Crystal Connection 20 January 2013


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I make a connection , I see a rope ladder in front of me, and as I look up I see it goes up into heaven. I climb it and the ladder goes to the sun, it is a sun portal. Beside the portal there are angels and guides standing , encouraging me to go through. I step through and I feel that my body is scattered around in particles and at the same time, because I am in the sun, infused with extra sun energy. After a few minutes I am reassembled again, and I am feeling quite blissful. Now I feel a beam of light coming from my heart, it goes through the pyramids , connecting with Tauno , through her heart, connecting with Elvi, connecting with Tolan, connecting with Leslee through the heart, and connecting with me again. Between those connection points, in the middle, a vortex is opening because of this  connection and this is also the queue for the cities of light to emerge al over the world. Everybody is connected, and cities are emerging all over and everybody looks in awe. I see Obama doing the inauguration and something happens, a strong light blast goes as a wave over the world and everybody is blissful. Then I saw a thousand blue butterflies, a signature of the blue flame of AA Michael, going up in the air.

Note Tauno: WOW, Lisa, I also walked round the earth and started with the Pyramids to return to them and then Fly high in Space, we did it, my sister, the connection through the Heart! I saw the open flight of the Craft of our Star Family in our skies and everyone was aware of this and it was quite normal

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was in Egypt watching the earth from above during the Day, I asked to be shown the direction of the other crystal to be discovered and I received Ukraine, I thought of Elvi and something she told me about one of Her Names, perhaps Elvi is about to connect with this crystal
Then I returned to Egypt and was connected with Isis, Isis spread Her wings , I saw the Earth from above again, I was on a Space ship and Disclosure was done, the silver metallic Saucer  Craft was in the Sky and was visible from the land, this was something normal.
Then I connected with some Native American Chiefs that were performing a Holy ritual and one of them pointed at me, I felt the Presence of the Wolf and the Owl, the Owl carried the Spirit of a young Native American Shaman Woman with Angelic vibrations, the Owl connected with the Pyramids in Egypt and became grey , then turned into a Heavenly Bird with long tail and I got the feeling of moving upwards, high over the land into the Space. Then I saw myself flying over the snowy mountains again

I saw Santa Muerte too
She appeared when I saw the Native American Chiefs

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