Crystal Connection 1 March 2013

celtic knot

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I was to tired to concentrate on having visions, because I worked to hard in the house to get it clean. The only images I got was first a portal spiral, a Celtic knot, and then my heart started to shine like a pearl. My heart functioned as a shell, it was pink. I got the message to look within.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was in an elven forest and was one of the little elves that care for plants, we were taking care of a seed that grew and turned into a big and high Flower, then I remember walking along a green tree branch towards a Portal to another dimension, the Light was Golden Green there, the White Horse appeared again. AA Michael came and gave me Light and Protection by the Runes ALGIZ and TIR that I could see forming.

I remember flying in orbit around the SUN and I saw the Planets so near, Saturn`s rings I saw, all Solar System was so dynamic and so alive. Arcturians` Presence I felt and I saw the transparent craft again and some dots of Powerful Light were there, I concentrated on one of these dots and  I got a sense of expanding Light. I got a feeling of water …a pool. Then I saw a Butterfly of Light…it was of white crystal matter and the Butterfly was in fact a Human in development, I saw Human there into the Light

The running water, the Angels singing, the Light is pouring down to us and I was taken into the New Earth so that to bring my energy there, I brought a sense of the Pure and Clean Freshness of the New Creation, I was in the New Earth and brought there my LIGHT …everything else is a consequence of this sense of Innocent Purity.

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