Crystal Meditation 5 March 2013

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I saw strange writings. A blue spiral/geometry portal opens and I find I am in a ship traveling fast into space. I am on mission, it has something to do with the comet that is coming. Now I am relaxing and just Be. Be continued , perhaps in astral traveling tonight. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: Lisa, yes, we were on the same craft in Space , mission?…how do you feel about the sphere of Light merging with the Planet?

Note me: You can see the coming of the comet in my vision also as a bright light. Shining its light on mother earth , sending us into a new era. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: YES! I fell this is it, I saw them merging!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I received a lot of Golden Light and I felt Love vibrating in high frequency in my whole body
I remember Beings there in the Light and I saw the Earth , I was in Space and watching, there was a huge sphere of light stuck to the Earth, it almost merged with our Planet and from other point I saw some Huge Sources of Light that were radiating Light to the earth, like projectors in Space
The Eye I saw again on Earth.

Arcturian face I saw, I entered a rectangular portal. There were some circular portals there. Next I saw the bear, the Huge brown bear was next to me and protecting, I saw myself flying then on the wings of a giant Eagle, we were Flying into the Creation itself and it was a dramatic flight through the dimensions, I was flying in a portal and tears came into my eyes, I felt myself crying and I saw a dark figure in the tunnel, then Santa Muerte came.

I was taken to the realms of after death and Santa Muerte. I knew why I am there – to ask for change in my Life contract, I asked them to ease my 3D path that remains and I told them I have already felt the Oneness and these lessons are just unnecessary to me because I have to concentrate on my mission of Light, I saw Angels of death with their wings and the feeling was dramatic and ceremonial, their song too. Then I saw a flower, red flower and Light penetrated there and I saw a portal opening again
I know what their answer is, wise and most beneficial. Oh, I saw Konstantinos too when I started my journey on the wings of the Eagle.

Note me: Wow, it looks like we went to the same portal and be in the same ship!!

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