Crystal Connection 19 March 2013

Note: Due too my sickness and following surgery on 16th of March, I haven’t been able to do regular connections. I had a brief connection on 13-03-2013, were I saw my fairy,mermaid angel.
On the 18th of March I saw only a deer and a rainbow coming out of the clouds. I got my first real connection again on the 19th of March 2013.

blue forest

I tried again to connect. I was in the crystallarium in Abi-qor, but then it shifted to a place that felt so familiar. I see blue trees, forest with silver leaves and when the wind comes through, each leaf  has their own ring tone. It is glittering and sparkling like fairy forest. There is a golden pool with a crystal Lotus flower on it, inside the flower a portal was opening and out came a double light helix DNA with strange markings inside and equations. It rises up and targeting my spine, rising up and exploding in my head.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Immediately as I closed my eyes I saw the Bear. A Being of crystal White Light was next to me , on my left and I saw another Being, a woman`s face that moved from right to left, She is Maya
There followed a vacuum , no memory. A Pharaoh woman , short cut black hair and lots of make -up, then Ra came Ibis headed  , I asked about the woman pharaoh and I felt Bastet. Next I saw Portal opening and I moved through it, it was a tunnel that changed colours and I saw a Bird flying from the other side of this tunnel to me, the Bird is a Spirit. I remember some craft working with me, saucer shaped ones, my headache that I had before my meditation is now over. I stepped into the Angelic realm again. I felt Their Loving Presence and Healing Light. Then I saw a SUN of red colour at the center of a Solar System, I felt this as my inner Sun giving red Light. Then I saw the Milky Way Galaxy rotating and I was in it, at the periphery. Then a Being came to me dressed in dark blue robe, I felt Mother Mary`s Presence and i was both in Cosmos and on Earth. Next I asked about the Wolf and I saw the Wolf singing.

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