Crystal Connection 26 January 2013

grey crow

Source picture:

I see a black crow fly up to the moon. The moon is white and then it changes into a bright sun, and daytime . I see an eagle and the crow is meeting the eagle. They touch beaks and make a heart shape. I am meditating again in front of the big Lemurian crystal and see the image of the two birds. I feel angel wings growing on my back, big white ones and I fly up and level with the crystal point . A pink beam comes out of it into my heart and I feel such blissful love for every human and every animal and every nature. Something is opening up to me, past life. I am and old shaman woman with long white hair , Sioux clan, performing a ritual, seeing in the future . First I see white and black crow fighting each other and further into the future 2013 they blend and become a gray peace crow. I see a sunset, it was my last one, seeing pine trees and the valley below me before I joined spirit . I am back staring at the crystal. I m done with meditation , back in my room.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
saw the Wolf trying to tore the ropes/chains of a prisoner, I saw the prisoner`s back and tied hands
Portals are Open, I saw the Pyramid Shining and above it there was Golden Light Orb/Portal.

I got a feeling of levitating.

I saw a giant Bird flying and behind it was the Light, the Bird was coming to us carrying Light
Many People were gathered together and were listening to some Teacher. I saw a cloud of Gold dust in Space.

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