Crystal Meditation – 3 March 2013

delicate arch

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Wow, I had quite a ride in this connection and can still feel the buzz through my veins and heart. I was first flying with my dragon  very fast, over green pastures, then between gorges, under nature stone formed bridges, it was quite a ride. We landing in Moab, @ delicate arch. I am standing under this huge arch and felt amazing. But the sun was not coming up, it was a big shining diamond, and I hear the song ‘ shine like a diamond’. Then I am outside, inside the crystallarium, and a huge diamond was floating in front of us, it was bigger then us. Then my heart shined like a diamond, and I beam it into the diamond crystal. But I am not alone doing this, I see Tauno, Leslee, KP, Troy, Elvi and many others, I see also Suzanne, Iltheos and Sarafina, I met in my dream. And we are beaming into the diamond with all our hearts, and a crystal pink light beams straight upwards into space where it is deflected by some crafts back to earth. And we are creating a Creating a crystal new earth, and I feel so alive, I feel the buzz running through my veins, my heart, it is like a big rush. Even though I am in a lot of pains, I just don’t care and don’t feel. Wow, what an amazing experience and rush.

Note Tauno: This is wonderful, my dear Sister Lisa! I was also flying over the green landscape and felt like radiating Light from my Heart and third eye. I was sure you are connected!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I do not remember the first impressions from my meditation. Later I got a thought and this thought was like a dense white ball underwater, I was floating on the rivers surface and the ball was under and was about to emerge. I was a little boy in the elven forest and I was walking up and there was a river of transparent running water of aetheric Light that was in the forest, the water went over the plants and leaves and the flowers and in the distance was the land of green and blue pine forests.

I was at the verge of an abyss and down there were the woods in the mist – green and blue and so many, I was flying over this land and felt free in the air of fresh energies. I connected with the Wolf and saw a pink lotus opening and inside there was a Being meditating. Lights came into my third eye view and I saw a bird, a Bird of Light flying, it looked like a dove of Golden Light. I saw Ascended Master that appeared when I said Namaste

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