Crystal Connection 22 March 2013

ice circles

Source picture:

I got first a light explosion in my third eye when I grabbed my crystal. I am standing on ice and I am surrounded by ice. I am still standing on the ice but now I am surrounded by the blue forest with silver leaves. There are small circles drawn on the ice and I stand in the middle of it. I see a deer coming out of the forest and the deer is red and has a white cross on it flank. Then it disappears for my eyes. The circles become smaller portals but as they open up, they unify in a big circle, opening a big portal vortex of blue and violet light. I stand in the middle of it and I feel the wolf guide in me, I feel I get a healing and upgrade again. I am being lifted up into space and I see Earth, Gaia, the blue jewel. I see the Aurora Borealis going over the whole world, creating blue, purple, green lights. (An indication that we are going into a new era) I am on an Arcturian ship and see other , thousands of ships looking at this spectacle. But what got my attention was these light beings from higher dimensions loving everyone on this Earth, and I feel so loved, wow what a feeling that is washing over me. I feel my wolf guide, Arachanai, my twin flame inside of me, I feel who I am really for the first time and it strikes me in the heart and I am overwhelmed and grateful and loving @ the same time. I feel my guides close by and Iltheos. Wow what a meditation, I still feel so blissful .

Note Tauno:

WOW, Lisa, the forest of blue and silver, I saw myself meditating with crossed legs on something blue, like river or ice and the White Lotus- circle in your vision – was in front of me. Then I got red Light and more colours but mostly red and what amazing connection with the cross and the deer, deer is the Spirit of the Forest, I saw the deer in the crest and the deer jumped up. Elves are helping us and our Spirit is Free, soon the Freedom arrives!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

As I closed my eyes I was sitting on my chair but I saw my Higher body and me and mt Higher body were meditating, my Higher body/Self looked like an Indian Ascended master sitting with legs crossed in Lotus pose and in front of me there was a white Lotus flower, it is interesting that I was looking both by this body and at the same time my Spirit looked at this meditating figure from a position in front of myself, I was at the same time physics, Spirit and Higher Self and these three were both separated and ME/ONE.

I asked about Lisa and immediately I received a vision of two souls in human form holding hands inside a tunnel/portal.

Then a ballerina came, she was dancing and dancing, a small ballerina as an Elf, then I saw the wings of this ballerina of White Light. Then I was connected with Egypt and I saw two pharaoh faces situated one over the other and  a space between them, in this space there was formed a mental connection, I felt the face that was down carrying Sphinx vibrations and the face upwards was a Being from Space, I asked about their message to us and I got a blazon. Inside the blazon I saw a cross that turned into an animal, a deer and the deer jumped up and got out of the frame.

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