Crystal Connection 21 March 2013

First I got a dream and then when I did my meditation, it seems it was a continuation of my dream.

diamond heart

In my dream I was in a strange Africa with scary animals and I was lost. When one of these unfamiliar scary animal came by, I climbed a blue tree to escape them.  Then I was in a kinda of library room and on the shelf I saw a video about Wolf guides. I took it and immediately I  saw my wolf guide and I followed it down a corridor , through Africa and then leaving me in front of the door, giving me the feeling I past one part of a test. Then I woke up.

In my meditation I see the wolf again and he invites me to open the door. I open and I walk down a long corridor again. Then I see a bright light transforming my DNA into a wolf guide DNA. I see a native American shaman holding a red diamond wolf heart in his hands. The sun shines on it and the beam forces it out of the hands of the shaman and coming directly to me and slams into my chest. I feel myself transforming and feel I passed the second test of my journey. I feel wolf inside of me. Then I am half awake and half asleep , I see  a bear and eagle passing by. And I see Iltheos and feel Arachanai close by.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw a white flat rock in a mountain, it was high above the ground. Then I saw a White butterfly of Angelic nature, it was an Angel of Light and I got a feeling of LOVE and Protection. Then I was in Cosmos so near the Earth and I saw the Earth right down, the Planet is surrounded by White Energy and is expanding now.

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