Free at last: Easter Brings Huge Surprises Worldwide…Is this it? Is it time?

Posted in the Free At Last Facebook group on Thursday evening, Doug McCollum let our members in on the latest news. I’ve cleaned up some grammatical errors, but nothing else.

Hello dear ones!!!!

I have just got off of my Thursday night phone family and am very pleased with our exchange of info and some ideas too.

Now I’ll explain while not outing my best friend D…who she is and where shes at. BUT she is very involved with the 3 white knights in the group helping to get this done. Make no mistake people the white knights are responsible and they deserve to be credited with this. D usually says (as do I) that this will pop when the white knights are good and ready. No one knows the time and date. BUT tonight she admitted to me with all of the info and the stuff from behind the curtain coming out this lines up with what her past 30 years of being involved with the team. She believes that we will see our announcements come by Monday or Tuesday after Easter break.

She was told to look for certain anomalies to take place and they have, so now we get ready and make sure to have what we need for a few days without blowing bank accounts, don’t make a bank run(BAD IDEA) and RELAX. We are seeing the rose begin to bloom. I will tell you all that the military is for an assist in this process and give them room and fresh air, they are helping not leave them be. They will be helping in the hospitals, sheriffs offices, and with supply warehouses.

ALL Americans will have what they need and be safe. THE FEAR PORN ON THE TV AND NEWS SITES IS ONLY THAT>>>FEAR PORN.

All of you can tell yer family and friends hey there’s gonna be a great show coming on soon that will last for 10 days in rotation. It will be the best non-fictional movie you have ever seen. Good guys will have handcuffs and bad guys will suddenly appear with angel wings..GET IT!!!!

OHHHH and Obama..his BLOODLINE, where it all started. His disclosure will be the main shocker. Who he really is, and where it all started. WHY he was chosen and why WHY WHY he never did crack under pressure being around the cabal leaders. NOT ONCE DID HE sweat, shiver or break. The disbelievers will drink a lil more gin on this one..mad at themselves cause they were wrong..terribly wrong!

Finally, we can get ready for the blooming of the rose!!!


Doug assures us that “ALL MEDIA [will be covering the announcements]. You wont be able to see any regular programs or radio stations without these announcements being broadcasted. The White Knights are gonna make sure EVERYONE KNOWS THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS. All media, even newspapers” and “there are unused satellites being used for this purpose. if there’s a radio signal it’ll be on… don’t doubt it… everyone will know”.

On Doug’s wall, he posted this the same day:

“HERE IT COMES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM AT LAST!!!!”

We are facing some exciting times, aren’t we? Have we been down this road before? Yes. Is this it? … We shall find out. I hope you’re ready. I know I am.

People have been changing our world for decades, if not centuries…but, we were not awake enough to realize it…until now. :)

There are groups and organizations out there around the world on standby ready to give aid, comfort and healing to our planet, animals and people. Let’s get this party started…shall we?

By the way, I couldn’t stay away . . . I had to post this!!


Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

History 321Photo: History is seen through the eyes of the victors

Happy Easter, everyone. Easter may be a very good time to talk about history.

The galactics have said to us often that our true history will be revealed. (1) They have access to the Akashic Records. They have higher-dimensional abilities to visit the past, know the future, etc. Some people may be familiar with a device called the “Looking Glass,” which was used by some, probably Third-Dimensional, galactics to journey into the future. (2)

I say “Third-Dimensional galactics” because I don’t think higher-dimensional star nations would have needed to use a machine like the Looking Glass.

The galactics who did use it were thousands of year ahead of us, but still existed on the Third-Dimensional plane of existence. Higher-dimensional beings could use their own abilities, native to that plane, to see what the truth of history…

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Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

History 3214Photo: We owe much of our history to Hollywood

(Continued from Part 1.)

Why I say this is to prepare us for the shock of suddenly having our history rewritten in the period in which the truth of our past is made known. There will be so much that is new for us that we can reach a threshhold of tolerance, unless we know ahead of time the predictable changes we can expect. Anticipating that our history will be revealed as being dramatically other than what we’ve been led to believe is one predictable event in the not-so-distant future.

Perhaps no other event will demonstrate this to many people more powerfully than 9/11.  Many if not most people, in North America at least, consider that 9/11 was carried out by nineteen Arab hijackers armed with boxcutters. When they discover that 9./11 was a very carefully…

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Openhearted Rebellion

Johnsmallman’s Blog 03/31/2013 by John Smallman

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John SmallmanDownload: 2013-03-31-saul-audio-blog-for-sunday-march-31.mp3

Humanity’s interest in matters spiritual is growing rapidly as a direct result of the new divine energies flooding the planet, which was of course the intent when they were set in motion.  You all need to seriously address your spiritual side, your 99%, which vast numbers of you have neglected because of the seductive, enticing, and demanding distractions with which your egos, through the mechanism of the illusion, are constantly bombarding you.  Truly, when you are focused on third-dimensional issues, you are only about 1% present!  That is all of you that your egos can access, even though it often appears to you that some people have enormous egos!  Is that not amazing?

But it is true, because you are all divine beings of power and might who have chosen to constrain yourselves within the very narrow confines of…

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