Crystal Connection 17 January 2013

I saw a series of Merkaba’s going from smaller to bigger , like a kaleidoscope, going through my heart chakra, feeling of lifting me up , feeling light, felt so strange like I was levitating in my own body. I felt a connection with you and I felt stars and universes and so on. Amazing feeling.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I see green color, then some shining Sparks of Golden Light in the Green
The Lotus Portal, pink and white and Angelic Being with Christ vibrations there
I see us holding hands and moving around the Lotus Portal, me, Lisa, Elvi, Leslee and another One, we are Angels holding hands and in the Circle there is Strong Beam of Light that stretches upwards and connects us with the Great Central Sun, I look up and see the energy going upwards, we fly holding hands around the Lotus.

And also I saw the Pyramids and a reverse Pyramid that was pouring energy into one of the pyramids that are on the land, the reversed one is from Space. I see a female Beautiful Face in front of me, it is big and hear “We Are Waiting For You”, received the name EMA. I see two flying saucers, they are silver white.

I see a child with a smiling face going up the ladder, the ladder is from the dark and up there behind the wall is the SUN, The child is me, I look into this new World, the New Earth, I see a Sun and a Sky and blue color, there are only patterns of Land, we are about to manifest it, the mountains, the rivers, the seas, everything from these patterns, we are the Creators, everything is waiting for Us to be manifested
I see the Hands of God embracing the Planet with a gentle hug

Crystal Connection – Elvi
A little bit scattered (as me today…) but some symbols: a white horse with a red mane and tail (RED like fire) was running happily, came to a big sea, then started flying (had wings) over the water, still very happy laughing, then lots and lots of white pearls. And somewhere small grey bats, nice ones, then I also saw a ladder, SUN and some planet with a ring (the ring was towards me/us, funny? Big energies. Yes, somewhere a blue mountain, snow, ice, north, beautiful.
Can anybody explain symbols?

Crystal Connection – Vee
Greetings everyone!
Last night I held my Rose Quartz and began meditation after grounding and asking for protection. My intent was to connect with Mary Magdalene seeking assistance and guidance. I asked permission to connect three times. While trying to connect my entire body chilled. I saw the colors purple, green and burst of bright lights. Nothing more.

I was very calm and flowing with the energy so I followed the meditation instructions posted by Leslee from Lhamo Dorje & Teo’Na. I set my intention to board the Aurora. I visualized the ship as silver and round in shape. As the ship began to land, I could not keep the imagine of the space craft that I visualized. The craft appeared to be translucent, like crystal. So, I went with it. A door opened and I saw light coming from the inside so I walked up the ramp and went inside past one door. I saw another door and imagined someone opening it. The figure appeared as a shadow. I could not get a clear picture. Three times I asked, “what is your name?” I waited and I got Aurora. Wow, did I really hear that? Then I asked, “what is my name? I asked three times and waited. I got Mahatule (spelled how it sounded)

Then around 5:00 this morning I awoke and decided to meditate. I tried to connect with Mary Magdalene. I saw the colors purple, green and burst of light. Then I had a vision of an Asian man who exited a store and he said to me, she is up there, pointing up. I looked up and saw the word Psychic. Next, I heard these numbers: 2420047. End of visions.

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