Spirit Train Chronicles

Hello everybody!!I hope you`re all doing well.I certainly am!The past week has been quiet and calm for me.I dont meditate as often as I would like to but I can feel the new energies with a more peaceful mind now.I

am trying my best to keep that.I had a few astral experiences regarding levitation.The first one happened at the beginning of the week when I started meditating in front of the window.The view was beautiful,snow everywhere.

It helps to relax.I saw that I left my physical body and started flying around my neighborhood at first and slowly leaving the city.Right next to me I saw my higher self.He was calm  as always.He grabed what seemed to be a link

that connected my spiritual body with the physical one and he threw it away saying you wont be needing this:).We kept flying for a while to the point when I looked back…

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