Crystal Connection 19 February 2013

outer solar system

I had difficulty to connect. I got some word images. I see outer solar systems, inner solar systems, solar plexus, inner heart chakra. I got the message, Just BE and go with the flow. All day I am seeing the image of Iltheos.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I had a long meditation with lots of visions and I may forget some of them while writing but this is also the Spirit guidance what to remember. I saw a swirl of Golden Light, a fiery tunnel that swirled , then the color became green and yellow, merged, then green and a little red. I went through some tunnels and I was on a highway up and straight on
I saw a DNA spiral and inside of it a Craft, a Light came out from the craft, beams of Light, rays of light and more strands DNA were activated, the DNA changed form and instead of spiral became something like a straight tube/channel.

Angels and Lights appeared in Space and into the Light that was shining. I saw a pink flower, the flower was alive and communicated with me, it smiled and became a portal, I entered into this portal. I saw a black/white photo from the time of World War II and a woman there, this woman connected with me and wanted to tell me something, I saw another photo of the same period, a leader dressed in a military uniform was greeting some soldiers in front of a plane.

Then the Native American Chief appeared, he was wearing white and black macrame
Then I called my dragon and the Dragon immediately appeared – blue and green and full of potentials, I asked my dragon to take me through the portals and we went through some dark blue tunnels.

Abi–Qor was waiting for me, I was looking in Abi-Qor`s direction and then the formation of the Sphere began. My Solar plexus chakra became the center of the Universe. I imagined my Future Self living on the New Earth of beauty and perfection, everywhere is so clean and the energies are so uplifting and you have a feeling of floating in this ocean of Happiness, Joy and High energies, everything is possible I connected with my Future Self, I was working together with my friends on a project, we were giving help of other civilizations to evolve, the colors of the new Earth are white, blue and green mostly, as living in clouds and there is freshness of air and a feeling of Bliss. I remember some faces of Higher Beings came to me while I was in the New Earth, they looked like the Japanese theater masks , white faces, small sharp chins and big eyes

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 02/19/2013

Sheldan Nidle - December 4, 2012

9 Ahau, 8 Zac, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! Your world has moved even closer to its victory over the dark! There are signs everywhere of what is shortly to happen. Your sacred secret societies have compiled the legal instruments to force the major governments of your world to resign. In consonance with this the military and police forces of these nations have come together in secret to assert that each of them is more than ready to use their powerbases to give their respective governments no other choice than to resign when this course of action is called up. This indication will be given when Heaven advises us that the time to do so has arrived. All our liaison personnel stand at the ready to give the long-anticipated command to everyone. Meanwhile, we wait, and look to our heavenly advisors for the signal that it is now the proper time to bring the dark to its knees. This single command will permit the abundance to be delivered, which in turn indicates that the numerous dark governments of your globe are to resign. A batch of legal papers signed weeks ago is ready to be delivered at a moment’s notice. Your deliverance is not far away!

These dark governments are plotting, even as we speak, to find some loophole or other means to further ward off the inevitable long enough to enable them to conjure up a way out of their current dilemma. We are watching them closely and are disinclined to tolerate further forms of defiance. The nuclear options being tested in northeast Asia are a recent example of the ‘other means’ we mentioned above. Do not worry: they are being very carefully monitored, and we fully anticipate the nature and intent of this truly insane gambit. Rest assured that it will come to naught. No one will be permitted to use these primitive weapons against another. The cabal is indulging in saber rattling by use of a most crude and barbaric toy which we can squash when we deem it appropriate. We present this as a warning: the dark cabal and its many forms of chicanery and perfidy are not being indulged; we are simply watching and waiting, and when it is right to act, will act decisively. That time is not yet upon us. What is important is to have the green light from Heaven-and then the rest will follow rapidly.

Our personnel assigned to these sacred tasks are more than ready to create a new, blessed reality for you. The numerous sacred societies and their allies have fashioned a series of profound changes which will transform your present doom-laden realm. Until then we have asked our associates to honor the world as it is. Do not be pulled into any of this dark nonsense as it is scheduled soon to end. As is obvious, the various dark cabals that run your realm are in panic, but their sundry attempts at mischief currently playing out are about to melt away. We are prepared to scoop them up and deliver them to their appropriate destinations where they are to await their comeuppance. You, on the other hand, are being prepared to become fully conscious Beings of Light. Heaven has set up an agenda for this to happen and we are here to carry out the final stages of this grand and sacred plan. The dark on your planet has not come up against the likes of us before and is daily confronted by technologies and abilities of the Light that easily trump the best that these denizens of the dark have to offer.

It truly behooves you to be in joy and gleeful anticipation! Heaven smiles on you, and the Creator has established the means for you to achieve a blessed return to full consciousness. We have been appointed to ensure your deliverance from these still-erring ones; their dire workings are to be stricken from your realm and Heaven will then champion your new Light-filled world and extend to you the means to rejoin your space and, especially, your spiritual families. These ‘coming attractions’ are sacred events which free you from those who consider you to be less than them, and who intended to turn you into perpetual slaves of their rampant insanities. It was eventually to lead to a massive death toll, designed to decrease your global population to around one-tenth of the present number, and those who survived were to envy the dead. This will not happen. By Heaven’s decree you are to move rapidly into a realm of joy, prosperity, and a sacred respect for individual sovereignty. The time has come for all this to manifest upon Earth!

Blessings of Health and Joy to all! We are your Ascended Masters! Various elements of our prosperity program are ready to emerge from the silence presently demanded of us by Heaven. The major organizations created since the end of World War II have been legally disbanded. We are now using our blessed energies to prepare our sacred societies to replace the current leaders with our own. This is expected shortly. Heaven has also informed us to alert those who are preparing to immediately replace the current economic system to get ready to act, as the final series of phenomena are now precipitating in the heavens. These events are to invoke the formal termination of the agreement signed nearly 13,000 years ago. You are on the brink of a most magnificent time in your blessed history. The gracious blessings of Heaven are now to manifest and, in the blink of an eye, thrust you into a new reality redolent with Love and Light!

Bear in mind that your new economic system is merely a stopgap. It is designed to prepare you to accept unending prosperity and teach you that the debt economy with its many abrupt reversals and insecurities are a way for the dark to control you. This quicksand realm in effect was a grand illusion, promulgated by solemn pledges on the part of government to lower national debt and bring you temporary prosperity. In truth, global prosperity has always been possible from the beginning and it is an illusion to believe otherwise. The amount of gold available was kept hidden for manipulative purposes, and the same is true of diamonds and so-called precious metals and stones. The availability of these commodities was limited to create a contrived definition of wealth and enforce the concepts of scarcity, poverty, and debt. You possess the ability to bring forth a cornucopia of wealth and to enjoy a luxurious life. The key is to learn to Love and care for each other!

In this wonderful world that is preparing to appear, you will become able to care deeply for each other and for Mother Earth. Inside your home world lies Agartha which is a 5-D realm. Heaven is now to allow Mother Earth to extend this realm out to her surface world. This means that each of you requires a transformation into a fully conscious, 5-D state of being. This transformation is underway, and the blessed changes being wrought in you are the true means to convert you into this divine and immortal Being. Much will be required of you. You will take on a raft of new duties, and in this we are prepared to teach you much that is key to understanding who you are to become. We invite you to accept this proposition and to discard gleefully all the bunkum that the dark has fed you through the ages. Use your innate wisdom to validate the truths that Heaven is to show you, and come to understand just what amazing children of the Divine you are destined to become!

Today we brought you more information about what is happening on your world. Our space and spiritual families are here to complete the divine task of transforming your reality back into a condition that is sacred and blessed by Heaven. The moment is upon you for a most well deserved blessing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization

Cobra: Signs in the Sky

The first sign that appeared was the lightning that stroke the dome of St. Peter’s basilica in Rome within hours after the Pope resigned:

The second sign was the meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk in Russia:

Although the Galactic Confederation is usually protecting the surface of the planet from any extraterrestrial bodies hitting us, they let this one through to awaken the humanity a little bit more to the fact that there is universe out there beyond planet Earth and to refocus the human population a little bit from daily slavery to the Cabal.

This meteorite was a natural body, was not a UFO and there was no involvement of the Cabal in this event.

Few hours later on the same day, another completely unrelated cosmic body made a very close approach to Earth:

The next sign in the sky is the comet Panstarrs, visible in March:

And another comet Lemmon, also visible in March:

And towards the end of the year, another spectacular comet will be visible:

The purpose of all these signs in the sky is to lift the cosciousness of the human population beyond the third dimension in order to prepare it for the Event and the coming planetary changes.

Openhearted Rebellion

Message from Ascended Master Saida  Khatoon

Channelled by Shazi

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Hello  Son,

Switch Off the  TV

There are  routines in our daily lives that have led mankind into an endless circle of  distractions. These distractions have been purposely and carefully planned to  keep you away, from constructive time with your families and finding the path to  your Creator. Yet we are  aware of this but we are still drawn to entertainment that lead to short term  satisfaction. This is the  time to spend with your families and friends in this holiday period of Easter.  It is advisable that targets should be made and goals to be  achieved. Routines with  little input from ourselves and higher consciousness, have made mankind into  robots. However, many around the world have made incredible strides in their  awakening by destroying their routines and creating new ones.

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