Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

healing-handsAs channeled by Ron Head – March 4, 2013

Today we will speak about health and what you term ascension symptoms.

The energies which are being sent to your  environment, and those which your planet is passing through, are causing minor discomforts in some, major discomforts in others, and still others, though few, are experiencing real pain.

Of course the differences can be attributed to several things.  Firstly, what is the condition of the body, mind, and spirit of the subject?  That is you.  How freely are you giving yourselves to the transition?  How rapidly has your higher self and your soul determined that you should make this change?  And do not overlook the possibility that there may be conditions which can and should be treated by your medicine.

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Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Customers complained that they could not withdraw money from cash points and their cards were declined when they attempted to pay over the counter Photo: ALAMYCustomers complained that they could not withdraw money from cash points and their cards were declined when they attempted to pay over the counter Photo: ALAMY

Millions Left Without Money as RBS Systems Crash

Stephen Cook: I wonder if any other banking systems suffer a similar fate in the days ahead (which may indicate this is some sort of financial system re-set) or if this is a one-off.  Whatever the cause, millions of people in the UK had no access to THEIR money…

Up to 17.5 million RBS banking group customers were left without their money last night as the bank’s systems crashed.

By Hayley Dixon, The Telegraph UK – March 7, 2013

Customers complained that they could not withdraw money from cash points and their cards were declined when they attempted to pay over the counter Photo: ALAMY

The group, which owns…

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Crystal Connection 6 March 2013


I see sparkly stars (like fireworks)  rotating in spirals , opening portals. I see Ashtar greeting me and sending me love and healing. It is so powerful it relaxes my whole body. The vision changes and I am in a deep forest , I see that pond again, but now a small one. The little opening on the tree tops, comes a sunshine beam lighting up this little pond. In the middle I see a lotus flower brighten up by this sunbeam. The lotus leaves are starting to rotate, sending a beam of energy love back into the sun. Suddenly the place is filled with fairy laughter and sparkles. I see a bit further a little waterfall , covering the entrance to the cave of knowledge. End  meditation

Note Tauno: Lisa, I also was there in the Light! Amazing!

Crystal Connection – Tauno
At the beginning of my meditation I had a quick vision of the big black dressed monk, he was in the channel
Then the Light I saw was red and it changed into golden and green. I saw streams of Light directed towards me as I  was in an ocean of Light, my Heart was connected with this Light and I felt an electricity in my feet and hands, also my brain seemed like pulsating and I felt a sense of inner Peace and calmness. DNA activation

Crystal Meditation 5 March 2013

Source picture:

I saw strange writings. A blue spiral/geometry portal opens and I find I am in a ship traveling fast into space. I am on mission, it has something to do with the comet that is coming. Now I am relaxing and just Be. Be continued , perhaps in astral traveling tonight. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: Lisa, yes, we were on the same craft in Space , mission?…how do you feel about the sphere of Light merging with the Planet?

Note me: You can see the coming of the comet in my vision also as a bright light. Shining its light on mother earth , sending us into a new era. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: YES! I fell this is it, I saw them merging!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I received a lot of Golden Light and I felt Love vibrating in high frequency in my whole body
I remember Beings there in the Light and I saw the Earth , I was in Space and watching, there was a huge sphere of light stuck to the Earth, it almost merged with our Planet and from other point I saw some Huge Sources of Light that were radiating Light to the earth, like projectors in Space
The Eye I saw again on Earth.

Arcturian face I saw, I entered a rectangular portal. There were some circular portals there. Next I saw the bear, the Huge brown bear was next to me and protecting, I saw myself flying then on the wings of a giant Eagle, we were Flying into the Creation itself and it was a dramatic flight through the dimensions, I was flying in a portal and tears came into my eyes, I felt myself crying and I saw a dark figure in the tunnel, then Santa Muerte came.

I was taken to the realms of after death and Santa Muerte. I knew why I am there – to ask for change in my Life contract, I asked them to ease my 3D path that remains and I told them I have already felt the Oneness and these lessons are just unnecessary to me because I have to concentrate on my mission of Light, I saw Angels of death with their wings and the feeling was dramatic and ceremonial, their song too. Then I saw a flower, red flower and Light penetrated there and I saw a portal opening again
I know what their answer is, wise and most beneficial. Oh, I saw Konstantinos too when I started my journey on the wings of the Eagle.

Note me: Wow, it looks like we went to the same portal and be in the same ship!!

Crystal Meditation – 4 March 2013

Source picture:

I am lying in the grass next to my dragon, it is summer and we having lots of fun in this magic realm. I see Iltheos, he is there to guide me, Arachanai is merging with me and also guiding. We are flying now over a magic green landscape and we are leading in a town that looks like you are in the middle ages. We are standing on the center market place of the town. An energy ball is floating just above ground. Light is touching me and I feel a real surge of energy going through my body, wow… Then the energy ball gets lighter and brighter until it bursts into million energy butterflies. Some but pink butterflies flutter in my direction and makes up nest into my heart and I hear the words ‘ the wheel is turning’.

Note Tauno: Lisa, perhaps I was looking towards you through the Portal, I saw extremely green land

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I had a quick connection via my Heart Chakra
My Heart Chakra was like the Solar system with all the planets and I found myself moving in orbit around my inner Sun, the Light was not like the Light of the physical Sun but I could see the colors, pastel and mild blue, pink, violet and white, then I got a vision of a land of green, I was about to enter in it through the Portal from Space.

Crystal Meditation – 3 March 2013

delicate arch

Source picture: 

Wow, I had quite a ride in this connection and can still feel the buzz through my veins and heart. I was first flying with my dragon  very fast, over green pastures, then between gorges, under nature stone formed bridges, it was quite a ride. We landing in Moab, @ delicate arch. I am standing under this huge arch and felt amazing. But the sun was not coming up, it was a big shining diamond, and I hear the song ‘ shine like a diamond’. Then I am outside, inside the crystallarium, and a huge diamond was floating in front of us, it was bigger then us. Then my heart shined like a diamond, and I beam it into the diamond crystal. But I am not alone doing this, I see Tauno, Leslee, KP, Troy, Elvi and many others, I see also Suzanne, Iltheos and Sarafina, I met in my dream. And we are beaming into the diamond with all our hearts, and a crystal pink light beams straight upwards into space where it is deflected by some crafts back to earth. And we are creating a Creating a crystal new earth, and I feel so alive, I feel the buzz running through my veins, my heart, it is like a big rush. Even though I am in a lot of pains, I just don’t care and don’t feel. Wow, what an amazing experience and rush.

Note Tauno: This is wonderful, my dear Sister Lisa! I was also flying over the green landscape and felt like radiating Light from my Heart and third eye. I was sure you are connected!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I do not remember the first impressions from my meditation. Later I got a thought and this thought was like a dense white ball underwater, I was floating on the rivers surface and the ball was under and was about to emerge. I was a little boy in the elven forest and I was walking up and there was a river of transparent running water of aetheric Light that was in the forest, the water went over the plants and leaves and the flowers and in the distance was the land of green and blue pine forests.

I was at the verge of an abyss and down there were the woods in the mist – green and blue and so many, I was flying over this land and felt free in the air of fresh energies. I connected with the Wolf and saw a pink lotus opening and inside there was a Being meditating. Lights came into my third eye view and I saw a bird, a Bird of Light flying, it looked like a dove of Golden Light. I saw Ascended Master that appeared when I said Namaste

Crystal Meditation – 2 March 2013


A drawing I made of the fairy/mermaid I saw in my meditation.

Wow, This move is making me really tired and out of my concentration. I see a pond, green, it is quite and some lotus flowers are drifting on the pond, nowhere. The a lotus flower shines a light and opens her leaves. Out of the lotus portal a cross between a fairy and a mermaid but looking like an angel with big circle/spiral sun wings. Very beautiful and she radiates peace and love. She is floating in the air, just above water , lighting up the darkest corners of the pond. Fish starting to come up, they follow the light. I sit there and meditate. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: Lisa, I also saw a female face of pink colors, it was her I feel. Love You

Note Leslee: How beautiful! I have not been able to sit during the day since some time now, but this energy you both describe feels very much like and energy I felt upon waking today and yesterday. Very peaceful and sweet. How reassuring!

Note a mail from Tauno when I mailed above picture:

Lisa, the green golden color is just the same, I connect your vision with the mermaid that I met underwater while swimming to the land of green and the castle, the other connection I see is the dragonfly/my dragon of green and blue/ wings and fairy look,also this was the color – golden green in my vision of the Irish Cross inside the circle, the cross looked like clover too. Also I feel a connection with HERA. Thank You for this amazing picture.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw Angels giving healing energy. Cube, platform of rectangular shape also and a human being was there and receiving Light and energy from a craft that was not visible. I absorbed the sounds and the energy , not definite visions.

I remember an Angel that came in an aura of Blue Light and a female face of a Being of Light that came to me on my right and it was of Pink color and vibrations, blond hair and pale skin
The energy was falling down as a waterfall and then I saw my mother that came and said that  I am her daughter. Then I saw a Being of Golden Light that was sitting on a flat platform that was shining
I looked above and there was a beautiful sky of blue, pink, orange and white colors and a Huge Mother Craft of Arcturian origin was Present into the Cloud.

Crystal Connection 1 March 2013

celtic knot

Source picture:

I was to tired to concentrate on having visions, because I worked to hard in the house to get it clean. The only images I got was first a portal spiral, a Celtic knot, and then my heart started to shine like a pearl. My heart functioned as a shell, it was pink. I got the message to look within.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was in an elven forest and was one of the little elves that care for plants, we were taking care of a seed that grew and turned into a big and high Flower, then I remember walking along a green tree branch towards a Portal to another dimension, the Light was Golden Green there, the White Horse appeared again. AA Michael came and gave me Light and Protection by the Runes ALGIZ and TIR that I could see forming.

I remember flying in orbit around the SUN and I saw the Planets so near, Saturn`s rings I saw, all Solar System was so dynamic and so alive. Arcturians` Presence I felt and I saw the transparent craft again and some dots of Powerful Light were there, I concentrated on one of these dots and  I got a sense of expanding Light. I got a feeling of water …a pool. Then I saw a Butterfly of Light…it was of white crystal matter and the Butterfly was in fact a Human in development, I saw Human there into the Light

The running water, the Angels singing, the Light is pouring down to us and I was taken into the New Earth so that to bring my energy there, I brought a sense of the Pure and Clean Freshness of the New Creation, I was in the New Earth and brought there my LIGHT …everything else is a consequence of this sense of Innocent Purity.

Crystal Connection 28 February 2013

Source picture: 

Note: I didn’t do a connection, but I thought it was worth mention it what I was doing during connection.

Wow beautiful meditation. I forgot again , to busy cooking, cleaning and watching the kids. @ the moment you were doing a connection , I was watching with the kids Mermedia, Barbie fairy movie rescuing a mermaid prince. How is that. Because I was thinking of you Tauno. Love and light.

Note Tauno:
It is beautiful, Lisa 🙂 we are connected anytime. Stay true to Your Truth as You Are. White Horse is a confirmation of all positive that is waiting for us, now I am releasing tension via music, hard music heals my pain till I Shine again like a SUN, I know we are SUNS, my Sister and Our mission is to Shine 🙂
And the mail I sent:

Photo0292Hi Tauno and Leslee , the picture I took now (see above picture) , it feels like they are watching me. Last night I couldn’t connect because I was so busy with the girls and cleaning, making food. But when I went to sleep i asked if I could visit the Arcturian ship. But when I woke up I forgot my dream. Then Arachanai said I just have to focus on the feeling I had from this dream and uncover the true meaning. So I did , and remembered seeing Iltheos and Sarafina , training me in my gatekeeper role. Also giving me love , support and healing. Then I think I saw a flash image of I think the ship (Maybe Leslee you can verify?) I was in a hallway with arch bows that gave soft pastel lights, yellow, pink, orange and green, they were all separate arch bows with different colors. The I also saw someone, a shadow. When I read your connection  I thought wow, we did it again, but also different time lines. Love Lisa

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Thoughts from my everyday troubles occupied my mind and it was hard to me to concentrate, I was holding OLA and listening to the sounds that passed without a chance to feel a connection.

At the middle of my experience I heard the running water and I saw Light into my third eye and then I saw the White Horse, this creature comes from elven realms and carries the vibrations of Pegasus and Unicorn, I realized I am connected and this is a sign from Spirit, a good sign for a movement and change for better, just a confirmation of what the Runes show.

At the very end of my meditation before I open my eyes I saw myself over the calm water of the river, the flat surface of the river under the night sky was Lightened by many floating Lights on the water and behind there was the river bank and the city

Crystal Connection 25 February 2013

Source picture:

Too tired to connect. Saw Iltheos smiling at me and give me love and comfort. And I saw a glimpses of new earth. A summer purple flower field, swaying big green trees and an air of tranquility . Love Lisa

Crystal Meditation – Tauno

Shiva came in front of me giving Blissful energy. I saw two Roman priests doing a ceremony. Light was Golden and was coming from the hands of the Creator and the Earth was there in the Golden energy of Light. I was somewhere in South America and saw ancient color drawings on stone representing human figures with animal heads, I saw a stone monument of South American origin representing a God with human face.

Then I saw the Queen leaving , she was waving and smiling till the horses were walking into the misty land. I was standing in the Light of the New Era and was raised to a Palace of Light, I saw golden Angels in this Palace. Then I was on Earth again and I was over the ocean when Mother Mary/Jeshua – They Are One energy/Being came to me giving Blessing and i felt myself Ascending as I was giving light to the Earth, I raised high above the ocean in an aura of Blue Light and the feeling is unspeakable…total lightness and bliss , I radiated Light from my Heart