Crystal Meditation – 4 March 2013

Source picture:

I am lying in the grass next to my dragon, it is summer and we having lots of fun in this magic realm. I see Iltheos, he is there to guide me, Arachanai is merging with me and also guiding. We are flying now over a magic green landscape and we are leading in a town that looks like you are in the middle ages. We are standing on the center market place of the town. An energy ball is floating just above ground. Light is touching me and I feel a real surge of energy going through my body, wow… Then the energy ball gets lighter and brighter until it bursts into million energy butterflies. Some but pink butterflies flutter in my direction and makes up nest into my heart and I hear the words ‘ the wheel is turning’.

Note Tauno: Lisa, perhaps I was looking towards you through the Portal, I saw extremely green land

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I had a quick connection via my Heart Chakra
My Heart Chakra was like the Solar system with all the planets and I found myself moving in orbit around my inner Sun, the Light was not like the Light of the physical Sun but I could see the colors, pastel and mild blue, pink, violet and white, then I got a vision of a land of green, I was about to enter in it through the Portal from Space.

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