Crystal Connection 6 March 2013


I see sparkly stars (like fireworks)  rotating in spirals , opening portals. I see Ashtar greeting me and sending me love and healing. It is so powerful it relaxes my whole body. The vision changes and I am in a deep forest , I see that pond again, but now a small one. The little opening on the tree tops, comes a sunshine beam lighting up this little pond. In the middle I see a lotus flower brighten up by this sunbeam. The lotus leaves are starting to rotate, sending a beam of energy love back into the sun. Suddenly the place is filled with fairy laughter and sparkles. I see a bit further a little waterfall , covering the entrance to the cave of knowledge. End  meditation

Note Tauno: Lisa, I also was there in the Light! Amazing!

Crystal Connection – Tauno
At the beginning of my meditation I had a quick vision of the big black dressed monk, he was in the channel
Then the Light I saw was red and it changed into golden and green. I saw streams of Light directed towards me as I  was in an ocean of Light, my Heart was connected with this Light and I felt an electricity in my feet and hands, also my brain seemed like pulsating and I felt a sense of inner Peace and calmness. DNA activation

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