Crystal Connection 17 February 2013


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I connect with the moon that i see outside my window. I see a strange forest, and then it hit me that I am looking @ a underwater forest . I am standing in my lab, huge windows that look out on this strange forest. There is a huge moonstone in my lab and I take my crystal and connect with it. I have strong powerful feeling, Leslee and Tauno are there too, and someone I don’t know yet. The last image I see is Iltheos again. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: WOW, Lisa , it happens again, the underwater forest is the elven forest I was in one of my previous meditations and this evening I saw all of us in a forest again and this forest was connected with Abi-Qor
Love You!

Crystal Connection – Tauno
OLA showed me all of us standing in a row on a high place and watching Abi-Qor beneath, the place was beautiful, the ground unred our feet was brown and the rocks in the distance below were blue and there was a thin mist , then I saw us as Trees growing in the elven forest over Abi-Qor
I was receiving DNA activations, vacuum in memories, no definite visions
I saw the Shaman and heard the song, I heard the shaman drum too and became One with the sound, my Spirit was no there my Spirit was traveling somewhere till I saw AA Michael coming from above and I saw me as One with all Lightworkers, we were holding the Earth and there was a huge ray of Golden Light embracing the whole planet, we caught the Light and were holding the Planet, we are the Light knights of AA Michael`s

Crystal Connection 16 February 2013

light chamber

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I am standing in , and I got told , Arcturian ship. I am welcomed by an Arcturian Iltheos ( I received a confirmation that it was indeed Iltheos coming to me, this is so exciting). He leads me, or zaps me to the healing deck. There is a lightpod for me, and I am invited to go in. My medical team is there too. I receive healing light but @ the same time I get encoded with new light DNA.I just let go and float in the light, I surrender. I feel it replaces my bodily cells and the feeling of being made of light. The feeling goes up my legs, belly, arms, all the way up to my head. I feel like being replaced. Awesome feeling . I also receive downloads and I open my heart and I let go of all the pains in this life and other lives. The vision changes and I am alone in the crystallarium in Abi-Qor , meditating in front of a big Lemurian healing crystal emitting green and gold healing light to me. End meditation. After a few minutes I hear some one calling my name. And the message , follow your heart.

Note Tauno: WOW 🙂 I am amazed that there is again so strong connection, Lisa

Note KP confirmation: Hello dear Lisa. Wow. Look at that. I have just seen your e-mail because I was listening to last week’s interview of Norma Milanovich, author of the book ‘we, the Arcturians’! And the link of the interview was sent to me by Leslee. Is this all a meaningful synchronization or what? . Iltheos tells me that it sure is . Yes, he tells me that it was him that came to you. One of the reasons is that we are connected in a very deep way, as same happens with the rest of our close friends. Our meeting is not random at all and another reason for your encounter, is that it is time for you to get closer in contact with the arcturian energy. Iltheos tells me that you’ll understand the reason(s) in due time. I’m so happy when these synchronizations happen ! Much Love to you, dear Lisa.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw the Rune Gebo and the hands of a Higher Being of Light crossed in front of the breast and were forming GEBO
I saw the Owl that was looking at me.
Extremely green colour between the Sun and the Moon and the Lights of the sun and moon merged into Light that went into my pineal gland and I started breathing into a sphere of Light. AA Michael came and I saw Him with His Golden Light wings, A feeling of Bliss and Peace.

“Blurring” of visions may be common in all Gaia surface beings


by ÉirePort

“Blurring” of visions may be common in all Gaia surface beings at this time. We speak of 3D-eye vision as well as higher visions, via 3rd, 4th, and 5th eyes.

This results from the shifting in Gaia plates as well as movement of sacred portal sites. This process is necessary in order to optimize Gaia energetics to a unified Beingness. This same process occurs in individual human (small h) units, and particularly in the more conscious Hue-man units.

Gaia illumination increases as alignment progresses, and although a precise time frame can not be given, we sense this alignment to encompass 1-2 months. However we add that recent accelerations in awakenings at all levels would imply that this “time period” may well be much shorter.

Flowing with this “blurring” of visions allows awakening to “veiled” Higher messages for all humanity, particularly more awake Hue-manity.

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Aurora dreamflights 2.0

Laura: a second message came today. There must be much going on in the heavens for me to receive 2 messages in a few hours from such wonderful beings of pure light. Shall we find out more! Last minute addition: Hold on to your crystals dear crew!! 🙂

SaLuSa: Greetings to you dear friends. We come once again in love and peace to share our minds with you tonight. We know much of the troubles covering your planet right now, and we salute your efforts in coming together as one in the face of great adversity.


We admire your resolve in taking hold back of your planet and in strengthening your inner heart connection to all that is in the universe, while leading a battle against minions of opposite factions. The light shall always conquer all resisting hearts in the end, so have no fear nor doubts dear ones.

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Spirit Train Chronicles

Good morning, Everyone!

Mark Kimmel made a new post on Cosmic Paradigm on February 14, and in it he shares updates and background info from Athabantian – it’s a wonderful post!

Adrial, Justine, Moraine, and Taugth all talk about the significance of December 2012, what the “future” holds, as well as the natures of Athabantian and Abiquor.


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