Dream 09-01-2013 – Aligning the Portals


Source Picture: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/fringe/fringe-season-5-video-the-obse-47470.aspx

I had a dream last night that I really wanted to mention. In 2013 , I don’t remember most of my dreams, but this one stands out. Also before I had this dream, I had a vision of people working hard to get the prosperity funds out.

Dream: I was in a flat and I was talking to a friend. This friend’s live was in danger. Somebody was after him. But before they can capture him, he got away. But they captured me instead because I was his friend. I was captured by beings who look like the observers in the series Fringe (see picture above of an observer) They are binding my hands on my back (or so they think) and put me in one of those desk chairs on wheels.

They rolled me up in front of a open window (window was all the way to the floor) and as I look down, I see we are on a very high level because I can’t see the ground. Also I see next and in front of me, other high scrapers filled with observers and people tied up, standing on the edge of an open window. Every window of the skyscraper was filled with people. The observer who captured me was threatening to throw me out of the window if I didn’t tell were my friend was. Because he had a key that could open the two portals that were standing on each side of the town. Because they want to prevent it from opening and freeing the people. But there was also a key time that it should be open.

Some of the observers got a bit premature and was trowing of people into the abyss. So I got really mad, and because my hand weren’t tied, I started to fight them. Suddenly I see the key they were talking about and I grab it. They see it and they try to grab it from out of my hands. But I manage to put the key in it’s rightful lock and turned the key. The portals (on top it looked like a cross divided by a circle) , and they starting to open, connecting each other with sort of laser beam. I see all the observers disappear from this timeline.

People are celebrating and full of joy. So I find myself now walking on the street , holding up the key, and everybody is cheering. A guy with blue/gray skin comes up to me and hug’s me and is asking if I could help him with food and money. I said to him that prosperity funds are coming up and that he had nothing to worry about because he would get what his heart desired. He was so happy and let of go me and went his way. A bit further on the street a young guy tries to steal my key for his own gain, but my friend (the friend earlier in the dream that got chased by those observers) was there and I said to him, to arrest this young guy because he was trying to steal the key. End of dream.

I find these dream so in sync with Cobra’s latest article: Etheric Liberation: https://wolfke74.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/etheric-liberation/

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