24-01-2013: Message from Arachanaï

Beautiful Jacaranda Sunset

This above picture was taken on 11/11/2011 and modified.

Ok here it is, you can have me for breakfast, or lunch. I would say, in a way, I am Arachanaï, so technically speaking, I am not channeling, I just express my multi-dimensional self. Lisa

I just have the feeling, after reading so many wonderful messages, to write a message from the heart. Even though this time I am battling some sickness, my mind and heart is still clear and able to express what I desire. As I don’t know of yet what I want to write about, the feeling that my higher self Arachanaï wants the merge with me gets stronger.

I am Arachanaï, a message from the heart. As I merged with dear Lisa who is now in great pain because of the advanced acceleration she is undergoing on request, I wanted to share a message that goes through the heart of many. It is an acceleration that is exhausting at the least, a lot of souls asked to be update in a more quickly manner and this can cause more then uncomfortable pains but also in form of perceivable negative attacks. The mind wants to take control and clashes with the up speeding of the soul’s and hearts desires and can create havoc in the body. It is like when you are so relaxed and go with the flow, when you have an accident, you almost come unscratched out if it. But if you are tense, fearful and worried, you can get hurt really bad.

As ways of this reality unfolding, the light is pouring in so fast, the upgrading of your physical bodies are also speeding up in this 4th dimension plane. Even though we at the lower cups of the 4th dimension, gradually we are going to climb higher , to the higher cups of 4th dimension , into the lower cups of 5th dimension were we will meet our twin flame, if they are residing there.

I like to share another thought or meditation. Imagine yourself seeking out your higher self, to merge with your higher self. Imagine that you and your higher self hold two seeds in your/higher self hands and fill it with your/higher self’s love, hopes, dreams and light. Then you place it gently into Gaia’s fertile soil and shower it again with plenty of energy and light, the other one you plant it into your heart, and again shower it with plenty of your/higher self’s energy. And every time you lost hope, your dreams or anything else, just think about that seed you planted into your heart, filled with hope, dreams and possibilities… because that is what it is, the possibilities that can feed your multidimensional realities into becoming your reality. A new world will emerge from this tiny seed. It is not the size that will decide what the new world will look like, it is the dreams, the hope, the possibilities you shared that will grow into a world that exceed your wildest expectations.

A last note to everyone, call upon your higher self and merge with it, don’t be afraid, LOVE… don’t think you can’t because you CAN, and live your life the fullest as there is no limit. It is YOU who will pave the path and it will be YOU bringing in higher vibrations so that the possibilities become realities. I will leave you now as Lisa is getting too tired and has to go to the hospital a bit later. I give you my infinite love.

Lisa is now in doubt whether she would blog this or not, as she is not sure if this comes from her ego self, heart or I, her higher self Arachanaï, but I know in her heart, she knows this message is true to her soul. Anyone who is reading this will resonate with it or not. There is no ONE truth, the truth is your heart speaks and resonates of what has been written. Love Arachanaï.

A quick note from me. I must agree with Arachanaï, that when I was writing this message, I was doubting myself so heavily on this, even though when I looked into my heart and I felt Arachanaï so close to me. That doesn’t mean that my doubt is completely gone, but a seed of more self confidence is planted in what I receive from Arachanaï or from my heart. But I think we can convey a much bigger message, with more impact, if we somehow can bring over the emotional good qualities into the words, the energy of being centered, of being ONE.

3 responses to “24-01-2013: Message from Arachanaï

  1. Hi Leslee,

    I miss you so much, especially now when I am feeling sick and everything seems to fail all around me. Nothing is right now anymore, the old world is not working for me anymore and I am yearning for the new world. Thank you Leslee of still believing in me, even in times that I do not. I hope indeed that we connect soon, I sure I need someone to lean on right now or to talk to. Giving you much love and light to you too my sweet lady.

    Love Lisa

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa! This is very true and beautiful. It also resonates deeply with things I’ve been experiencing, so it inspires to get some things posted. 🙂 I hope we can connect soon! Much love and soothing to you, dear sister!

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