Crystal Connection 11 January 2013: Celebration

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I make connection and I am in a forest, deep green forest. I look around and I see elven houses, lighted with elf fires. First I feel a new presence in  my meditation, it is Tuula and then Tauno , I see troy, KP and other people , there is an elf party going on, lots of colorful crystal decorations, big bonfires, lots of laughing and feasting. There are balconies and see people standing on it. They are waiting, there is a ceremony going to happen, more torches are lit, is a coming together of the council of light. The are Chinese lamps floating in the air… End of meditation.

Note Tauno: Lisa, you were working on the second direction and we connected till I was in Egypt to realize what is the message from the obelisk/Lemurian that is under Egypt/Sphinx is – we were about to celebrate the transformation, this is the message from the Sphinx/Bastet and Ra I connected with. I Love You my Sisters.

 Wow, Lisa, I now realize the green thing I saw in OLA, like a plant, then a red thing and Golden Light, I saw the party! Amazing!

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw planet Saturn that turned into a giant craft, a flying saucer of Huge size
I was in Space and at the same time I was inside a Mayan Pyramid as if the Pyramid was a craft and I had a feeling both of me inside and outside since I was in the pyramid and could see directly the Open Space
I saw Light and there came an Egyptian Goddess to me, Her Head and crown were like the Sun and then I saw the Egyptian Cat Bastet
I asked OLA to give me some information and put OLA on my third eye and I had a vision – I saw a giant Lemurian crystal point and received the word “Obelisk” and I connected it with the vision of the carved obelisk with the creatures moving on its surface fast like cars, they looked like beetles/Scarab /,  I saw after I had connected with the sphinx in one of my previous meditations, I felt the proof of one of the Atlantis crystals is definitely under Egypt, under the Sphinx and is connected with the Records
Lisa, it is another proof of the connection between us, you were there in the Library and drank from the pool, now I see I am connected too, we have with you one mission, there are other people that are in this mission too and you know some of them
The crystal from the North has found a connection too, pieces are falling on place

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