Spirit Train Chronicles


Image The more I look at videos about UFO all over the internet, the more I listen to my inner self, to my Higher Self, to the human consciousness, the more I see lightships in the sky, the more I can feel it: 2013 Will be the year when we will have ET Contact.

When, where, who? I have no idea. Even if I had, I would keep it to myself, because screaming it on roof tops is a sure way to make it not happen as I see it.

The world is heading every day into a chaos, most of it is engineered, have no doubt about that. The financial / job/ economy crisis has been carefully planned by those who call themselves our masters.

The have also engineered wars, nuclear “accidents”, political coups, propaganda, mind control through advertising, hypnosis, television, radio, harp waves, political incidents, killings of innocent…

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