Crystal Connection 21 January 2013


I hold my intention to connect. I feel Arachanaï merging with me and we are sitting on the earth. I can feel who I am, the scientist , the creator, the artist… And we have a seed in our hands, and we plant it into the earth, and we water it, we see a small new earth growing out of the soil, a new earth, more beautiful than ever. I ask to see more of Abi-qor and I am in a big place and find myself meditating in front of a huge crystal. The place is divided in rooms, the walls are transparent, I see other people meditating. The crystal gives a certain vibration and I tune into it, what an amazing feeling. You can share your experiences with this crystal , and you can also upload experiences from other beings. I feel the upload of information. I share my experiences with healing qualities of plants. At the back of this place there are Akashic records and a library. It contains crystal files with billions of info. I still tune into the crystal and feel lifted.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the EYE, it was beautiful woman`s eye – Blue or Grey/Green color
I was traveling through a tunnel, a tunnel/Portal of my own conscious creation, received – “Black Holes are Suns, All Suns are Portals, black holes provide paths to other dimensions and Universes, Your Central Sun is a black Hole and now the whole galaxy is being swallowed to be directed Higher, the closest planets and Suns are transferred first, the Great Shift is about to happen accordingly, every one of you has her/his inner Black Wholes that enable One to travel in the different layers of his/her own Consciousness /Self and your heart/mind connection is the only requirement to achieve this skill and your only navigator because this way the Spirit works”.

I feel this as a communication with my Higher Self while traveling through the tunnel
Then I found myself among pink clouds and Angels. Then the tunnel continued and I saw a sign, like the Light between two suns in eclipce, in Bulgarian we have a similar letter that is – Ж, or also it looked like the double moon sign i think of Celtic signs but I am not sure if this is a Celtic sign, I have to check it later.

Then I saw giant hands holding Light Sphere that was Shining like the Sun with Golden Light, the Light was very Strong and I saw the Sphinx there – into the Sphere, I connected with the Golden energies of the Sphinx , then I saw Beings that are carved on the surface of Egyptian temples.

I found myself in a hall with some other Angelic Beings and I got the feeling they are Lisa, Les and Tuula, we were dressed like ancient Greek women and the atmosphere was like of inside of a Greek Teplle, Then I saw Jeshua there and a remembrance of the Healing water in the pool emerged, we were in a Healing Place and there was a pool there, then I got the feeling of inside a Sphere , the Sphere of all Possibilities.

I imagined my Solar Plexus as the center of the Universe, the whole Universe was around and I expressed my intent to manifest the Cities of Light on Earth, I imagined my Future Self and all my Loved Ones being in a City of Light, I connected my Solar Plexus with the Solar Plexus of my Future Self, I was next to a healing crystal Pyramid, entering in helps raising the vibrations and aids creative skills, we do not have to leave Home to be inside the City of Light nor to travel, reaching the Cities of Light is via thought and teleportation while at the same time you are at home , some people prefer having Crafts/Houses and this way they travel and are Home , We are totally Free to evolve without any barriers and free to travel , linear time does not exist, everything is in NOW

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