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Free At Last admin and member, Deva Priya reveals:

OKAY its time for us ALL to tell more! The image above is the closest I’ve got, because I didn’t have my camera at the time. Only, the SHIP proceeded to UNCLOAK with clarity, about 75%, then to drop a fleet of scout-ships out of its bottom vortex, and float them SLOWLY around the sky. THEY were cleaning up the chemtrails. The sky was clean in about 30 minutes!

And Chris Rose said, “Listen up – your family is coming”

Published on Jan 24, 2013 CE5Initiative

This video was designed specifically as a visualization tool to assist in vectoring Extraterrestrials and their Consciously guided craft’s to your location. Reaching out far into the Universe and guiding the ETs smoothly to your precise location using intention and visualization. You can go through the sequence many times over if you wish, for a period of 10-20 minutes after you have reached a meditative state.

Let your mind rest on, and then follow the tones as you move freely into a transcendental state.
This is an upcoming event a few of us have been working on. We are really hoping to bring everyone from the ET Contact community together with this event. Working towards closer and someday open contact with our star family. Along with spreading the awareness of ET Contact and how it is possible. The more people that join us in coherence the more affective this initiative will be. I hope some of you will join us!

Help us spread the word!

ET Contact Day — March 22, 2013

Event page –!/events/32…

Created and coordinated by The CE-5 Initiative Facebook page –!/groups/20…

(“The Creed” and Backround Meditation Music by: Dave Hillis [UfoNightHawk])

Cobra: Weekly Liberation Meditations Phase 2

The planetary situation on the non-physical planes has improved to the point where we can begin with the second phase of our weekly liberation meditations.
To refresh you memory, you can read about the first phase here:
Or visit the main facebook group here:
We are now expanding our weekly meditations into phase 2. The second phase includes the Goddess Vortex technology to speed up the process of clearing the non-physical planes.
We are continuing with our weekly meditation every Sunday at 7 pm GMT.  You  can find your local time here:
1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.
2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize all negative entities around the Earth being removed from etheric and astral planes along with all their negative spiritual technologies and magical tools and all those entities being escorted into the Light by the non-physical freedom fighters of the Light. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from spiritual slavery, free from all evil Archons, Reptilians, demons, elementals and other negative non-physical beings. Visualize the vibration of the etheric and astral planes getting lighter and brighter until all dark beings are gone and only Light remains.
3. Visualize members of the physical dark Cabal, such as central banking criminals Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, George Bush, the Jesuits etc.  peacefully surrendering and stepping down from their positions of power, releasing control over the financial system and the mass media. Visualize civil authority arresting  those members of the Cabal that do not wish to surrender. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.
4. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression. Visualize bright spiritual golden age with angels, fairies, dolphins, unicorns, spiritual guides and other beings of Light inhabiting etheric and astral planes. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source.
5. Stand up, lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise.
6. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow coloured stars scattered within that pillar of Light.
7. Keep singing the mantra and rotating.  After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise.
8. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, twin souls, soulmates, soul families and other beings of Light. Keep singing the mantra and rotating and stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while. When you finish, sit down again, watch your palms for a few moments to reduce dizziness.
You can do this meditation weekly or even more often if you feel so guided. More people join us in this unified effort, sooner the non-physical planes will be liberated to ulitimately lead us into the Event.
The Goddess Spiral
The Light forces have asked us to create The Goddess Spiral, a special CD which activates the Goddess consciousness in the listener and helps activating the Goddess Vortex. The Goddess Spiral is a joint project between me, Isis and Medwyn Goodall. Isis is a codename for a woman who has personal contact with the goddess Isis and the goddess enters into her body and anchors those energies into all planes of creation and sends blessings and love to everyone. Medwyn Goodall is one of the best composers of inspirational music on the planet and he helped us to create The Goddess Spiral. You can listen to the CD anytime you wish to go deeper into the Goddess consciousness or wish to accelerate the liberation process for this planet. Listening to the CD is especially recommended before our weekly liberation meditations.
You can watch the promo video on Youtube to get the taste of what we are speaking about:
You can buy the CD here:
Or download the MP3 here:

Openhearted Rebellion

Hi everyone,

Galactic energies and Galactic Presences are present on our beloved Earth, in our reality and in ourselves.  This is very clear more than ever and it cannot be denied anymore, at least that is my personal opinion and experience.  I have had so many Galactic experiences that I decided to share them all with you; dreams, real experiences in daytime, in conscious ways….  I am as excited as you all are and it is also one of my missions to bring things out about the Galactics and to work on disclosure so this is what I am going to do now, bringing out my personal experiences to begin with..

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Asthar Speaks – “Include your meditation into your daily routine” – March 3, 2013

You put so much effort in your meditation practice for distracting you from your haunting mind/ego and connecting yourself with your heart center.

You aim for letting peace and calm flowing through you. If we persistently remind you that in those phases where you are connected deeply with your heart center, you are truly and consciously connected with everything that Is and especially with us, your Light Family, we don’t mean by this that only by performing those practices you are able to connect yourself and communicate with us. In fact we want to encourage you to embed your meditations in your daily routine as perpetual implicitness. By doing so you will benefit from several positive consequences. Let us explain. As we have stated at the beginning of this messages and let us repeat…

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Ashtar3Channelled through James McConnell – March 8, 2013

Alice C: Two messages in two days from Ashtar via two different channels is a very strong indicator to Lightworkers that the changes we have all been waiting for are about to commence in earnest.. It is time for us to be ready to step into our new roles – whatever they are!

One Who Serves:

Ohm Mani Padme Uhm. Greetings to you, good to be here with you again. But I am only staying a short while here, just a moment, to prepare energy here for the next one to come through that wishes to speak a little bit. We will be back here shortly.


I am Ashtar. I have only been through this one, one time previously but it is time now to lend my energy through this one to many that…

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Saul: Many More of You Will Start to Feel Our Presence

As channeled by John Smallman – March 10, 2013

Listen to John read this latest message from Saul here:

As many of you have found, interacting or attempting to interact with the energies of those in the spiritual realms can be somewhat overwhelming for those embodied as humans, and we have had to restrict or reduce the outflow of energy when we are in your presence.

But soon your embodied state will no longer require us to restrain the power of our vital enthusiasm as we embrace you with our love. Our love surrounds you in every moment because, in our oneness, we are all part of the divine field of Love in which all life has its eternal existence.

It is due to the inbuilt insubstantiality of your human forms that we have to restrain ourselves as we embrace you, because the difference in energy levels between us could cause major damage to your bodies. And this restraint does mean that most of you have the greatest difficulty in sensing our presence.

It is not a fault on your part – you are as you are – we just have to hold back so that you are not overwhelmed by the intensity of our energy, which is the energy that you will experience eternally once you return to, or reopen to, your natural divine state of being.

The restrictions and limitations imposed on you by your physical form blunt your senses, your awareness, which is why sensing our presence among you is beyond the capabilities of all but a very few of you. However, as the new energies that started flowing at the end of your last calendar year continue to strengthen and intensify, you will find yourselves moving more into alignment with them, which is part of your awakening process, and many more of you will start to feel or sense our presence when you take time out daily in your place of inner peace, removed from the ever-present distractions of the illusion

You are, as you well know, spiritual beings having a bodily experience, and part of the evolutionary process that you are undergoing is an upgrading of those bodies so that you can consciously interact and communicate with those who choose to remain unencumbered by bodily forms. The joy of conscious awareness of, and communication with, the disembodied will be cause for great celebrations and feasting!

As you well know from personal experience, you are restricted and limited by your bodies to suitable environments that will support them – not too hot, not too cold, air to breathe, food to eat, etc. – and if the essentials that support them are removed your bodies collapse and die, and you have to move on.

With the upgrading that your bodies are now engaged in, they will effectively become self-supporting; they will have no need of food, air, water, or shelter, and they will be able, at your wish or command, to alter their vibrational structure or energy signature to suit any environment you choose to enter or explore.

Some of you have experienced this kind of freedom when dreaming or when in altered states of consciousness, but when your bodies are fully upgraded the freedom that you have experienced briefly in your dreams will be yours to enjoy permanently

And of course, some of you may choose to dispense with your bodies altogether, choosing a state of existence in which you have absolutely no physical form, existing as pure energy, free to be instantly anywhere, unrestricted by any of your current laws of physicality.

Truly the possibilities that are soon to become available for your creative enjoyment know no bounds. Your memories of limitation will fade away very rapidly as you re-establish yourselves as divine beings with divine attributes and capabilities appropriate to that state of being

So the message for you here is: You are divine beings of absolutely limitless capabilities, just as God created you. Anything you can conceive of is possible for you – instantly – should you so desire.

Your present state of austere limitation is one that you chose to build and enter into, and those limitations are part of that concept. They have enabled you to hide yourselves from yourselves so convincingly that you have needed heavenly assistance to enable you to find your way Home. Your Father’s Love for you – for all of His creation – knows no bounds, and when He created you and gave you His infinite Power He knew that you could use it in ways that were, to say the least, unwise.

Consequently, in His infinite wisdom, He ensured that whatever you did, however you used or abused the enormous power that He placed in your hands, you could never really damage yourselves, lose yourselves, or in fact actually separate yourselves from Him.

Beyond Him there is nothing – there is no beyond Him – because He is All That Exists. He could not have allowed or made it possible for any of part His creation to separate itself from Him because He would have effectively been creating a state of war within Himself, and that is impossible. However, within the illusion — your illusion, and it most definitely is an illusion — you have been experiencing an imaginary state of separation from Him for eons. Finally, you have had enough of the suffering and terror it seems to have brought upon you, and you are preparing yourselves to awaken into Reality.

Daily periods spent within, in your personal place of peace, free from the ongoing distractions with which your egos constantly bombard you, are an essential part of your awakening process. By spending time alone, quiet, secluded, you allow yourselves to make contact with us, your guides and angels in the spiritual realms, and bring into your awareness a sense of the Love, the honor and the respect in which you are held, and which is your due as divine beings, beloved children of God. As that awareness grows so does your desire to awaken, until that desire can no longer be contained . . .

You are all destined to awaken because it is your Father’s Will and yours. And into eternal joy you most certainly will awaken because no other option is available, and that is surely cause for rejoicing as you wait expectantly for that momentous event.

With so very much love, Saul.

Openhearted Rebellion

Note from Wes: Bill was unable to include all of the links given below in his video today, but you will find the full, intended list of links here and, I believe, on Lucas2012infos. He is thinking that there were too many links and that’s why they were not all allotted under the video.

For those of us who have found our way into our hearts and activated our heart chakra these energies are True Heaven while on Earth. In an equal and opposite reaction to the LIGHT we are holding and radiating out to the world, and as the system collapses into a Police state here in USA, it is truly amazing to see these polar opposites in play. The “Powers that Were” are making every attempt to keep the LIGHT down… But that AINT HAPPNIN! HA!

So much is going down right now. Today, the Corporation of CANADA…

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Can you feel the excitement and energy? This interview is really important.

Listen to the very end of this interview, a KEY message for this time of the shift is announced in the last few minutes. If you don’t have time to listen to it all right now, then scroll to minute 23:17 listen to the shared message, then rewind and listen to the rest of the interview when you have the time.  This bit of information, plus the energy which was channeled during it’s delivery, is TRANSFORMATIVE. It can change our entire lives from one day to the next.

When you have more time, or after you listen to the  message, rewind the video and listen to the rest of the interview, which is packed with information, plus Lilou’s special energy and gifted presence, a core element in the pure transference of energy…

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aisha north March 9, 2013

Thanks to:


Dear friends!

I feel like I have been inside a tornado of energies these last couple of days, but a good one. It is as if all the doors have opened wide, and the energies are just pouring in. So much is happening now, it is difficult to keep track of it all, and I am so glad that you have all ”taken over” this space with all your amazing comments. Wow – the energy you all bring in here have just exploded in these last few days, and I do not even have the words to describe how I feel whenever I log on and read and connect to what you all add to this circle. I know I have said this before, but I just have to say it again: I had no idea what I started when I…

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