Crystal Connection 28 January 2013


Source picture:

I am in an old looking library , with seemingly old books and a golden spiral staircase. It is a library in Abi-qor and it is build this way because people , beings still like the touch of paper . But these are no ordinary books, you need to hold your crystal to access the books content . The crystal glows a particular color if you touch a particular book. There are fairies helping with the books. I am experience the content of the book about multi dimensional travel. As I touch I go through the lessons virtually , I seem to be traveling in another dimensional reality, strange nature, one eyed purple beings. I am outside now and see a rounded big crystal suspended in mid air. It starts to glow and a portal opens within the crystal and a beam is reeling me in. Inside I get a treatment of pink, green, blue, gold and violet light. After that I get out and feel better. End meditation .


Notes Tauno: Wonderful connection, dear Lisa! I was holding my moss agate and OLA and sending you a Healing Light

Abi-Qor is a place that exists in the aether realms and we are helping it manifests in the physical, it is somewhere above America/Pagosa/ and the City of Light is directly connected with this place, Leslee has more information about Abi-Qor but me and Les were in this place in some of our dreams, it is so beautiful and recharging place of Happiness and High energies

ALGIZ is here, perhaps you have visited the Lemurian Library, Leos is right in front of me and I remember when setting the crystals that they resemble the craft construction I usually make! WOW, you visited ALGIZ and connected with the crew, this is amazing! and I have all these colours here, rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, lemutians white, moss agate and the golden pyrite just behind me, at the window, the Pyrite is the stone of Bastet I recently connected with, She helps You, Lisa! I have sent Her a Prayer and She is Helping!

I was doing White Gold Alchemy again !
and pink/orange golden Light is an indication of connection with Les I feel 🙂

Note Elvi: Talking about these colors I forgot I saw something…like a white stone down, surrounded by gold and pinkish red, then golden white light like rays…

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw some Native American Men performing a ritual with the Pipe of Peace smoking, there was a Chief standing up and speaking and then He gave the pipe to a man sitting there
I did not have many visions , just quick images – the Pyramid again, the flying Giant Bird, then Lights , I feel I cannot reach someone, perhaps some of us is unable to connect this time, maybe it is me, will try tomorrow again
Love and Light

Crystal Connection – Elvi
I was at the pyramids also, and I saw a giant eagle. Then a light that started from there, it looked more like a comet heading somewhere…

Was thinking I think you were at this place I’ve been to near the Great pyramid, when you wrote you were on a plateau, it sounded like the place…

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