Crystal Connection 28 February 2013

Source picture: 

Note: I didn’t do a connection, but I thought it was worth mention it what I was doing during connection.

Wow beautiful meditation. I forgot again , to busy cooking, cleaning and watching the kids. @ the moment you were doing a connection , I was watching with the kids Mermedia, Barbie fairy movie rescuing a mermaid prince. How is that. Because I was thinking of you Tauno. Love and light.

Note Tauno:
It is beautiful, Lisa 🙂 we are connected anytime. Stay true to Your Truth as You Are. White Horse is a confirmation of all positive that is waiting for us, now I am releasing tension via music, hard music heals my pain till I Shine again like a SUN, I know we are SUNS, my Sister and Our mission is to Shine 🙂
And the mail I sent:

Photo0292Hi Tauno and Leslee , the picture I took now (see above picture) , it feels like they are watching me. Last night I couldn’t connect because I was so busy with the girls and cleaning, making food. But when I went to sleep i asked if I could visit the Arcturian ship. But when I woke up I forgot my dream. Then Arachanai said I just have to focus on the feeling I had from this dream and uncover the true meaning. So I did , and remembered seeing Iltheos and Sarafina , training me in my gatekeeper role. Also giving me love , support and healing. Then I think I saw a flash image of I think the ship (Maybe Leslee you can verify?) I was in a hallway with arch bows that gave soft pastel lights, yellow, pink, orange and green, they were all separate arch bows with different colors. The I also saw someone, a shadow. When I read your connection  I thought wow, we did it again, but also different time lines. Love Lisa

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Thoughts from my everyday troubles occupied my mind and it was hard to me to concentrate, I was holding OLA and listening to the sounds that passed without a chance to feel a connection.

At the middle of my experience I heard the running water and I saw Light into my third eye and then I saw the White Horse, this creature comes from elven realms and carries the vibrations of Pegasus and Unicorn, I realized I am connected and this is a sign from Spirit, a good sign for a movement and change for better, just a confirmation of what the Runes show.

At the very end of my meditation before I open my eyes I saw myself over the calm water of the river, the flat surface of the river under the night sky was Lightened by many floating Lights on the water and behind there was the river bank and the city

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