Crystal Connection 22 March 2013

ice circles

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I got first a light explosion in my third eye when I grabbed my crystal. I am standing on ice and I am surrounded by ice. I am still standing on the ice but now I am surrounded by the blue forest with silver leaves. There are small circles drawn on the ice and I stand in the middle of it. I see a deer coming out of the forest and the deer is red and has a white cross on it flank. Then it disappears for my eyes. The circles become smaller portals but as they open up, they unify in a big circle, opening a big portal vortex of blue and violet light. I stand in the middle of it and I feel the wolf guide in me, I feel I get a healing and upgrade again. I am being lifted up into space and I see Earth, Gaia, the blue jewel. I see the Aurora Borealis going over the whole world, creating blue, purple, green lights. (An indication that we are going into a new era) I am on an Arcturian ship and see other , thousands of ships looking at this spectacle. But what got my attention was these light beings from higher dimensions loving everyone on this Earth, and I feel so loved, wow what a feeling that is washing over me. I feel my wolf guide, Arachanai, my twin flame inside of me, I feel who I am really for the first time and it strikes me in the heart and I am overwhelmed and grateful and loving @ the same time. I feel my guides close by and Iltheos. Wow what a meditation, I still feel so blissful .

Note Tauno:

WOW, Lisa, the forest of blue and silver, I saw myself meditating with crossed legs on something blue, like river or ice and the White Lotus- circle in your vision – was in front of me. Then I got red Light and more colours but mostly red and what amazing connection with the cross and the deer, deer is the Spirit of the Forest, I saw the deer in the crest and the deer jumped up. Elves are helping us and our Spirit is Free, soon the Freedom arrives!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

As I closed my eyes I was sitting on my chair but I saw my Higher body and me and mt Higher body were meditating, my Higher body/Self looked like an Indian Ascended master sitting with legs crossed in Lotus pose and in front of me there was a white Lotus flower, it is interesting that I was looking both by this body and at the same time my Spirit looked at this meditating figure from a position in front of myself, I was at the same time physics, Spirit and Higher Self and these three were both separated and ME/ONE.

I asked about Lisa and immediately I received a vision of two souls in human form holding hands inside a tunnel/portal.

Then a ballerina came, she was dancing and dancing, a small ballerina as an Elf, then I saw the wings of this ballerina of White Light. Then I was connected with Egypt and I saw two pharaoh faces situated one over the other and  a space between them, in this space there was formed a mental connection, I felt the face that was down carrying Sphinx vibrations and the face upwards was a Being from Space, I asked about their message to us and I got a blazon. Inside the blazon I saw a cross that turned into an animal, a deer and the deer jumped up and got out of the frame.

Crystal Connection 21 March 2013

First I got a dream and then when I did my meditation, it seems it was a continuation of my dream.

diamond heart

In my dream I was in a strange Africa with scary animals and I was lost. When one of these unfamiliar scary animal came by, I climbed a blue tree to escape them.  Then I was in a kinda of library room and on the shelf I saw a video about Wolf guides. I took it and immediately I  saw my wolf guide and I followed it down a corridor , through Africa and then leaving me in front of the door, giving me the feeling I past one part of a test. Then I woke up.

In my meditation I see the wolf again and he invites me to open the door. I open and I walk down a long corridor again. Then I see a bright light transforming my DNA into a wolf guide DNA. I see a native American shaman holding a red diamond wolf heart in his hands. The sun shines on it and the beam forces it out of the hands of the shaman and coming directly to me and slams into my chest. I feel myself transforming and feel I passed the second test of my journey. I feel wolf inside of me. Then I am half awake and half asleep , I see  a bear and eagle passing by. And I see Iltheos and feel Arachanai close by.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw a white flat rock in a mountain, it was high above the ground. Then I saw a White butterfly of Angelic nature, it was an Angel of Light and I got a feeling of LOVE and Protection. Then I was in Cosmos so near the Earth and I saw the Earth right down, the Planet is surrounded by White Energy and is expanding now.

Crystal Connection 19 March 2013

Note: Due too my sickness and following surgery on 16th of March, I haven’t been able to do regular connections. I had a brief connection on 13-03-2013, were I saw my fairy,mermaid angel.
On the 18th of March I saw only a deer and a rainbow coming out of the clouds. I got my first real connection again on the 19th of March 2013.

blue forest

I tried again to connect. I was in the crystallarium in Abi-qor, but then it shifted to a place that felt so familiar. I see blue trees, forest with silver leaves and when the wind comes through, each leaf  has their own ring tone. It is glittering and sparkling like fairy forest. There is a golden pool with a crystal Lotus flower on it, inside the flower a portal was opening and out came a double light helix DNA with strange markings inside and equations. It rises up and targeting my spine, rising up and exploding in my head.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Immediately as I closed my eyes I saw the Bear. A Being of crystal White Light was next to me , on my left and I saw another Being, a woman`s face that moved from right to left, She is Maya
There followed a vacuum , no memory. A Pharaoh woman , short cut black hair and lots of make -up, then Ra came Ibis headed  , I asked about the woman pharaoh and I felt Bastet. Next I saw Portal opening and I moved through it, it was a tunnel that changed colours and I saw a Bird flying from the other side of this tunnel to me, the Bird is a Spirit. I remember some craft working with me, saucer shaped ones, my headache that I had before my meditation is now over. I stepped into the Angelic realm again. I felt Their Loving Presence and Healing Light. Then I saw a SUN of red colour at the center of a Solar System, I felt this as my inner Sun giving red Light. Then I saw the Milky Way Galaxy rotating and I was in it, at the periphery. Then a Being came to me dressed in dark blue robe, I felt Mother Mary`s Presence and i was both in Cosmos and on Earth. Next I asked about the Wolf and I saw the Wolf singing.

Ancient Symbol Carved Into Dry Oregon Lake Bed

This is a fascinating story for those of you who didn’t hear about it back in 1990. No surprise how something this big doesn’t make it on mainstream news 😉

~ Brian

Ancient Symbol Carved Into Dry Oregon Lake Bed 
Original article can be found here:
As you may know, Eastern Oregon was Gifted with the Sri Yantra Mandala Formation in August 1990. It arrived in a dry wilderness lake bed east of Steens Mountain, and consisted of 13.3 MILES of lines, each 10″ wide and scored to a depth of 3 inches in the hardpan. The graphic below is the Sri Yantra, and the Pattern discovered in the dry earth was identical in all respects.

Four jokers claimed it – the joke was that they alleged they pulled a ‘garden cultivator’ like a plow for OVER 13 MILES, in an officially designated Wilderness Area, in the August desert heat – where not even cars are permitted. They concocted the story that they hauled all their gear 3/4-mile to the site each day. (It turned out that that was one of many discrepancies in their story, for they’d allegedly told a sergeant from the Air National Guard that their campsite was actually two miles from the Formation.) A second discrepancy: In their initial ‘confession letter’ to the newspaper they wrote that all four of them were hitched up simultaneously to pull the cultivator, but the video shows only two of them attempting to pull it. Another one I found of interest is the apparent major exertion seen to be required to gouge a thin 1/2″-deep line into the earth (as seen in the video) Vs that needed to create a trench 10″ wide and 3″ deep – apparently without effort, according to the same video. (The reason the ‘real’ line was easy to dig out is because it was already there – they had apparently filled in the trench with the soft dirt, and hoped to give the illusion that they were digging the furrow with their plow.) These ‘variations’, as well as various others, stretched my own and others’ credibility well beyond believability. One can reasonably conclude that the only creativity these four expressed was through their over-active imaginations and not through any grand desert artistry.

Interestingly, the skies above the Sri Yantra are regularly used as part of the Idaho Air National Guard’s pilot training area. According to the lieutenant pilot who first spotted the huge Pattern on August 10, no pilots had reported a design-in-progress; the Pattern had simply ‘appeared’ one day…

Various points in the purported ‘documentation’ which those who claimed the Sri Yantra offered were easily picked apart by researchers who subsequently visited the site. I, too, have noted non-sequiturs and blatant manipulation in previous fraudulent ‘Crop Circle documentaries’, manufactured and aired solely to convince an unknowing public that the Circle Phenomenon is not worth serious study. I strongly urge each of you to use critical discernment when evaluating any kind of ‘evidence’ presented by anyone about anything – perhaps most especially so-called ‘expert’ testimony – and especially as regards the Circles.

NO video footage or photographs anywhere document an alleged creation of crop art (alleged man-made patterns) in progress from ground level AND SIMULTANEOUSLY from the air, to confirm that the alleged ‘finished product’ is indeed what the people ‘below’ are alleging to have stomped out in the crop. (Showing people stomping around in the dark, then in the next sequence showing a Formation from the air *does not mean that the aerial is the ‘finished product’ shown in the previous scene*! Through clever and manipulative editing, that is precisely the conclusion the viewer is being ‘set-up’ to accept. It is not, however, the truth … )

The exception to valid video documentation is the Arthur Clarke footage of a 5-petal flower pattern. Although there was no simultaneous aerial documentation, I subsequently visited this crop art and was able to confirm to my own satisfaction that indeed there were no CircleMakers’ Energies within it. (Many have claimed genuine Formations as their own, for *claiming* one is effortless, while stomping one out is a major and potentially seriously risky endeavour. And of course, no one has ever substantiated *how* they ‘made it’, so the statement is simply accepted on a word-of-mouth claim.)

Through personal investigation of the Formations, I’ve discovered that there have been *literally* a mere handful of man-made designs in Wiltshire and Hampshire over the past five years – the great majority of the Formations, including those in the US, have indeed been genuine Gifts. Confirmation of my findings is provided by extensive and meticulous lab analyses here in the States.

But back to Oregon: The four men who claimed it, of course, offered no in-progress proof of their ‘creativity’, but made a feeble attempt in a hastily put-together, poorly thought out video piece to show, through reverse engineering (for the Formation was in fact already on the ground when they arrived on the scene) ‘how they made it’. The problem, as clearly shown in photographs and the video, is that the lines forming the Sri Yantra *already existed* – they extended in front of where they were dragging their ‘plow’ – at the time they were claiming to be in the process of making them!

In one segment of the tape, it appears as though they’d filled in a short section of one ‘genuine’ line then pretended to show how they allegedly scored it into the extremely hard, Sun-baked lake bottom. It was August, and the area was regularly ‘scorched’ under a desert Sun. Researchers who subsequently visited the site noted that the ground was impenetrable below the top 1/4″ of dry, powdery earth. No tire marks at all were present, not even from the alleged ‘cultivator’, although a month later as vehicles drove up to the Formation, the tires of those vehicles’ left 1/4″-deep impressions in the crumbly earth. And never mind asking how these jokers managed precise and perfectly scored lines 10″ wide and 3″ deep, with consistently bevelled sides, for an equivalent distance of over 13 miles, in the August desert heat when they could barely, and with much effort, score a short 1/2″-deep line; and don’t ask how they measured, surveyed, and determined bearings for the Pattern – with its complex integrated perfection of nine interlocking triangles – before they began their alleged plow work. (The Sri Yantra Pattern contains extremely intricate geometrical relationships.) Never mind asking, because they, like all other people who’ve *claimed* the CircleMakers’ Formations, offered no technical explanations.

Perhaps most telling of all, for me, was the segment of footage on which one of the ‘artists’ who claimed it was video-interviewed. While he was answering general questions about his paintings and personal philosophy, he was reasonably animated and made normal eye-contact with his interviewer. In a later segment in which the two of them were walking down a road while continuing the interview, the artist stopped walking when the questioning turned once again to the Sri Yantra, literally bowed his head, and looked down at the ground. All the viewer saw of him was the top of his hat. During the entire conversation about his alleged participation in the construction of it, he never once made eye contact either with the interviewer or the camera, but stared at the ground. I very clearly received the impression that he was painfully aware that ‘his eyes were the windows to his soul’, and he was clearly determined to not let anyone see into either while he was, as was obvious to me, lying.