Crystal Connection 7 March 2013


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I couldn’t concentrate much, as my flu is giving me some troubles. I saw a lotus flower from above and in the heart of this flower a portal of bright light begins to open, shining brighter and brighter. I see Iltheos standing there and guiding me through. It ends with a kaleidoscope flower, having a lots of different shapes and colors. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: wow, I remember now, a Lotus I saw too, Lisa and a Being there meditating!

Crystal Connection -Tauno
I saw a craft in a shape of  a transparent blue saucer – Arcturian craft and a ray of Light coming down from it towards me, the craft could change its diameter
then thoughts from my everyday troubles came for review and I was asked if i want to release them , i agreed but  this process is long….
vacuum in my memory…then I saw the pharaoh, I felt He is Amenhotep again, I connected with Him last evening via OLA
I was going through blue aether tunnels into a pyramid, up and left then straight on, there was Light there at the exit
Love and Light

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