Crystal Connection 23 March 2013

golden clock

Source picture:

I see a white mermaid sitting on a rock in the water. I see dolphins jumping out of the water. I see from above a green landscape , it seems to be Abi-Qor. I see then at first only green around me. Then I see a golden clock and it seems to be tied to my moss agate. The numbers on the clock are fading and they disappear. And I see the past,present and future at the same moment.

Note Tauno:

– oh, I saw the mermaid, dragonfly , Angel, dear Lisa and I was connected with my green Dragon again before I saw the woman in white with the flowers
Love You my sister

– Lisa, I also remember when sending Light to Mother earth how the chains of the matrix of ignorance of Life are broken , Angels came through my channel right into the Core of Gaia and broke the chains with Angelic LIGHT and LOVE, it is so wonderful, we are so connected, now I am wearing my moss agate again, and you mention this

Crystal Connection – Tauno

As I closed my eyes I saw Angels coming to me as a beautiful living picture of a famous artist. I saw a woman dressed in white dress and she had dark blue color on her sleeves , the woman had long wavy brown hair and was on a green surface with white flowers, I watched her from above and gradually i started raisin higher and higher, the woman with the flowers became smaller as continued rising up and far into Space, I watched it from Space till this vision was left down the tunnel, I continued rising and this portal that I was going through rotated counter clock and  I got a sense of watching the Milky Way Galaxy.

Then I felt the Void, only My Presence was there into the dark, there came Angels next and I started to create a planet, I saw quite clear, as if i am not with my physical eyes closed a Spark, a strong shining golden Spark of Light, it was moving into the darkness, then another Spark came, they two connected with a ray of golden light and formed a kind of “bridge ” between them, then a third Spark I saw and they disappeared. I saw vague Light coming …violet, blue and white colors…a new world I saw and Angels were there, a sky of blue, pink and yellow lights and at the center two Beings – male and female sitting side by side as a representation of a GOD, they were sitting in a sphere of roses and rose, light blue and pink colors, the sphere rotated and turned into a Planet, i saw this Planet flying in Space and my Heart Chakra expanded and gave LOVE.

Then I was in the void again, only me and my presence, I realized that there is no fear because the Source is always with me and I live in the source and the Source lives through me, I am  infinite like the Source. A being with dark blue robe appeared, this Being was with a hood and came from Higher dimensions, a sphere of Light came from HIS/HER Heart …blue colors, into this sphere there were golden sparks of Light, The Being sent me Light from the Heart, the Sphere went into HIS/HER Heart and came up again giving me Light again  and this was it three times and the Rune GEBO appeared on the Sphere that was from this Being`s heart. I feel this Being  both as mother Mary and Santa Muerte and this connection was so strong with me. I saw some other Angelic Beings after this connection

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