Channeling; A heart’s calling


I am just feeling this urge again to write somethings down, but I just let my fingers be my guide and my inner guide (heart or higher self?).


We are now in a in between stage of the movement that is calling Ascension. The in between states, moving from 4th dimension to the 5th dimension. But before we can reach this dimension we should make a plan to come together in joint efforts to raise our own vibrations and that of Gaia. It is now time to leave all the depressions, fears and other behind and look at the future with renewed energy that will lift up your spirits and keep you up to speed to raise the vibrations to a new height.  Digg deep inside yourselves to find your divine spark , a divine torch that you can pick up and light up the way you are going. The times of darkness are over, we are treading a new path that leads to a golden age, a new lighted path that merges and transforms you to a higher state of existence. A rainbow bridge to a New Earth, a rainbow family of ONE.  The grid is getting stronger by the day, by the positive intentions, deeds and so on each day. We are fulfilling our mission, a mission that birth a new way of living. Our sun inside of all of us is shining brighter…lead the way by example…


Love “the heart”…



I just let the flow go, I don’t know if I channeled from the heart, as always user your own discernment when reading this. It is written through and with a heart calling…

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