Crystal Connection 8 March 2013



I see the sun, turning and turning , unlocking my heart, my third eye, my solar plexus , my DNA, it is in deconstruction, and reconstruction , it goes on and on, the sun stone is activated, I feel you Tauno and you Leslee very close, we are on the same soul path, it is brightened up by the activation of the sun . I see stars and little diamonds raining down, I see a deep forest of greens uncovering the depths of the inner soul. The spiral is spiraling into my heart and hold me in a place of ONE.I am in deep space and at the same time in the depth of the waters, everything is taming with live and energy. The one is there in every depth, even in our inner depths we dive into. I see worlds, universes, dimensions, time lines, come and go. I am on my end of my journey, the challenges will get less if I stay more centered. Stars of inner universes connected with the beautiful souls of earth, I feel I am connected to one of the stars.

Note Tauno: wow, Lisa! Thank You for being here with me my sister
What a powerful connection we had again! Love You so much

Note from me to Tauno: I read your connection, indeed, it was as if I was reading my own connection. I not only read it, but I also felt it. Wow… And your dream is also very powerful, wow… Really strong connection, just on track. Love you to my soul sister. Have a good and relaxing night. You are indeed on a mission, it the same with me. Goodnight my sweet lady.

Note Tauno: Yes, I feel the same when I read about your connection, time is Now, Lisa, we are making the Shift and we are connected
Love You so much my Sister. Sending to you my LIGHT and White Healing Energies, Lisa! . OLA showed me the Angel and then the Pyramid with the Sphinx and I said I LOVE YOU as a programme to OLA
This is it , we of LIGHT are taking over
Thank You GOD for this opportunity and trust in us

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I had a very powerful connection with the Heart of Gaia
First I saw a blue orb in front of me, this orb stayed with me till the end of my meditation,
I received DNA activations and some portals opened, I got understanding on deeper level of the Oneness that connects all Beings, I felt this Oneness more vividly and I felt changes in my inner layers and I got a sense of my real Self. The feeling was as I was getting upwards towards Angelic realms of Light, I almost saw this realm as a Light Sphere up there at the end of the tunnel, a vision of Giza Pyramid came, the Pyramid has aether Angelic wings and it was shining.
Then I heard the Shaman singing and I made a connection with Mother Earth`s Heart through my Heart Chakra, I connected with my Higher Self and imagined a channel through all my chakras that extended deep to the Core of Mother Earth.I got a vision of a new born baby , Angelic Being was holding the baby and at that moment my Heart was One with the Heart of Mother Earth, I felt a strong connection and explosion of emotions that raised and I started crying, I cried and I cried, Mother Earth cried and the New Beginning was born …this is the beginning of the New Earth, the baby was born, I released so much tension and emotional pain together with the Mother and we were breathing together in synchronicity. LOVE came in every atom of the Creation and a feeling of … AWE
I connected with my Higher Self and I felt flying upwards and watching the world from above, higher and higher in the state of Love and Compassion, My Love embraced the Planet and all Living Beings on Earth
Blue orb shined again

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