Crystal Meditation – 2 March 2013


A drawing I made of the fairy/mermaid I saw in my meditation.

Wow, This move is making me really tired and out of my concentration. I see a pond, green, it is quite and some lotus flowers are drifting on the pond, nowhere. The a lotus flower shines a light and opens her leaves. Out of the lotus portal a cross between a fairy and a mermaid but looking like an angel with big circle/spiral sun wings. Very beautiful and she radiates peace and love. She is floating in the air, just above water , lighting up the darkest corners of the pond. Fish starting to come up, they follow the light. I sit there and meditate. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: Lisa, I also saw a female face of pink colors, it was her I feel. Love You

Note Leslee: How beautiful! I have not been able to sit during the day since some time now, but this energy you both describe feels very much like and energy I felt upon waking today and yesterday. Very peaceful and sweet. How reassuring!

Note a mail from Tauno when I mailed above picture:

Lisa, the green golden color is just the same, I connect your vision with the mermaid that I met underwater while swimming to the land of green and the castle, the other connection I see is the dragonfly/my dragon of green and blue/ wings and fairy look,also this was the color – golden green in my vision of the Irish Cross inside the circle, the cross looked like clover too. Also I feel a connection with HERA. Thank You for this amazing picture.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw Angels giving healing energy. Cube, platform of rectangular shape also and a human being was there and receiving Light and energy from a craft that was not visible. I absorbed the sounds and the energy , not definite visions.

I remember an Angel that came in an aura of Blue Light and a female face of a Being of Light that came to me on my right and it was of Pink color and vibrations, blond hair and pale skin
The energy was falling down as a waterfall and then I saw my mother that came and said that  I am her daughter. Then I saw a Being of Golden Light that was sitting on a flat platform that was shining
I looked above and there was a beautiful sky of blue, pink, orange and white colors and a Huge Mother Craft of Arcturian origin was Present into the Cloud.

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