephen: misinformation/disinformation)…put out by a couple of the talking heads, one is certain to be a talking head for the Cheney group. Therefore, we’re still looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I bet when he passes and get’s his karmic payment for deeds done, he’ll be arguing for his rights to tell those lies.

What happened to ‘debt doesn’t matter?’ Common sense says it matters to they you owe. Mr Wanta has backup to getting that 27T spread out. The other signatory is setting on ice right now, ready to initiate the Reagan/Mitterrand protocols. Because they’ve tried to kill the man on a few occasions, he thought it best to remain where he is until the all clear is sounded. As the phoenix rises, the eggs will start cracking open and you’ll notice, the world will notice…one thing that will be noticed is folks exchanging their dinars and dongs. RVs have to happen, new banking system based on precious metals, the RVs happen accordingly.

Something this huge can’t be laid on the head of the president or a prime minister. All have signed off as the docs have been presented. They all need the money…duh!

Old banking is over, the robber barons of banking are looking at their waterloo. Go with the flow or be jobless and black balled from ever being in banking again. BTW, the one person not screaming about anything out here is Lee Wanta, think the man knows something? If you can, catch ‘wanta be free’, published interviews with him. Butts are puckering in Wisconsin.

This is the end of the long march to true freedom and every fate ego will be dumping crap on the net so you lose your mind or confuse you. I’m really not the roses and feel good messenger I have been portrayed, I have known the truth for years now, I was put in this position because ‘my hand was too heavy’ as I was told, liars and thieves are simply that and I’m not in the game of redemption. Take that up with your maker. I’m about removal and freedom, real freedom not that ‘patriotic’ garbage.

The meaningless prattle coming out of DC. Everybody gets their own vine and fig tree, remember, unless the dragons, etc, did what they did with the less than nice guys. You’d have got your money and the bad guys would have just stole it back. Some things you Have to use explosives on! Nothing like somebody in a $5000 suit sitting in prison, eating gov cheese and drinking powdered milk. That’s justice. How’s that working out for ya fellas?

Have fun. Be a baby phoenix and rise, baby, rise

Love and Kisses;


Today’s accompanying song: Phoenix Rising by Steve Winwood

Phoenix Rising- Lyrics

See you on the avenue
And I know you’re gonna be
Hearing secret harmonies, yeah, yeah
It’s a very fine line, a trembling leaf
‘Tween the heaven here on earth
And mystery you’ve witnessed in your own dreams
As the stars shine with magic illusion
And the sirens sing up from the streets

Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising
Hear the beat, feel the heat
Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising

Blue is what you make it, babe
No one else can make you cry
While seasons mark your proud beliefs, yeah
And the passion fills your eyes with sodium light
And the secrets that you hold within you
Should be mine and mine alone now, yeah

Well, it’s love not illusion, that’s what I want
And the music that flows from the streets at night

Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising
Hear the beat, feel the heat
Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising

Take the rhythm now
For it rolls on all through the town
Close your eyes, take your prize

Just as I stumble through the heat and I remember
As I wander through the streets, I remember ancient beats
Though the sidewalk burns my feet, I surrender

As the stars shine with magic illusion
And the sirens sing up from the street

Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising
Hear the beat, feel the heat
Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising, Phoenix rising

Take the rhythm now
For it rolls on all through the town
Close your eyes, take your prize
Find your space, take your place, yeah

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow and channeled through Linda Dillon

archangel-michael-desktop1I had a reading with Archangel Michael on March 29, 2013 through Linda Dillon and there were a few matters from it I wanted to pass along.  I thank Lorraine for this transcription.

He first referred to the general character of the times:

“With the elimination of anything that is not of love and laughter and joy and sweetness, it is a time of renewal and, yes, what you think of as elevation.  And what we think of as the natural progression and the unfoldment of the Plan of the Mother.”


I asked him if the banks were changing over on the Easter weekend and he replied:

“Not necessarily.  The changes have already begun.  There is a great deal of what you think of as change, training, re-setting of systems that is taking place behind the scenes.  Those in power…

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Openhearted Rebellion

Continued from Part 3

Learning about Galactic Technology

As we progress onward toward a free and infinite future in alignment with the will of every soul on our world, we will grow to understand and work with the advanced technologies the Galactic Federation employs on a moment-to-moment basis. As is said below, we are going to learn so very much about this technology before we begin to use it and collectively benefit from it, and I have a feeling that we will learn enough about it to be able to understand its uses and how to interact with it.

“We have so very much to teach you and help you to learn, and the nature of energy work and using higher dimensional technology to shape and mold energy to be formed as you please is something you will be taught.

We will introduce you to our replicators and the various…

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Golden age of Gaia: Einstein Reformulates E=MC2

Linda Dillon has confirmed that the rendering of Einstein’s formula here is correct.

Folks, this is just a taste of what may be coming soon: reformulation of theories and equations, news of new discoveries, etc. Fasten your seat belts!

Linda Dillon channeled Albert Einstein today on the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel, with Geoff West interviewing. In the course of the show he corrected his formula E=MC2. He said he came to fill out the formulas that he has left behind.

It was obvious that he wished to address scientists so InLight radio is discussing having him back on a special feature and allowing him to do just that: address scientists on where their investigations are in need of redirecting or completion.

The more complete form of his most famous formula is apparently E=MC2 to infinity.

E=MC2 Infinity

He said that the one little symbol (infinity) is important. When we add infinity to his original formula, it takes scientists from the understanding of a unidimensional universe to the understanding of a multidimensional universe. Infinity allows us to jump to a new level of science.

He revealed that he had tried to squeeze the formula into a manageable form when it was never intended to be so small. He came today to share this reformulation, not so much with lightworkers, but with scientists, to whom he gifts it.

Scientists’ thinking, he advised, needs to take a bigger jump that will take them through the wormholes, black holes, and white holes of their knowledge to a greater understanding.

Einstein said that he came not only as a scientist but also as a human being. He said he had a star lineage. He’d travelled the galaxies prior to making his decision to come to Earth. He came in service to the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael, to be a bringer and anchor of peace.

He said that he had always wished to understand how things worked. He felt, perhaps because of his lineage, perhaps because of his impatience, that he was restricted by having to land and live in the Third Dimension. (We neglected to ask him what dimension he came from.) He said that he came to share the understanding that each one of us is an interdimensional, multidimensional being and always has been.

He asked us to not base how we go forward on incomplete formulas and understandings. The good news he brings this day is that considering complete formulas takes us out of our prison of Third Dimensionality. He said that scientists find themselves frustrated around how to break through to knowing how the universe functions.

Many of his insights could not be shared until now because these understandings cannot be used for war. Archangel Michael has limited him until this time because we were too warlike.

What we think of as time and space, he said, is incomplete. Space is never still, he said. We do not inherently know, within our molecular structure, how to be still in space because space is in constant, infinite movement and expansion. I assume he means that our science goes against our intuitive understanding. If we don’t take that into consideration in our equations, we cannot comprehend the nature of matter and reality.

Time is a very useful construct. But time is simply a construct that we’ve put in place. Even though we think that time is constantly moving, in fact time is static. So we use time as a static starting and finishing point, an in-between point, to travel in space.

Time is our personal spaceship, travel guide, merkabah, to help us travel, transit and negotiate through the infinity of space. But these are based on some false assumptions to position ourselves in what we think of as the time and space continuum. But, he points out, we are in many places, many dimensions, many realities at once throughout the time and space continuum.

We have an infinite capacity to be in many places at once, but we choose to anchor in a given selected point in time as our home base.

He emphasized that he said time, not place or space. We use the idea and the construct of time to help us anchor into a form, into a soul mission, into a purpose and experience that our infinite Self in infinite time and space chooses to have as an expression of the Mother.

He said that nuclear weapons tear souls apart (as Matthew Ward says). (1)  These weapons are dangerous physically, but are also harmful to souls and to the unified grid. Those who use such weapons of destruction are impacted by a mirror effect and are fragmented as well. That is why it has been so long in years for people to come back to this understanding and concept of us being a unified grid. It was a terrible, terrible mistake, he said.

He discussed breakthroughs and scientists to pay attention to. Many of his students are literally under cover, he revealed.

There are many breakthroughs in science about to occur. The understanding of how to jump time and move through space (time travel) is imminent. The major breakthrough will come from the private sector. Einstein is whispering to those who will listen “and they are listening.”


(1) See “Damage Done to a Soul Caught in a Nuclear Blast,” at