Openhearted Rebellion

Tree of the Golden Light

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By now we see that Lightworkers have settled down to their tasks to lead people into the New Age. Their understanding of what is needed is helping the awakening process, which continues regardless of the world situation. It is important that people do not allow the chaos and disruption, to draw their energy away from work involving the Light and Love. The darkness will eventually play itself out and is already losing its power to create more fear. In this respect in spite of the apparent threat of war, know that it will no longer be allowed.

The Galactic Federation of Light is aware of the intentions of all Superpowers and we will prevent any attempts to start a global war. The Light has made such a difference, that many souls connected with the war machine have experienced a change of consciousness…

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Openhearted Rebellion

Continued from Part 2

Advanced Technology Kept from Humanity

SanJAsKa specifically is, again, a fifth dimensional aspect of my overall higher self and as such, I feel quite close to this soul in energy. Though this may not be the method utilized by other races or Councils of the Galactic Federation who speak through other scribes, the connection I feel with this soul is utilized as the group’s energies are brought through SanJAsKa, as is outlined below.

We are also reminded below that our governments have known about much of the technology we have been and will be discussing, and that they have proven uninterested in releasing such technology to humanity.

“Our scribe is close with me in energy and this is why I am utilized to bring a communication forth through him and in many cases, I act as a conduit for the collective energies to be expressed through…

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Openhearted Rebellion

OK, OK, this is just a start. I have a bulbous nose, the lighting is all wrong, the video captures only so many shots a minute, as if you were shuffling cards.  But hey, we all know we’re going to be serving by explaining what’s happening today and so this is my first cut at exactly that.

I’m gonna crawl under the bed now and hide for a week. But at least I’ve broken the ice (even if I fell through!!!).  The voice is the voice of Jacob but the face is … well, something else.

Anyways, enjoy, enjoy. Here is the Whole Story, First Cut.

You in the first row, laughing (yes, you), when will we see yourfirst video?

Trumpets please, curtain rising, quiet on the set….

 If you’d rather view the video on Youtube:

One other matter: You see the arched eyebrow and very serious…

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