Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 02/12/2013

Sheldan Nidle - December 11, 2012

2 Ben, 1 Zac, 9 Eb

Selamat Balik! We return with much more to tell you! The special deadline set by Heaven is practically upon us. The dark continues to scramble in vain to find a means of maintaining your shrinking world reality, but the old perceptions are fading as the new precipitates more confidently into your realm. It is only the old sacred agreement that is holding together the dark, cold world that you have known since birth. This is now set to convert into something that can bring you long life, joy, and prosperity. As you await all this, we can report that Heaven requests that we continue with our personnel replacement project mentioned last week, and also, that we assure everyone that a new reality is indeed ready to bloom once the old agreement is formally terminated. Adding impetus to the need for change is Gaia, who dearly wishes to reconfigure her surface world and take on the magnificence she once possessed so very long ago. This surface reconfiguration is part of the process of integrating dimensionally her inner and outer worlds. The Agarthans also deeply wish to be formally introduced so that a wide range of hitherto ‘forbidden’ knowledge can be brought forward.

All these things are on the horizon, and as the interference of the dark recedes, your reality, like the needle of a compass, is turning toward its true magnetic heading and all the joys and wonders to be found there. We look forward to this moment and are busy advocating to our sacred supervisors that these events manifest as so clearly decreed by AEON. Our liaison teams and our diplomatic corps are closely watching all the nations of the planet as your destiny involves reshaping your global governance as well as returning you to full consciousness. All this is a preamble to the resurrection of your galactic society, and we come to guide you along the final leg of your journey as swiftly as possible. The personnel chosen to be your individual mentors visit you every night with your Medical Teams in order to get to know you better. Your individual dossiers are swelling in size and you would be amazed at how complex and thorough they are. Your Med Teams work very closely with those who daily program all this complex data into your personal Light chambers.

The process of preparing your world for this massive transformation is a 24/7 focus for us. Gaia is anxious to proceed with the process of returning her much-battered surface to its pristine state, but the extent of this remodeling necessitates your moving to a safe haven first. This is why the Agarthans immediately volunteered their homeland for the building of a network of domiciles containing your individual Light chambers. This also provides them with the opportunity and the means of showing you how and why we first colonized Mother Earth, and why the dark was so adamant in covering it all up! Rediscovering your true ancient history is key to remembering who you really are. This knowledge can provide the context which will allow you to see through some of the dark’s fundamental lies and to accept the truth about your true origins. The Agarthans are also looking forward to showing you at first hand that the planets of this solar system are hollow. Startling though this may sound for some of you, it only constitutes the first round of the information considered basic for you to know.

The prosperity you are shortly to possess is another step on this short journey. In this regard, remember that you are being prepared for a new reality, one that requires that you comprehend how the dark used money as a tool to control the way you thought and behaved. Now you can use this device to plan your future and do what is necessary to help family and friends to change their perceptions and adjust to living successfully in your very new reality. Our mentors’ task is to bring you up to speed so that you can better take in and integrate all that you will be required to know to embrace your divine destiny. The new financial resources are to enable you to do what you feel is required, bearing in mind that you are creating a transitional society which is ultimately to morph into a galactic one. Once you achieve full consciousness, our guidance is intended to be that of a mentor, not a decision-maker. That role is your divine right, which you are to use collectively to build your own galactic society.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Your blessed Mother Earth continues her gradual process of preparing her life-bearing surface world to conjoin with her luxuriant Inner Earth realm. The Agarthans are graciously in step with these transformations and have done much to prepare for the coming relocation of humanity. We are most grateful to these wondrous Beings who have not only provided us with a much-needed base for many millennia, but have also lent us the security and peace of their inner realm to facilitate your transformation back into fully-conscious Beings. Gaia is now on the verge of her final preparations before she begins her surface changes in earnest. It is this that makes it imperative that the opening dramas on the surface world commence immediately. Heaven informs us that the blessed celestial events required to alert our sacred associates are about to happen. The time grows short for a marvelous series of events to be inaugurated across this blessed globe.

Our sacred associates now know what miraculous things are to appear in the Heavens. These will signal to them that the time has arrived to bring forth the new governance and the never-ending prosperity for all. This series of events will produce the special pronouncements which will implement the stipulations of what is called NESARA, and begin the countdown to disclosure and reunion with your Inner Earth family. This reunion is to trigger a series of special broadcasts from your space family which will introduce us, the Ascended Masters, formally to you. We have so much information to impart to you, which is essential for preparing you for your swift, final journey to full consciousness. The dark has lied to and manipulated you for millennia so as to keep your societies mired in hate, war, and disunity. Our teachings will transform all this into Love, peace, and a new global unity.

In the immediate time ahead, Heaven is to bring you a grand moment that leads to big improvements in your health and especially your sanity! Technologies long sequestered by your present governments will be fully revealed and made available to all, healing sickness, disability, addictions, and general psychological imbalances or distress. Your freedom will thus be accompanied by the means to transform your world by emptying your hospitals and prisons, and banishing all unnecessary fears caused by disease, poverty, and ignorance. We have prayed long for this divine moment. Humanity is at last to partake of the blissful fruits of Heaven, and Heaven will then rejoice and send even greater blessings to this transforming realm. It will be a time of miracles and thanksgiving! A time when your trek through the wilderness comes to a most joyous conclusion!

Today we brought you another installment about events in your world, present and future. These messages will continue until Heaven sets up a new way of informing you about what is happening around you. Be in joy, and ready to accept the many gifts that are about to return you to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization


Crystal Connection 12 February 2013


Source Image: darksideofthecatalogue.wordpress.com –

I had a high pitch tune also like Elvi, but just before my mediation.

I connect with my higher self. I am walking in a pitch black tunnel but in the distance I see a tiny light. I am walking towards it and it gets bigger and bigger until I step out in an overwhelming white light. It is not an ordinary light, it is a light of possibilities. There are so many dimensions, timelines and so on, I see far away universes, parallel universes, strange bright nature, blue glowing frogs and other for me strange looking creatures. I am back in the white light and now I am inside Gaia, in her heart. When I went inside I took the light of possibilities into my heart and now I am releasing it in to her heart, expanding . And for a few seconds I just BE inside her. I come back to the white light place, it is just white everywhere, nothing to see than that. A door opens and it leads to a back space. I walk to it but I don’t enter. Should I stay in the light or should I go through and step into the dark? End of meditation.

Note Tauno:

Lisa, in one of my previous visions I saw this tiny but strong Light, like a dot of White Light with immense Power. Amazing

Crystal Connection – Tauno
My Spirit was traveling , I remember a few colors – blue and green and the Open Space, I saw a circle with a cross in it and it was a portal, I could look down there and see some Beings

We were performing a shamanic ritual and were kneeling on the ground and raising hands in synchronicity, the crops ritual, I saw a Huge Being of Golden vibrations taking something from out of the soil with His hands
I remember the connection I made with Egyptian Pharaohs, a Queen/statue/ opened her eyes, I saw some other kings too

Then I connected with all of You and I saw the totem animals – the Owl, the Wolf, the Bear and the Eagle, also I remember the ground in the elven forest, I saw the Roots of the Tree of Life that was growing there and the tree trunk was two split hands, the palms and the fingers were forming the tree Crown

The Shaman was singing and was looking into my eyes, I felt His breath
I saw a Native American Chief in White clothes and some other Men that were going round a rock with a cave
I became higher and higher till I was my Higher self looking them from above, I was above the earth and my spirit was flying over the seas giving Light to everywhere and to Mother`s Being, I sensed Light rays going through me and I saw Thunderbird over the Earth

Crystal Connection – Elvi

I was very late, a little difficult to concentrate first… But at the end I felt very strong energies, and all the time some healing going on and I heard this high-pitch sound. Before starting I had a headache, but I felt someone touching my forehead and it disappeared… Lights, colors, but not many images…
Thank you all! Feeling great!

Crystal Connection 11 February 2013


Source Picture: http://www.time.com

To maximize my meditation I connect with my higher self Arachanai. I see the cities of light rising. I am standing on a hilltop and it looks like I am in Ireland, but it seems like I am in a parallel version. Down there is a lake. I see a dragon in the sky coming toward me. I am holding my circle stone with a cross, it is a pendant. The dragon touched the ground in front of me. He is my dragon, red and in certain light rainbow colored. It seems I am wearing sort a protecting suit. It looks almost like what the samurai are wearing. I put on my pendant and it turns into gold and gives energy. I step on the dragon and we fly into the air. I see a green landscape going by, Abi-qor, and the Leslee joins me with her dragon. She is my mentor and her dragon is silver/white/pearl color. Tauno is on the ground with her dragon. Her dragon is green/blue and it seems there is a sea in the scales. She is on her own mission, guided by her mentor. We fly and …and I see a huge UFO hanging in the air and has the same shape as my pendant.

We fly and we reach mountain-range that looks like the mountains in New Zealand. We are approaching a cave, but here Leslee leaves me alone. This is a journey I have to complete on my own. We touch down and I enter the cave alone. The walls are filled with crystals, reflecting the good and the bad things that happened in this life, other lives. I am reaching the back of the cave, and see a round circle pit in the floor shining a bright yellow light. I sit on my knees and lean over. My spirit is dragged in it and I feel like I am dancing, gaining knowledge and experiences no time. It is an endless dance of what isn’t. End meditation.

Note Tauno:

WOW, my dragonfly was green/blue, YES!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the
Crucifix vision I got too

Lisa, this vision of the cave connects with my vision of the dark cave, I feel it is Mother Gaia`s Heart, we are here to send LIGHT into Mother’s Heart
So happy to work with YOU

The human I saw that was receiving something was kneeled or was sitting on the ground in a cave, what a connection!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Before the meditation LEOS showed me a golden cat’s head – Bastet
I connected with the Pyramids of Giza and they showed me the Rune GEBO that means cooperation
I saw a dragonfly , a big one flying towards me
then I saw a blue /Light human body – KA body/human figure sitting and receiving something…remembrance of Human Powers.

A vision of the Crucifix I got. I heard the Shaman again, my Heart connected with Gaia`s heart and this time the LIGHT has replaced the darkness, I found myself in a beautiful castle of Golden LightI became a channel and the Light was going through me into Gaia`s Heart

Crystal Connection 10 February 2013


Source Picture: http://www.epilogue.net

I couldn’t concentrate again. I saw a tall light yellow person walking, high vibration. Then I recognize Arachanai. I see a big golden eye (RA) and then at full force waterfall comes through and the words go with the flow. Then I see the Egyptian god Horus. It ends with the tree of life.

Note Tauno:This is the Light we are receiving, Lisa. I also saw this waterfall and it formed acircular pool and we were around the pool and generated more Light together
It is so wonderfull

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I was taken on a craft with saucer shape and it was huge, at its center there was a Portal and I was receiving DNA activation codes. I was in Space then and was transformed into a Galactic Being , I saw my improved physical body coming out of the lower planes of existence.

Then I made a connection with the Heart of Gaia together with some Native Americans
I saw an old Shaman with long grey hair, he was singing and performing a ritual to connect with higher realms and devic Spirits

I saw OcaTawa coming to us and the Wolf, we work together, I saw a Native American Master Babaji , all of us were connected in this common mission of raising the vibrations of Mother`s Heart, I saw a cave/portal and it was dark there, I was not allowed to enter so I started beaming White Light from the entrance of this cave, as I was with the Native Americans I felt myself surrounded with Golden Light energy/aura, then all Ascended Masters came to us on Earth, I saw Jeshua with them, I saw the Bear embracing the Planet

Crystal Connection 9 February 2013


Source Picture: http://www.imaginativeamerica.com

I am standing outside of Abi-Qor on a big square, the sun is shining and on the square is a big Lemurian crystal. This one seems to be powered up by the sun because it is shining orange yellow white. I take out my crystal and it connects with my crystal. This is to invoke my inner goddess, I feel a stream of golden light going through the stone, my arm to my heart and I feel like I am powered up, it is very strong. Then on the end of the meditation a rainbow comes through. Then I see a stone circle dived with a cross, it feels like Irish and I got the message ‘the light is rising’.

Note Tauno: WOW, You felt the same sensations, Lisa, we are together again, The Light is rising, I got a feeling I am raising higher like a ray of Golden Light and my physical body gets taller, and the heart connection too, it is amazing, my Sister

Also, this is in connection with my previous vision of the cross raising high into the higher dimensions and out of the cycle of rebirth.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I was in a Theater Hall of Baroque style, I was receiving DNA activation , then I continued to receive codes for activating my DNA and I felt LIGHT, white Light and a feeling of my physical body getting higher , I raised higher and higher till my feet were on the ground, I got an image of how I look, extremely tall, blue and thin, I saw the clouds and the Sun and the blue sky above the ground and a ray of golden Light like a connection between the Sun and the Earth

Then I connected with the Heart of Gaia, I went deep into Mother’s Heart and met the darkness and some creatures, I saw a small being with big eyes , the being had lower vibrations, suddenly a big black Head/Skull appeared, I felt pain in my physical heart as if these creatures were trying to penetrate into my heart sphere, then I was aware why I am here this time, I started beaming White Angelic Light deep into the darkest wholes of Mother’s Heart, I saw white Light expanding from my Heart and I saw an Angel there, I was connected with Angelic Realms and these realms were assisting me to accomplish this task, I served as a channel for the Light to get to these lower realms and I heard a cry, Mother’s Heart was receiving the Light

Crystal Connection 7 February 2013


Source Picture: blog.conservation.org

I see you Tauno as a fairy, long waving dark hair dressed in silver white. We are in the elves forest, there is a party going on. See big mushrooms, red with white dots. It is deep in the forest and even the darkest shadow in the forest has a light to it. I got a message to stop worry and enjoy life, play, live. I then, I saw a play card with three red diamonds and the number 3. My crystal, it brought me where it was found. In a river in Madagascar, it runs trough a cool forest. A cool breeze flows through it. Then I see an eye. End of meditation.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I do not remember the first part of my meditation, I got some visions but they fade away and perhaps my Spirit raised over the limitations of my still 3D brain, so this part of the meditation is rather a feeling of calmness than sequence of visions.

Then I saw the Portal, a Huge Sun and behind it there was the Portal. I saw Archangel giving Blessings to Us, the Archangel was like a SUN, Golden and with Wings of Light and there was a Crystal and this AA was a giant Crystal.

Then I saw the cross sign Portal Shining of wonderful Light, White, pink, orange, blue the cross was high and was leading to other dimension, there were roses on it, pink and orange blossoms and white energy surrounded the cross, down the cross as a cross base were thousands of white human skulls, this I connect with the cycle of rebirth we came through and I saw a ladder up, I felt a connection with Bastet again and I was inside a Pyramid/tomb

I saw a wonderful blue sky, the New Earth and many Beings of white going there, they looked like baby toys 🙂 and saw me, Lisa, Leslee and Elvie dressed in white and running and laughing around a fountain of pure crystal clear water. Water/energy was pouring down and formed a circular pool

I saw the Wolf and the Wolf was singing with the Angels, I also saw a Native American Chief and the numbers 3 and 5. Then I saw the Bear in the green valley under the Golden Sun